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Amazing Fictional Materials!

LIMITED TIME OFFER! AMAZING FICTIONAL MATERIALS! ORDER NOW AND GET A SET OF ADAMANTIUM STEAK KNIVES FREE! ADAMANTIUM HALF PRCE f It Was Real. An adamantium car would resist all scratches, dents, and crashes! Of Marvel Comics: A practically indestructible metal, created accidentally in an experiment, it's ridiculously expensive to produce. WOW, WHAT A DEAL! course, that's if yours is the only car made of the stuff. AUSTRALIUM f It Was Real. PREMIUM QUALITY Team Fortress 2: Get smarter while you cook! Become stronger while you sleep! Rub it all over A fantastic material that resembles gold, it's stored in bars. It extends life, makes you smarter, and powers rockets, but unfortunately (?), it increases your manliness and beard levels with your face for a big, bushy beard! The possibilities are endless. prolonged exposure. ORDER NOW! BOMBASTIUM -30% -50%-70% TODAY ONLY If It Was Real. Uncle Scrooge #17 (comic book): "The rarest element in the Endless ice cream, in the wrong hands, could be a world" must be kept frozen to prevent evaporation. It can turn water into ice truly wonderful doomsday device. In the right hands, you could keep it in your house to make ice cream as cream, and it also SUPER powers a time machine. SALE easily as instant lemonade. CARBONITE If It Was Real.. Star Wars (series): A liquid made from carbon gas, If you thought you could keep your garden veggies fresh in your freezer, hoo boy, would this be a it can be frozen into a solid. It's BEST OFFER TODAY used to preserve food and other game-changer! It can also make goods during lengthy transportation. some really morbid wall art. HAAN CHRONOTON PREMIUM QUALITY If It Was Real. Sick? Go to the bathroom and pop a Chronoton. Hung over? Same thing! Spotted your first gray hair? Surely the future will have a Futurama: These big, purple, jelly-bean-like particles can cause time to jump forward. A good bath in Chronoton-infused Chronoton-infused tar can reverse gel by then! aging, too. ORDER NOW! DAEDRIC METAL SPECIAL OFFER If It Was Real. The Elder Scrolls Eh. well. this is (series): Hard ebony infused with Daedric probably one thing on this list that you wouldn't want spirits is forged into cruel armor BEST in your home. or weapons in a secret ritual. OFFER TODAY DARK MATTER SUPER SALE If It Was Rea.. It's not useful in this day and age, but take a Futurama: The densest, heaviest substance in the universe, a small ball of dark matter weighs moment to wonder what it would be like if as much as 1,000 suns. It is excreted by the adorable Nibblonians and your cat pooped rocket fuel. used for starship fuel. DILITHIUM HALF PRCE If It Was Real. Star Trek (universe): These crystals are used in faster-than-light warp drives to regulate the annihilation of Historically, in the Star Trek universe, it also makes for lovely jewelry. matter and anti-matter. WOW, WHAT A DEAL! DIVINIUM PREMIUM QUALITY If It Was Rea. Divinium can Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops I, II, III (zombie side stories): A meteoric material with a host of powers, it's used for energy weapons, teleporters, and time travel. The supposedly control zombies, too, in addition to creating them. How sweet would a zombie butler be? And the only downside is that it can reanimate dead tissue – and not in the friendly way. -30% -50%-70% TODAY ONLY teleporters would be a dream come true for avoiding the daily commute to work or school. ELEMENT ZERO (EEZO) BIG SALE If It Was Real. It has limitless applications, but to imagine a few. how about a little Mass Effect (universe): Applying a positive or negative charge to this wondrous material will increase or decrease the weight of everything within its resulting field. It can also induce biotic abilities. charged Element Zero in your suitcase to lighten your load? Or on the bottom of glass to prevent your cat from knocking it off of the table? SPECIAL OFFER FLUBBER ORDER NOW! If It Was Real. In addition to the fun ideas that the The Absent-Minded films propose, we imagine that Flubber would make Professor, sequels, and the remake, Flubber: When Flubber hits a hard surface, it gains energy. It can also make you a better dancer and, house construction a lot safer! A Flubber-coated helmet would harmlessly deflect any falling objects. when bombarded SUPER with radiation, SALE power a flying car. KRYPTONITE PREMIUM QUALITY If It Was Real.. One version, Superman (DC Comics): The radiation from this X-Kryptonite, grants Superman-like powers to normal humans. Another can otherworldly material interferes split a Kryptonian into two beings with heightened intelligence. Sadly, most types are harmful or useless. with the powers of Kryptonians and causes BEST strange effects. OFFER TODAY MITHRIL -30% -50%-70% TODAY ONLY If It Was Real. Lord of the Rings trilogy and universe and many other fantasy worlds: Mithril is noted for Supposedly, it can be polished like glass, which would certainly make for strong windows. And a few being both lightweight| and strong. One variety, Ithildin, is only visible in starlight or moonlight and is used for hidden messages and to mark trails. night-lights that glow faintly in the starlight would be nice to have for trips to and from the bathroom! ORICHALCUM BIG SALE If It Was Rea.. Depending on which fiction you subscribe to, Orichalcum has Various, but first described in many uses. It might be an energy source or a strong building material. Or it Plato's Critias: Translated, its original Greek name means might simply be "mountain copper" or "gold copper." SPECIAL sOmething beautiful OFFER to decorate with. PHRIK PREMIUM If It Was Real.. QUALITY Certainly anything that could survive a Star Wars (expanded universe): This is a nearly blast from a Death Star is what we want to be making our planes out of! On an everyday level, some Phrik-toed boots could save indestructible material. A container made of Phrik was BEST OFFER TODAY able to survive your toes a thousand times over. the destruction of Alderaan. PLASTEEL -30% -50% -70% TODAY ONLY If It Was Real. Dune (universe): Lightweight, strong, and easy to form into any shape, Plasteel is a kind of wonder-material In the Dune series, Plasteel is used to make sturdy doors and all sorts of construction "stabilized with materials! WOW, WHAT A DEAL! stravidium fibers grown into its crystal structure." REARDEN METAL BIG If It Was Real.. SALE Rearden Metal allowed Hank Atlas Sh Rearden to create Hank Rearden's one of the most green-blue alloy is lighter and stronger than steel. important steel companies in the country – certainly that should speak to its capabilities as a building material! SPECIAL OFFER REDSTONE If It Was Real. PREMIUM QUALITY Redstone works on a large scale in the world of Minecraft, so it's hard to Minecraft: compare its efficiency to conventional electricity. But it's a fun thought experiment to wonder what a Redstone power plant would look like or what working at a building-sized Redstone computer every day would be like! This conduit for redstone power is useful for powering traps, homes, and even crude BEST computers. OFFER TODAY SCRITH HALF PRCE If It Was Rea.. Scrith absorbs 100% Ringworld series: A material with a tensile strength that comes close of all incoming radiation and quickly dissipates heat. It's a poor use of its amazing abilities, but a house made of it to the strong nuclear force, it's used to construct Ringworlds – huge, hollow, habitable rings with a diameter the would be very safe – and it'd be easy for you to control the temperature inside of it! size of Earth's orbit. ORDER NOW! VALYRIAN STEEL If It Was Real. A Song of Ice and Fire (series): It's light, strong. and sharp: Notice a trend? It's also one of the few things able to slay a White Walker. Like Scrith, imagining daily uses for Valyrian Steel seems like an underuse of its power, but a Valyrian Steel steak knife or letter BEST OFFER TODAY opener would cut -30% -50% -70% through paper and steaks like butter! And TODAY ONLY it'd probably have a great design, too. VIBRANIUM PREMIUM QUALITY If It Was Real. Vibranium, as the name BIG implies, absorbs all vibrations and kinetic Marvel Comics: Best known as the SALE stuff that Captain America's shield energy directed at it. It stores this energy to make itself stronger, so the harder the blow, the stronger it gets. So if safety is your priority, this is the stuff you need for your work or home! is made from, it's only found in the nation of Wakanda, where Black Panther is from. ORDER NOW! WONDERFLONIUM SPECIAL OFFER If It Was Real. A handy Wonderflonium Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Whatever you do, don't bounce SUPER SALE spray bottle could be useful WONDERFLONIUM for emergencies, like if you drop something or the roast suddenly catches fire! it. Dr. Horrible uses it to power DO NOT BOUNCE a ray that freezes time. WOW! Sources: HomeAdvisor

Amazing Fictional Materials!

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Looking to put a little bounce in your step? Maybe give your car a fresh, impervious new body? Well, you've come to the right place! Step right up, folks, and be amazed by the fictional materials we h...




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