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Avengers 2013 Roster

VENGERS THE 2013 ROSTER MARIA HILL Height: 5'10" Weight: 135 Ibs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Citizenship: USA Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois First Appearance: New Avengers #4 IRON MAN Real Name: Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark Height: 6'1"; (in armor) 6'6" Weight: 225 Ibs.; (in armor) 425 Ibs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Citizenship: U.S.A. Place of Birth: Long Island, New York First Appearance: Tales of Suspense # 39 (1963) HAWKEYE Real Name: Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton Height: 6'3" Weight: 230 Ibs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond Citizenship: U.S.A. Place of Birth: Waverly, lowa First Appearance: (as Hawkeye) Tales of Suspense #57 (1964); (as Goliath) Avengers #63 (1969); (as Ronin) New Avengers #27 (2007) SPIDER-MAN Real Name: Peter Benjamin Parker Height: 5'10" Weight: 167 lbs. Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown Citizenship: U.S.A. Place of Birth: Forest Hills, New York First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) WOLVERINE Real Name: James Howlett Height: 5'3" Weight: (Without Adamantium skele- ton) 195 Ibs., (with Adamantium skele- ton) 300 Ibs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Citizenship: Canada, possible dual citizenship in Japan and/or Madripoor Place of Birth: Alberta, Canada First Appearance: (As Wolverine, cameo) Incredible Hulk #180 (1974), (as Wolverine, fully) Incredible Hulk #181 (1974), (as Patch) Marvel Comics Pres- ents #1 (1988), (as Weapon X) Marvel Comics Presents #72 (1991), (as Death) Astonishing X-Men #1 (1999) SPIDER-WOMAN Real Name: Jessica Drew Height: 5'10" Weight: 130 Ibs. Eyes: Green Hair: Black (dyed) Citizenship: British by birth; natural- ized U.S. Citizen Place of Birth: London, England First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #32 (1977) THOR Real Name: Thor Odinson Height: 6'6"; (Blake) 5'9" Weight: 640 Ibs; (Blake) 150 Ibs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond Citizenship: Asgard; honorary US citizen Place of Birth: A cave in Norway First Appearance: Venus #12 (1951); (modern) Journey into Mystery #83 (1962) RED HULK Real Name: Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross Height: 7' 0" (Red Hulk) / 6'1" (Ross) Weight: 1200 Ibs (545 kg) (Red Hulk) / 245 Ībs (Ross) Eyes: Yellow, (Red Hulk) / Blue (Ross) Hair: Black, (Red Hulk) / White (Ross) Citizenship: American First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962), Hulk vol. 2 #1 (Jan. 2008) (as Řed Hulk) PROTECTOR Real Name: Noh-Varr Height: 5'10" Weight: 165 lbs. Eyes: Black Hair: White Citizenship: Kree Empire (otherdimen- sional version) Place of Birth: Unrevealed (alternate reality) First Appearance: Marvel Boy #1 (2000) RIPT Graphic Tees

Avengers 2013 Roster

shared by linchpinseo on Mar 20
RIPT T-shirts brings you the custom designed 2013 Avengers Roster graphic. The current Avengers roster is lead by Maria Hill and includes: Protector, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Thor,...


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