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Anatomy of a Lightsaber

ANATOMY LIGHTSABER AN ELEGANT WEAPON FOR A MORE CIVILIZED AGE ": THE LIGHTSABER. WITHOUT A DOUBT, ONE OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE AND DESIRED CULT WEAPONS THAT EXPLORING THE INNER WORKINGS OF A LETHAL WEAPON THE FILM INDUSTRY GAVE TO FANS. A PERFECT COMBINATION OF UTILITY, AESTHETIC AND ELEGANCE THAT VERY FEW DUG BEYOND ITS MYTHICAL HUMMING SOUND. Magnetic stabilizing ring Blade intensity adjust Emitter Matrix The emitter matrix produces a positively charged energy towards the lens assembly. The outer hull of the emitter matrix is made of a super conductor which enables the negatively charged energy which returns from the flux aperture to go back to the power cell without energy loss. Crystals It focuses the energy from the power blade and determines the harmonic resonance Cycling field energizers and lethality of the weapon. Jedi Knights use Adegan Crystals almost exclusively. Blade energy channel Focusing crystal Blade emitter shroud Diatium Power Battery. In the Star Wars Universe, Diatium is Primary crystal Energy modulation circuits a very strange material used only on lightsabers. It provides a great amount of energy, strong enough to power one of these shiny weapons. Blade lenght adjust Lens Focuses positive energy through a parallel ring. Safe It avoids... 'Unwanted' ignitions. Power vortex ring Hilt Belt ring A small accesory meant to Always metallic, designed by the user and found in a varied array of models, the hilt constitutes the principal body of the weapon. It typically includes rubber grips to prevent slipping. attach the hilt to the user's belt. Activation lever A mere activation lever connected to the inner circuits. There are different types: On-Off mode, pressure sensitive (ignited while hold) and "lock-on".

Anatomy of a Lightsaber

shared by santiagojuarez on Jan 03
What's inside a lightsaber? Let's take a look into the inner workings of this cult item from the Star Wars franchise: The fine weapon of the Jedi.


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