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Bandsintown: Has Reached 10 Million Users

Bandsintown HAS REACHED ★ 10 MILLION USERS * OUR GROWTH 10 MILLION: Boom! LIVE MUSIC FANS 8 Million 7.313.804 6 Million 4.956,283 4 Million 3.190.510 2 Million 1.521.453 679.865 112,902 30.755 41.327 MAR 10 SEP 10 MAR 11 SEP11 MAR 12 SEP 12 MAR 13 SEP13 MAR 14 2012 2010 Facebook App Launch 2011 iPhone App Launch Android App Launch OUR SCALE BANDSINTOWN E Bandsintown WOULD RANK AS THE WOULD SELL OUT 13th LARGEST CITY MADISON SQUARE GARDEN IN THE WORLD 500 TIMES! AND THE 87th LARGEST COUNTRY SOLD OUT SICK! CC Oh my this is probably the best app ever invented in the history of the universe. It lets you know when bands you like are coming to town and has the deets and all! It's the bomb.COM. If it was a person I would marry it!!!!!! MOST TRACKED ARTISTS Trackers are Fans who opt-in to receive concert alerts. RAPID TRACKER GROWTH 3 Eminem Linkin Park Katy Perry Coldplay Adele 1,910,534 1,664,796 1,586,287 1,498,063 1,462,211 Sleigh Bells 10 2014 2 115,631 2013 8 55,368 2012 8 8,464 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lady Gaga Rihanna Metallica Bruno Mars * 1,449,781 1,402,258 8 1,388,522 1,302,315 * 1,294,563 1,183 2011 THANKFUL! C I'm so happy my friend told me about this app. We've made so many good memories because of the shows it notified me about. I can't stop buying tickets to see my favorite artists M. I looooove this app & l've told all my )) music obsessed friends to download it! BIGGEST CITIES Cities with the highest concentration of Bandsintown users. EVENTS BANDSINTOWN 2010 2013 17,561 34,778 LISTED EVENTS LISTED EVENTS IN NEW CITY YORK BEYOND 5 STARS!!!! CC OMG I just went to about 25 concerts because of this app. I wouldn't have gone to my first concert if it weren't for this app. )) OMG I love it. WE LIVE FOR LIVE MUSIC Data compiled internally by Bandsintown in April 2014. Bandsintown is the No. 1 concert discovery app in the world, Available for free at

Bandsintown: Has Reached 10 Million Users

shared by Red_Hype on Apr 15
Today, we’re extremely excited to share that the Bandsintown community has grown to more than 10 MILLION registered concert-goers! Just how big is 10M? We created this infographic to illustrate how ...




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