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Audio Mixing & Mastering

MIXING & *MASTERING MIXING INVOLVES BALANCING THE EQ OF INDIVIDUAL TRACKS TO CREATE A COHESIVE MIX THAT SOUNDS GOOD SONICALLY BEFORE ENTERING THE MASTERING STAGE MASTERING INVOLVES OPTIMIZING THE EQ AND OVERALL LEVEL TO COMPETE WITH COMMERCIAL SOUNDING MUSIC ON A BROAD NUMBER OF PLAYBACK SYSTEMS OAUDIO ENGINEERING INDUSTRY @ A GLANCE 48 $15k-$20k 19599 The Average number of weeks of schooling to complete an Audio Engineering Program Average cost for tuition for an Audio Engineering Program in North America First year when a Grammy Award for 'Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical' was awarded Top Software for Mixing/Mastering: - ProTools - CuBase $300-$1500 Al Schmitt has won 18 Grammy Awards; has won more Grammys than any other engineer or mixer. 18 on more cram n Sonar Average price of Song Mastering Audition - Logic Ableton Live Studio One STEPS TO PREPARING YOUR MIX TO BE MASTERED dB -69 -66 -63 -60 -57 -54 -51 -48 -45 -42 -39 -36 -33 -30 -27 -24 -21 -18 -12 -9 -6 -3 ELIMINATE NOISE, CLICKS OR POPS IN THE MIX CHECK YOUR LEVELS AND WATCH HEADROOM (-3db TO -6db) KEEP YOUR MIX D YNA MIC, DON'T O VER COMPRESS DONOT OVER CHECK THAT THE MIX IS COMPATIBILE IN MONO, AS WELL AS STEREO PROCE SS YO UR STEREO B US REFERENCE YOUR MIX ON DIFFERENT PLAYBACK SYSTEMS SUBMIT THE HIGHEST RESOLUTION AUDI0 POSSIBLE R DON'T DITHER ON EXPORT dB -69 -66 -63 -60 -57 -54 -51 -48 -45 -42 -39 -36 -33 -30 -27 -24 -21 -18 -12 -9 -6 -3

Audio Mixing & Mastering

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Mixing and Mastering are audio engineering skills that are important components to the record making process. Mixing involves balancing the EQ of individual tracks to create a cohesive mix that sounds...


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