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An Astonishing Agglomeration of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

AN ASTONISHING AGGLOMERATION OF ROBOTS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SHYNET NEUTRAL NET BASED ARTIFIGAL INTELLICENCE EDI LEGION SHODAN SKYNET SONNY MASS EFFECT 2 SYSTEM SHOCK I, ROBOT (2004) MASS EFFECT 2 TERMINATOR AND 3 AND 3 FRANCHISE Al made sentient and self-aware through the collective "Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Robot capable of making choices and dreaming. "Enhanced Defense Intelligence" Al installed aboard the Normandy SR-2. Self-aware superintelligence coded to preserve the world at any cost. Network" with moral restraints removed. consciousness of thousands of Geth. wwwwww BUBO HAL 9000 GUNSLINGER OPTIMUS THE IRON WRATH OF SPACE ODYSSEY WESTWORLD PRIME GIANT THE TITANS SERIES (1973) Robot programmed to instigate gunfights. TRANSFORMERS THE IRON GIANT Sentient computer Robotic replica of Athena's FRANCHISE Massive, metal-eating robot that is programmed to neutralize that controls the Autobot leader magical owl. Discovery One spacecraft's systems. with strong morals and excellent leadership skills. anything he perceives as a weapon. WALL. E ROSIE MCP WALL-E T-1000 MARVIN THE THE JETSONS TRON FRANCHISE WALL-E TERMINATOR PARANOID Robot that serves FRANCHISE ANDROID Rogue "Master Control Program" "Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth class," a sentient and curious robot dedicated to cleaning up debris. as the Jetson family housekeeper. Shape-shifting robot assassin created THE HITCHHIKER'S that rules the world GUIDE TO THE within ENCOM's mainframe. by Skynet. GALAXY Robot with "a brain the size of a planet," depressed that he can never use the full extent of his intellect. B2 SUPER BATTLE DROID R2-D2 C-3PO НК47 CORTANA STAR WARS STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE HALO FRANCHISE UNIVERSE UNIVERSE OLD REPUBLIC Al constructed from the cloned brain of Astromech droid skilled at storing data and repairing starships. Protocol droid fluent STAR WARS Hunter-killer in more than 6 million forms of communication. assassin droid with a snarky attitude toward "meatbags". UNIVERSE the SPARTAN Combat droid with a project creator. sturdy duranium frame and powerful armaments. DATA WHEATLEY ASTRO BOY VISION BENDER STAR TREK PORTAL FRANCHISE ASTRO BOY SERIES MARVEL UNIVERSE FUTURAMA UNIVERSE Powerful robot boy that fights crime and injustice. Nigh-invulnerable android powered by the Solar Jewel. Al designed as an Industrial Sentient android with "intelligence-dampening a positronic brain capable of intricate computations. metalworking robot with a hedonist streak. sphere" meant to make GlaDOS less dangerous. GLADOS XJ9 (JENNY) ULTRON SENTINELS PORTAL MY LIFE AS A MARVEL UNIVERSE MARVEL FRANCHISE TEENAGE ROBOT UNIVERSE Self-aware interface bent on conquering the world. "Genetic Lifeform Robot that serves as Earth's protector while trying to live a teenage life. Massive robots and Disk Operating System" responsible for testing and maintenance at programmed to capture and kill mutants. Aperture Science. NUMBER H.E.L.P.ER. MPU K9 AGENT SIX (CYLON) DOCTOR WHO SMITH THE VENTURE COWBOY BEBOP BROS. Control program on a former U.S. military satellite that carved animals into the Earth with lasers. Polite and formal BATTLESTAR GALACTICA "Helpful Electronic Lab Partner Robot" THE MATRIX FRANCHISE canine robot with computer-like intelligence. Cybernetic Al capable of adapting to human form and emotions. Al program programmed to keep order within the Matrix, capable of bending the laws of physics. created to serve as a nanny and assistant. BMO ADJUTANT MOTORIZED COMBAT ADVENTURE TIME 23-46 PATRIOT BOT Living video game console, electrical outlet, music player, STARCRAFT BIOSHOCK INFINITE THIEF 2: THE METAL AGE Synthetic intelligence with navigation, data management, and administration Destructive clockwork automaton that Steam-driven robot that spews the prerecorded voice clips of the religious camera, toaster, and more. shouts propaganda. functions. fanatic who created it. cos C.O.S. TACHIKOMA ROBOT B-9 MEGA MAN MASCHINENMENSCH (MARIA) LOST IN SPACE MEGA MAN FRANCHISE THE X-FILES GHOST IN THE Rogue computer that transforms its building into a murderous trap. Strong, versatile robot that displayed human emotion and played guitar. METROPOLIS SHELL UNIVERSE Courageous android fighting for peace for both humans and robots. Golden automaton that was the Individual combat vehicles that first robot ever sychronize their consciousnesses at depicted in film. night to enhance collective experience and development. ELIZA KITT GIPSY CASSAN KNIGHT RIDER DANGER DEUS EX Advanced PACIFIC RIM supercomputer installed within a modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. FRANCHISE UNIVERSE Sophisticated newsreader Al that many believe is a real human. American-made Jaeger (mobile weapon) operated by a pilot. DOG GORT KOS-MOS THE DAY THE XENOSAGA SERIES HALF-LIFE 2 EARTH STOOD STILL Excitable and loyal robot constructed from scavenged scrap metal. "Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation System" battle android with a hidden purpose. Pliable metal robot programmed to preserve peace by destroying aggressors. SOURCES: NO VA STOR ШD :::BMO

An Astonishing Agglomeration of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

shared by Michaelson on Aug 10
What does the future mean to you? Over the last several decades, one thing has remained consistent in our views of what the future will hold: robots. There is no place where this is more apparent than...




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