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Anatomy Of A Hollywood Car Chase

The AnatomER HOLLYWOOD CAR CHASE Car chases light up the screen every summer, helping blockbusters rake in hundreds of millions. These thrilling car chases are expensíve and exciting and we continue to eat them up. Of these memorable car chase scenes, which are the most expensive, and how do they measure up to reality? Hou Much Doɛs it Cost? 50 60 70 50 60 60 70 80 50 40 80 80 30 90 30 20 100 20 100 20 100 10 PRND21 110 10 PRND21 110 10 110 PRND21 $3.5 MILLION $38 MILLION $40 MILLION THE BLUES BROTHERS THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS THE MATRIX: RELOADED Most Popular Car Chases Its not always the shiny, multi-million dollar chase scenes that stay in our minds forever - Sometimes it's the classic films, and the characters behind the wheel in these films, that we remember long after leaving the theater. These three classics will be hard to top! RONIN (1998) THE FRENCH CONNECTION (1971) BULLIT (1968) ACTOR: ROBERT DENIRO CARS: BMW M5, PEUGOT 406, & AUDI 58 LOCATION: PARIS & NICE SPEED: 60-100 MPH ACTOR: GENE HACKMAN CAR: 1971 PONTIAC LE MANS LOCATION: NEW YORK CITY SPEED: 90 MPH ACTOR: STEVE MCQUEEN CAR: 1968 FORD MUSTANG 390 1968 DODGE CHARGER R/T 40 LOCATION: SAN FRANCISCO Cars Urecked in Cringing Numbers MOVIE TITLE HOW MANY CARS WERE DESTROYED TO MAKE THE FILM? 200 CARS THE FAST AND FURIOUS (2001) 112 CARS G.I.JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA (2009) 104 CARS THE BLUES BROTHERS (2000) 93 CARS GONE IN 60 SECONDS (1974) 20+ CARS BAD BOYS 2 (2003) 24 CARS CHRISTINE (1983) 3 AUTHENTIC ASTON MARTINS CASINO ROYALE (2006) 250 CARS THE DUKES OF HAZZARD (1979-1985) Hollywood Chases Us. The OJ Chase How does the most popular criminal car chase in history, coincindentally in the city of the movie industry, compare to the scenes we see on screen? It may have been cheaper and slower than an average Hollywood chase, but it's just as memorable. Hollyuuaod Chase Oj Simpson Chase A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD FROM APB TO ARREST 78 DAYS O- o 3+ HOURS CAMERA TIME GONE IN 60 SECONDS: ACTUAL POLICE CHASE 40 MINUTES O 2 HOURS LENGTH AVERAGE MOVIE SPEED AVERAGE SPEED 60-100 MPH O- 35 MPH ORND2I AVERAGE SPEED THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS CHASE AND TRIAL COST LA $38 MILLIONO O $9 MILLION TOTAL COST The Reality of Car Chases The reality of a car chase is nothing to joke about. In the past year, the number of injuries and deaths caused by car chases is astounding – and most of them were started by someone running from a minor traffic violation. STOP of 10,000 40% 2/3 321 OF ALL CAR CHASES END IN CRASHES RESULT FROM MINOR TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS PEOPLE HAVE DIED AS A RESULT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN INJURED AS A RESULT http://usnews. http://www.em .com/review/bulit-1968-4/ 1-800LOANMART

Anatomy Of A Hollywood Car Chase

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Who doesn't love the classic Hollywood Car Chase? Check out the quickest, priciest, and most memorable speed scenes in cinematic history!


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