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Baccarat Facts

Baccanat Facls Felix Falguiere an Italian is considered as the founding father of 7465310 Baccarat. Earlier, Tarot Cards were used in place of Playing Cards. THE MAGICIAN The game was introduced to the French by Italians during the reign of Charles VIII of France from 1483-1498. Three variations of Baccarat are: Chemin de fer (railway), Baccarat Banque (a PLAYER BANKER deux tahleaux) and Punto Banco (North Ooline Caino American haccarat). Baccaratm Italian- Zero. in means The aim of the game is to draw two or three cards whose total is close to 9. The Face cards are worth 0, Ace is 1 and the rest retain their face value. Johannes Gutenhery was the first to print playing cards in 1455. The cards printed represented various classes in the society: Cups for the Church Swords were for Nobles Coins represented the Merchant class Clubs symbolised the Serfs Baccarat easily got popular among the French nohle class, which was looking for new and exciting pastimes. In France the game was termeil, Chemin de Fer. BACOARAR The game required four players, each taking turns to play PAYS the role of the banker. TOWER They also introduced terms like: banco, cheval, non and carte. Baccarat was once banned and heavy taxation was imposed on the nobles who played it. A part of the amount collected was distributed among the poor and that's why playing it became an act of charity and philanthropy. The rise of Napoleon witnessed the end of Baccarat's golden period. The game was banned in France after Louis Philippe rose to power in 1830 & remained illegal until 1907. British aristocracy was very keen on baccarat and the game was very popular in Victorian England. Baccarat was played in Crockford's Club in London and the Queen's court. In 1890, the playing companion of the Prince of Wales, Sir William Gordon-Cumming was caught allegedly cheating in baccarat & since then he was prohibited from taking part in the game. In 1920 in France, baccarat was made legal, once again. Greek Syndicate was a team of baccarat gamblers, which by reading body language and counting cards made over $5 million in a gambling loot. Sources Powered By Presented By CASINOFLOOR GSOFTWARE SERVICES THE FLOOR IS YOURS

Baccarat Facts

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