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Arrested Development - The Expanded Bluth Family Tree

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT White Power Bill T- Bone A Flamer (Arsonist) The Narrator White Power! Annyong Korean: Hello Saddam Hussein Ira Gilligan Little Justice Ted Gene Parmesan Luz Master of disguise The Expanded Family Tree of the Bluth's J. Walter Weatherman that's why you always... Larry Middleman the Surrogate Cindi Lightballon George Bluth There's always money in the banana stand Lucille (wink) Oscar Bluth created by MODERNROOTS.COM Sr. Bluth Afternoon Deelite Kitty Sanchez "Say Goodbye to these!" Lupe Barry Zuckerkorn He's very good Doctor Fishman A literal Doctor James Buck Stan Sitwell Warden Alopecia Universalis Lucille Austero Lucille 2 Wayne Jarvis One word: Professional Sally Sitwell Ice A loose seal The Hot Cops Maggie Lizer Blind, Pregnant, Liar Stefan Gentles New Warden Bounty Hunter / Caterer Bob Loblaw blah blah blah Starla Carl Weathers The US Army Business Model baby you got a stew going Nurse Julia Adelaide Nazhgalia Marta Estrella "G.O.B." El Amor Prohibido Lindsay "Buster" Tracey Bluth (Deceased) Michael Tobias Eve Holt George Oscar Bluth Bluth Byron Bluth Mrs. Whitehead Bluth H.0.0.P. Fünke Never "I've Fünke Motherboy the Founder Nude Tony Wonder "Howdy do dat?!" made a Jessie Bowers good son huge mistake" Thomas Jane Nellie Bluth Actor, Homeless Dad The Blue Man Group Franklin Delano Bluth Miss Baerly Mrs. Featherbottom it aint easy being brown Rita Leeds Phillip Litt Girls with low self esteem Employer/Employee M.R.F. Chareth Cutestory Uncle Jack Dorso Romance/Affair/Attraction Mort Meyers Mr. Bananagrabber Why would a banana grab another banana? Bullit Rival / Adversary Trevor Leeds Dragon Alter Ego/Character/Puppet George "Maeby" Mr. Michael Mae Spouse Bluth Manager Fünke Wife of Gob Ann Veal Parent/Gardian - Child her? Adoption "Marry Me!" Steve Holt "Steve Holt!" Surely Funke diagnosed with B.S. Surely Woolfbeak Miss Inner Beauty (Runner Up) ↑

Arrested Development - The Expanded Bluth Family Tree

shared by adamchipman on May 20
In honor of the soon to be released new season of Arrested Development on Netflix, I present the expanded Bluth Family Tree. From Hot Cops to a Loose Seal and every awesome character in between - this...


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