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Back to the Future Part II: Where's My Flying Car?

BACKI FUTURET THE WHERE'S MY FLYING CAR? Great Scott! It's nearly 2015, and you're wondering why our 2015 doesn't appear to resemble your 2015! Don't worry! It's not uncommon for parallel timelines to differ significantly after an event in time has caused them to diverge. I'm a little more concerned that in your timeline Marty and I are merely fictional characters portrayed by actors! But never mind that. Let's take a look at a few of the inventions that haven't made it into your timeline yet, or that have materialized in a different form! MY 2015: HOVER CARS YOUR 2015: While there have been several successful attempts at creating road-ready airplanes, no one has yet invented a flying car that can takeoff right from your driveway! (Without first driving to an airport, anyway!) MY 2015: HOVERBOARDS YOUR 2015: Sadly, even a properly functioning hoverboard has yet to materialize! I'd share with you how our hover technology works, of course, but the potential impact on the space-time continuum could be catastrophic! wwwww . MY 2015: HOLOGRAPHIC VIDEO YOUR 2015: Holographic video exists, but most examples have involved optical illusions. Researchers at MIT have been taking steps towards the real thing, but so far it still requires a transparent screen on which to project the image! We're also about fifteen Jaws sequels ahead of you! MY 2015: PEPSI PERFECT YOUR 2015: DEPSI PER'FECT Although there have been many variations of Pepsi over the decades - including Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Natural, and Pepsi Max – you have yet to experience Pepsi perfection! MY 2015: FOOD HYDRATOR YOUR 2015: Unfortunately, in your timeline people still have to use boiling water to rehydrate dehydrated foods! Over here, the popularity and convenience of hydrators quickly made our microwave ovens obsolete! MY 2015: AUTOMATIC CLOTHING YOUR 2015: You've also missed out on conveniences like clothing that adjusts itself to fit you, as well as dries itself when wet! On the bright side, a working power laces prototype has finally been created, which inventor Blake Bevin is currently developing into a marketable product! MR. FUSION YOUR 2015: MY 2015: While you're still a long way from owning a commercial fusion reactor, major leaps have been made in the area of converting trash into energy. FastOx is currently being tested by the military, with plans to eventually make it more widely available! MR. FUBION MY 2015: ROBOTIC GAS STATION YOUR 2015: TANK pitstep A robotic fuel pump called TankPitStop created in 2008 allowed you to fill your tank without leaving the comfort of your vehicle. Unfortunately, it still hasn't caught on, perhaps due to the robot's slower pace! TEXA TEXACO HAVOLINE TEXACO MY 2015: VIDEO GLASSES YOUR 2015: Although the ability to make phone calls with video glasses exists in your timeline in the form of a device called Google Glass, the idea appears to be far more popular over here! On the other hand, we're still limited to one phone line per household! 57 JVC MY 2015: 2015 WORLD SERIES YOUR 2015: Miami was given their own baseball team in 1993, allowing for the possibility of there one day being a 2015 World Series game between Miami and the Cubs! Will it happen? I'd tell you, but then you might use that knowledge for financial gain! UBS WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS 20. 15 '80S THEMED RESTAURANTS YOUR 2015: MY 2015: Several '80s themed restaurants have appeared in the 2010s, such as New Wave Restaurant in NEW WAVE 8 0 Bellflower, CA! However, apostrophe abuse in your timeline has yet to evolve into using twin apostrophes when writing 80"s! RESTAURANT MY 2015: WIDESCREEN TELEVISIONS YOUR 2015: Wall-mounted widescreen flatscreen televisions are in both our timelines, though yours appear to have a sharper picture! Something about "high definition?" We've only recently phased out laserdiscs! But hands-free gaming - not unlike Xbox's Kinect – is much more popular here! MY 2015: VIDEO CHAT YOUR 2015: Video chat is available to you by way of services such as Skype, yet strangely it hasn't replaced old-fashioned audio-only phone calls! Datafiles also exist, but you call them "online profiles" and © Needles, Douglas J. instead access them via a system called...The Internet. MY 2015: THE INTERNET YOUR 2015: Wait, what's this? Instead of fax machines in every home, it's computers! Amazing! And you have an interconnected electronic network that allows you to use these computers to send fax messages to each other, and even read newspapers and magazines, without the need for paper! MY 2015: SMART PHONES YOUR 2015: Also, in your timeline watches and Polaroid cameras have been replaced entirely by..intelligent phones?? I never would have imagined! I wonder if I could reverse engineer these in my timeline... What's that you say? The space-time continuum? Nah, I don't think it'll hurt anything. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Sources:,,,, Designed By: Kate Lemke Written By: Kate Willaert Researched By: Kate Horvat and Kate Willaert TSHIRTS •Com 00

Back to the Future Part II: Where's My Flying Car?

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Take a journey examining the differences between parallel universes - Back to the Future Pat II Doc Brown's universe and our own!



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