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Amazing facts about inventors killed by their own inventions

AMAZING FACTS INVENTORS PARACHUTE SUIT KILLED BY THEIR OWN INVENTIONS Jnvented by Franz Reichlt Jumped off the Eiffel tower as a test run. Parachute didn't open SUBMARINE Invented by Horace Hunley BED LIFT TO AID THE DISABLED RIBA Went aboard for a routine training exercise.The vessel sank Invented by Thomas Midgley JR Accidentally entangled himself in the strings of his design. Subsequently strangled FIVE PAINS METHOD OF TORTURE Invented by Li-si ВLOOD TRANSFUSION Invented by Alexander Bogdanov Convicted of treason and had five piece of his anatomy removed,bled to death ROTÄRY PRINTING PRESS Gave himself a blood tansfusion with contaminated or incompatible blood Invented by William Bullock GLIDER Crushed his foot testing his machine. The foot developed gàngrene which proved fatal Invented by Otto lillientha EEDDYSTONE LIGHTHOUSE Struct by a gust of wind,his glider stalled during flight. The subsequence 50 feet fàll broke his spine Invented by Hendry Winstanley Henry Winstanley the First Eddystone Lighthouse Refused to leave the lighthouse during great stone of 1703. It collapsed FLYING CAR DISCOVERING (MIZAR) RADIUM AND POLONIUM NG8X Invented by Hendry Smolinksi Invented by Marie Curie Right wing of the vehicle detachedfrom the car during a flight. The crash killed smolonksi- Tóok no precautions handling radioactive material. Died of aplastic anemia çaused by radiation exposure

Amazing facts about inventors killed by their own inventions

shared by jyothi on Dec 28
This infographic about inventors who were killed by their own creations.


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