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Arrow: A TV and Comic Character Comparison

ARROW - A TV & COMIC CHARACTER COMPARISON COMICS SHOW Oliver Queen is a playboy who is on a yacht trip with his father when the boat goes down. His father sacrifices Oliver Queen is an orphan who lost his parents on a safari trip as a child. As an adult playboy billionaire, he falls off his yacht and is stranded on an island for a year. On his return to Star City, Oliver takes up crime fighting and the mantle of the Green Arrow. In the comics, Oliver tries to avoid killing his enemies, though he has done it both on purpose and by himself to save his son from dehydration, but asks him to clean up Starling City on his behalf. Oliver lands on an island and remains there for 5 years, learning the skills of archery and self-defense from the island's inhabitants. In Starling City, he becomes the 'Hood', killing the criminals listed in a book provided by his father, and racking up a substantial body count every week. accident. Green Arrow COMICS SHOW Laurel Lance is the daughter of Detective Lance and the ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen. She has received Dinah Lance is also the costumed hero Black Canary, and has been romantically involved with Green Arrow. She has the powerful meta- human ability of sonic screams and is an extremely proficient martial self-defense training from her father but is not a costumed hero, instead fighting for justice as an attorney. artist. Dinah Laurel Lance COMICS SHOW Speedy is Oliver's nickname for his sister, Thea Queen, a character not Speedy has been the name used by two of Green Arrow's sidekicks: Roy Harper, the original ward of Green Arrow before he grew up; and Mia Dearden, Oliver Queen's current ward. found in the comics. Her issues with drug addiction are similar some of the storylines that ran during Roy Harper's tenure as Speedy. Speedy COMICS SHOW Larry Lance is a private detective who is married to the original Black Canary in the Golden Age comics. They marry, and have a daughter named Dinah Laurel Lance, who later becomes the new Black Canary. In the New 52 version of the story, the only Black Canary is Dinah Lance, which removes her mother's super- hero role (and maybe also Detective Detective Quinten Lance is a police detective and grieving father who thoroughly dislikes Oliver Queen and the Hood's tactics. Lance?). Detective Lance COMICS SHOW Tommy Merlyn is Oliver's childhood friend, and a skilled archer who has outshot Oliver in the past. He will eventually become The Dark Archer, and Oliver's archnemesis. Tommy Merlyn is still a childhood friend of Oliver's, but his father becomes the Hood's nemesis. Merlyn COMICS SHOW Felicity Smoak is part of the main cast, and is introduced as a member of the IT department at Queen Industries. She is extremely Felicity is a bit character who was introduced in 1984. She is the manager of a computer software firm in New York. She is married to computer savvy and is part of a small inner circle who know Oliver's secret Ed Raymond and her step-son is Firestorm. identity. Felicity Smoak COMICS SHOW John Diggle does not appear in the comics. John is a bodyguard assigned to Oliver by his mother and initially has a very antagonistic relationship with his wayward charge. However, he teams up with Oliver to fight crime and becomes a part of the inner circle. His brother was been killed by Deadshot, and he has a vendetta against the character. John Diggle COMICS SHOW Moira Queen is married to Walter Moira Queen was killed by lions while on safari with her family when Steele, having remarried after Oliver and her husband went missing on their yacht. Oliver was a child. Moira Queen COMICS SHOW Roy Harper is Green Arrow's original sidekick, Speedy. When he grows up, he takes on the name 'Red Arrow' Roy Harper is a petty criminal from the Glades whose life is saved by Green Arrow and his sister. and later 'Arsenal. He has had issues with substance abuse. Roy Harper COMICS SHOW Yao Fei is a member of the Great Ten, a superhero team sponsored by China. He is"The Accomplished Perfect Physician" and has the powers and memories of all of his predecessors. Yao Fei is an inhabitant of the island on which Oliver is shipwrecked. He rescues Oliver, and then trains him. Yao Fei ATRESS All images are copyrighted to DC Comics and ABC. All rights reserved SEEK

Arrow: A TV and Comic Character Comparison

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A comparison of the Arrow cast and the Green Arrow comic characters.


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