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Arnold Schwarznegger Kill Count

BODY COUNT (per movie) 105 -- .. ...II IIII IIIII COMMANDO 65 ..IIIIIII--- II|||| TRUE LIES 49 ..---III---|T|I TOTAL RECALL 45 II---- TIIII|| PREDATOR WEAPONS OF CHOICE 44 II ---III ERASER 30 III RAW DEAL 29 II IIIII LAST ACTION HERO 27 CONAN THE DESTROYER 27 CONAN THE BARBARIAN M16/SP1 26 AMT Hardballer Terminator 1-1904 RED SONJA Predator - 1987 22 IIIII TERMINATOR 1 18 THE SIXTH DAY 13 IIIII THE RUNNING MAN 12 II END OF DAYS 8 I RED HEAT Ruger P90 True Lies - 1904 Sunglasses 1984- Present Winchester M. 1887 Terminator 2-1991 6. COLLATERAL DAMAGE BATMAN & ROBIN 2 HERCULES IN NEW YORK ARNOLD 2 TERMINATOR 3 1 TERMINATOR 2 MK2 Hand Grenade True Lies-1994 M134 Minigun Desert Eagle Terminator 2-1991 Last Action Hero -93 1I KINDERGARTEN COP SCHWARZENEGGER KILL COUNT RATINGS FILM LOCATIONS Average IMDB rating: 5.97 out of 10 55% USA Top rated film: Terminator 2 (8.5 out of 10) Lowest rated film: Hercules in New York (2.2 out of 10) 20% UNKNOWN Throughout Arnold Schwarzenegger's career, he's surpassed the tests of power lifting, bodybuilding, acting, and now, political leadership. Through his iconic journey as a movie star, Arnold has racked up an impressive amount of one-liners, character personas and a kill count that echoes through eternity. 10% CENTRAL AMERICA 5% SOUTH AMERICA *** 5% RUSSIA 5% OTHER THE INFOGRAPHIC ONE-LINERS (memorable quotes) Designed by Teylor Pemberton I'l be back. / Hasta la vista, baby. / Get to tha choppah! / You've just been erased. / Let off some steam, Bennett. / Stick around. / Don't disturb my friend, he's dead tired./ Consider that a divorce./ You're luggage! / Here is Sub-Zero, now plain zero! / Who is your daddy, and what does he do?/ 7-Time MR. OLYMPIA 44 Films

Arnold Schwarznegger Kill Count

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Throughout Arnie's career, he has surpassed different tests of power lifting, bodybuilding, acting, and political leadership. Through his iconic journey as a Hollywood star, Arnie has racked up an imp...


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