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Are You the Ultimate One Direction Fan?

ULTINATE Are you the ONE DIRECTION FAN? One Direction - Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn - have been dominating our airwaves and televisions since 2010, and have become the figureheads of a multi-million-pound business empire in the process. But those millions have come from more than traditional album sales and concert tickets - there's a whole raft of merchandise available too. How much you're willing to spend on the X-Factor Fivesome however, will all depend on how big a fan you are. Three quick questions will decide... THREE QUICK QUESTIONS WILL TELL YOU WHAT KIND OF FAN YOU ARE: WHAT DO YOU WANT FRON A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT? www HOW NANY LAYERS OF ONE DIRECTION CLOTHING 1. A decent view and WOULD YOU WEAR? a relaxing listen 2. I want to be treated like royalty while I ogle the boys! 3. Everything. I'll even travel the world for front-row seats! 1. One - just a T-shirt 2. Two - a T-shirt and a hoody 3. Three or more - hats, scarves and a onesie! WHO ARE YOU HAPPY TELLING ABOUT YOUR LOVE FOR ONE DIRECTION? 1. I prefer to keep it to myself 2. Friends, family and my colleagues all know 3. The whole world! IE YOU'VE ANSWERED NOSTLY 1, YOU'RE A.. CASUAL FAN IF YOU'VE ANSWERED MOSTLY 2 YOU'RE A.. MID-LEVEL DIRECTIONER IF YOU'VE ANSWERED NOSTLY 3, YOU'RE THE.. ULTIMATE FAN THE CASUAL FAN 1D ONE DIRECTION You're a new starter to One Direction. You like the tunes, but you're casual about your love for the boys. These are the essentials you'll probably need: UP ALL NIGAT & 'TAKE NE HOME' ALBUNS £12 for the pair A CONCERT DVD Around £10 each A STANDARD CONCERT TICKET FOR SUNDERLAND 2014 £42.50 + booking fee NE DIRECTIO STANDARD T-SAIRT From £11.99 TOTAL £76.49 THE MID-LEVEL DIRECTIONER ID ONE DIRECTION Your love for the fabulous five just keeps on growing. You're happy to start parting with your cash to get yourself closer to the boys. TAKE MEMOME EARBOOK DELUXE 'YEARBOOK EDITIONS OF BOTH ALBUNS £27.98 ONE DIRECTIO POSTER SECRET DIARY £4.99 ONE DIRECTION DIARY £8.99 CALENDAR £7.99 SUNDERLAND 2014 GIG VIP PACKAGE From £145 + VAT LATEST TOUR T-SAIRT £24.99 TOTAL £219.94 THE ULTIMATE FAN You're One Direction's ultimate fan and you want anything you can get your hands on. You'd marry all five of them if you could, but that probably won't happen. You need the next best thing... GET YOURSELF KITTED OUT FIRST: HOODIE £39.99 NECKLACE T-SHIRT £24.99 £7.99 SUNGLASSES HAT AND SCARF SET £24.99 £14.99 WRISTBAND SET BELT NASKS £9.99 £11.99 £17.99 ONESIE GLOVES JACKET £74.99 £74.99 £12.99 HOW ABOUT THE FULL CONCERT EXPERIENCE? FOUR FRONT-ROW TICKETS TO THEIR CONCERT IN LAS VEGAS, FRON EBAY £10,000 ADORN YOUR HOUSE WITH ONE DIRECTION: DOUBLE DUVET SET ONE DIRCCTTON ONE DIRCCTTON £39.99 TOWEL £14.99 10 NUG £9.99 AOT WATER BOTTLE COVER £9.99 AND YOU'LL NEED SONETHING A BIT SPECIAL: FULLY SIGNED PHOTO £90 A FRANED PLATINUM DISC A WARD FOR "UP ALL NIGHT" £127.50 ELECTRIC GUITAR SIGNED BY HARRY £650 TICKET FOR NADANE TUSSA UDS TO SEE THE NEW 1-D WAXWORKS £22.50 £11, 280.85 TOTAL AND FINALLY. For the fan that you just can't categorise... there's the 'specialist section'. There exists in this world a collection of One Direction dolls, sets of One Direction underwear, tubes of One Direction toothpaste, and boxes of One Direction ice-pops. It's no 'one-der' the boys will soon be worth $100m. 1D Colgate 1D SOURCES Amazon: Argos: Ebay: Madame Tussauds: One Direction Store: Pop Justice: Smosh: Sunderland Football Club: The Mirror: The Northern Echo: Universal Poster: TM MoneySupermarket com #LHR 2972 DMS17 37S17 You Dan't Know You're I DIRECT

Are You the Ultimate One Direction Fan?

shared by Moneysupermarket on Jun 26
We determine whether you're a casual One Direction fan, mid-level Directioner or Ultimate 1D Super-Fan, with this handy infographic that tests your love and devotion to Harry and the boys. Who knew th...


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