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Arrested Development: Arrests in Development

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. is Back! And now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything... and the crimes they committed along the way. So break out the hot ham water, because a fourth season of mischief hits Netflix on May26th. George Bluth Sr. "The Escape Artist" AKA: Oscar Bluth, Pop-Pop • Total Crimes: 51 • Top 3 Crimes: Alienation of Affection, Escape from Custody, Identity Theft • Years Serving if Convicted: 54.5 yrs The only menmber of the family who was ever actually prosecuted, this frozen banana/property development tycoon has an impressive rap sheet. He was eventually exonerated of treason, however. Michael Bluth "The Least Bad One" AKA: Chareth Cutestory, Dr. Blueman • Total Crimes: 39 • Top 3 Crimes: Operation of an Unsafe Vehicle, Child Endangerment, Reckless Driving • Years Serving if Convicted: 79.5 yrs Michael fancies himself as the responsible one, but he has plenty of crimes under his belt – including accidental kidnapping and banana stand arson. George Oscar (Gob) Bluth Jr. “The Illusionist" AKA: Franklin Delano Bluth, Whistling Delivery Guy, The Goofball, The Joker • Total Crimes: 39 • Top 3 Crimes: Animal Cruelty, Petty Theft, Assault and Battery • Years Serving if Convicted: 42 yrs He's magic with the ladies, but he's a menace to the animal community. Doves, rabbits, seals and cats beware. Lucille Bluth "The Queenpin" AKA: Lucille 1, Gangy, Mother • Total Crimes: 24 • Top 3 Crimes: Embezzlement, Kidnapping, Reckless Driving • Years Serving if Convicted: 26.1 yrs Lucille is the matriarch, if you will (sorry, Gob). She portrays herself as a victim of circumstance, but her devotion to self-medicating says otherwise. George Michael Bluth "Awkwardly Awesome" (or "Awesomely Awkward") AKA: Not the Singer/Songwriter, Mr. Manager • Total Crimes: 8 • Top 3 Crimes: Shoplifting, Embezzlement, Driving without a Valid License • Years Serving if Convicted: 12.6 yrs George Michael knows that family is the most important thing (not breakfast). Unfortunately, some relatives take advantage of his naïve nature to lure him astray. Buster Bluth “The Miracle Baby" AKA: Chicken, Knuckle Buster, Baby Buster • Total Crimes: 15 • Top 3 Crimes: Assault and Battery, Obstruction of Justice, Driving without a Commercial Driver's License • Years Serving if Convicted: 33 yrs Buster is gentle and timid by nature. Just -don't let him near any cranes or get him agitated by mentioning juice, seals, sheep, open spaces, enclosed spaces or making that love. Maeby Fünke "The Con Artist" AKA: Surely Wolfbeak/ Fünke • Total Crimes: 8 • Top 3 Crimes: Fraud, Breaking and Entering, Health Code Violations • Years Serving if Convicted: 9.6 yrs With her natural guile, the only thing standing between Maeby and life as a master criminal is her innate laziness. Tobias Fünke “Physician, Heal Thyself": AKA: Frightened Inmate No. 2, Confidence Man No. 2, George Bluth Sr. in "Scandalmakers," Mr. F • Total Crimes: 16 • Top 3 Crimes: Breaking and Entering, Child Endangerment, Failure to Disperse • Years Serving if Convicted: 31 yrs Tobias' only real victims are Maggie Lizer and his daughter, Maeby, a textbook case of parental indifference. Lindsay Bluth Fünke "Rebel without a Job" AKA: Stay-In-Bed Mom, Nellie Sitwell, Combative and Entitled Princess • Total Crimes: 20 • Top 3 Crimes: Child Endangerment, Operation of an Unsafe Vehicle, Assault and Battery • Years Serving if Convicted: 49 yrs Self-styled social activist Lindsay may not be a Bluth biologically, but her amoral tendencies suggest that nurture trumps nature. CRIMES bY CHARACTER 3.64% 3.64% 6.82% 23.18% 7.27% 9.09% 17.73% 10.91% 17.73% CRIME bY CATEGORIES Property 12.27% Violent 21.36% Avoiding Prosecution 13.64% Moving Domestic 20.91% 14.55% White Collar 17.27% CRIMES to RATNGS The badder the Bluths were, the more we loved them. As the emphasis shifted to character development in Season 3, the Nielsen ratings declined. Perhaps the show made a huge mistake? 20 15 10 SEASON 1 SEASON 2 SEASON 3 Nielsen Ratings - Crimes Commited Ratings Trend Crimes Trend SOURCE:

Arrested Development: Arrests in Development

shared by TimJacobson on May 24
Arrested Development is back! Catch up on the series and see what character committed the crimes, who is going to jail for 80 years, and why less crime led to lower ratings.


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