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The Alphabet of Nostalgia: 90s Edition

The Alphabet A of Nostalgia: GOS Edition Grab your Moon Shoes and let's bounce through some of the greatest hits of the 90s! This bomb diggity museum exhibit will make you want to talk to the hand all about these phat memories. Each entry is packed with fly FYIS, home skillet! Psych! B American Girl dolls Beanie Babies Cabbage Patch Kids 1991 1978 1986 Fun Facts These 18-inch dolls depict young girls of various backgrounds. The original Historical Characters line was accompanied by educational books that covered social topics like child labor, poverty, racism, and war Fun Facts These bean-filled toys exploded in popularity. The nine original Babies were Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog. Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Patti the Platypus, Brownie the Bear, and Pinchers the Lobster. Fun Facts These soft sculpture dolls originally came with adoption papers and birth certificates. One urban legend suggests that the manufacturer would issue death certificates for any dolls sent in for repairs. How About Now? How About Now? American Girl dolls now cost $115 without accessories. A single outfit averages around $34. How About Now? Creator Ty Warner profited massively from Beanie Babies. his earned over $90 million pretax. The Princess Diana bear is believed to be the most valuable. Oddly. the Valentino bear is also considered valuable, but only if it has a misspelled tag. In 1992, Cabbage Patch Kids were the official mascot of the US Olympic team. In 2008, all US Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates had official Cabbage Patch Kids created in their likeness. 1996 alone, Dunk-a-Roos 1988 Fun Facts This snack food consists of mini-cookies and one cubic inch of icing Furby Easy-Bake Oven and Snack Center How About Now? In 1996, the original mascot, Sydney. was replaced after the "Dunk-a-Roos Kangaroo Kanga-Who Search" was held; resulting in "Duncan" taking the crown as "the dunkin daredevil 1998 1993 Fun Facts These robotic, owl-like creatures Fun Facts These working toy ovens bloomed into popularity in the 90s. By 1997. more than 16 million ovens (in 11 total models) were sold. were wildly popular; over 40 million were sold in the three years following their introduction. Furby hysteria sparked a slew of inflated auctions, scams, and toy store brawls. Their interactive and "intelligent" nature set them apart from other toys of the time. How About Now? In 2012, Hasbro announced a black: and silver version after a young girl from New Jersey launched a petition requesting gender-neutral packaging Goosebumps H. How About Now? In 1999, the National Security Agency feared that the Furbies employees had brought to work to ease stress had the ability to record and repeat classified information, subsequently banning them from NSA property. Eventually, this ban was withdrawn. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DUMMY Goosebumps 1992 Home Improvement Fun Facts 1991 This book series featured young characters facing terrifying situations. While it was originally aimed at girls. half of author R.L. Stine's fan mail was written by boys. Fun Facts This American television sitcom was How About Now? As of 2014, 350 million books had been sold worldwide and in 32 different languages. A new Goosebumps movie was launched in 2015, starring Jack Black massively successful throughout the 90s. The series finale was watched by 35.5% of US households, the ninth most watched on a single network in television history according to Nielsen ratings. Internet 1990 How About Now? Fun Facts While the Internet existed in some According to IMDB, Home Improvement was so successful that they proposed a movie concept in which Tim and Jill got divorced, and Tim posed as a female nanny so he could still see his sons. Sound familiar? Tim Allen rejected the idea, but the storyline was eventually used for the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. starring Robin Williams. form since the early 1960s, Sir Tim Bermer-Lee began writing the fundamental technologies of the WorldWideWeb in 1990. By 1995, it began to vastly impact culture and commerce worldwide. How About Now? In 2005, only 16% of the world population used the Internet. By 2014, this number increased to 40%, with 78% of the developed world using the web. LEGENDS JanSport 1967 Fun Facts While JanSport was founded in 1967, it boomed in popularity in the 90s. Kids would often customize their backpacks with Sharpies. JanSport is named after the founder's wife, Janice. Koosh Ball 1986 Fun Facts Named after the sound they make when landing, these toy balls are made from over 2,000 rubber filaments. An early prototype was created from a cluster of rubber bands tied together. How About Now? There are now over 50 colors and patterns to choose from. Legends of the Hidden Temple 1993-1995 How About Now? Koosh balls are often used to Fun Facts help children develop motor skills for tennis. This action-adventure show united physical stunts with mythological and historical trivia. MAGIC EYE III How About Now? Out of the 120 episodes produced, only 32 featured teams escaped the temple with the artifact. 4 were completed with a single second left on the clock. Many of the Temple Guards were actually crew members. producers, and writers. Magic Eye 1991 GHIMARE ERORE Fun Facts Magic Eye books use autostereograms, which hide 3D images in 2D patterns. The first three Magic Eye books spent 34 cumulative weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list. CHRIBMAS How About Now? Magic Eye stereograms are still used by vision therapists to treat binocular and accommodative eye disorders. (The) Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 (The) Oregon Trail: Classic Edition 1990 Fun Facts This stop-motion dark fantasy film took 109,440 frames to make. In the film's DVD commentary, Tim Burton stated that the concept was sparked by the overlap of Halloween and Christmas decorations in stores during his childhood in perpetually sunny Burbank, CA. Fun Facts The Oregon Trail was originally developed to help teach students about the realities of 19th century pioneer life. How About Now? How About Now? In 2001, Walt Disney Pictures considered the possibility of a computer animated sequel. Tim Burton rejected the idea because he wanted to keep the "purity" of it. The signature line "You have died of dysentery" continues to be manufactured on promotional merchandise. In 2015, The Oregon Trail was selected as a finalist for the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Pogs Fun Facts The gameplay of Pogs originated from Menko, a classic Japanese game featuring cultural icons like wrestlers and warriors. It migrated to Hawaii in the early 20th century, bursting in popularity when teacher Blossom Galbiso used it to teach math skills. By 1993, it hit the US mainland. Many schools banned it due to the gambling nature of pog play. Countless charities, brands, and people (even Bill Clinton!) advertised on the cardboard surfaces. Pep How About Now? American troops still use a simplified version of pogs as currency because they are lighter than metal coins. They are used to buy items in Army and Air Force Exchange Service stores. Army pogs exist in 5, 10, and 25 cent denominations. Ring Pops 1979 Quailman (Doug) 1991 Fun Facts Product engineer Frank Richards developed these jewel candy rings to help curtail his daughter's thumb sucking habit. Fun Facts Quailman is one of Doug's awesome alter egos. He is an imaginary superhero that wears a belt crown to represent a quail's plume. How About Now? In 2011, Bazooka gum created Ring Pops encrusted with blue Swarovski crystals to celebrate the Dallas Mavericks' NBA Finals victory. How About Now? Patti Mayonnaise is a combination of the names of two girls creator Jim Jinkins fancied in school. Super Soaker 1989 Fun Facts This manually-pressurized water gun was invented in 1982 and launched in 1989. The first prototype was made from a PVC pipe, acrylic glass, and an empty plastic soda bottle. Its popularity grew when Michael Jackson claimed it to be one of his favorite toys. Tamagotchi 1996 How About Now? In 2011, the Nerf Super Soaker Shot Blast was awarded "Outdoor Toy Fun Facts The concept for this hand-held virtual pet emerged when Bandai employee Aki Maita longed for a companion that would accommodate her hectic lifestyle and small apartment. of the Year" at the American Urkel International Toy Fair. (Family Matters) 1989 Fun Facts How About Now? As of 2010, over 76 million The zany, mildly infuriating Urkel first appeared on Family Matters. His appearance instantly boosted the show's mediocre ratings, saving it from cancellation. He has a trademark dance that he used to (unsuccessfully) woo the ladies. Tamagotchis have been sold worldwide. There have been around 60 Tomagotchi releases since 1996. How About Now? In 2010, Westside Middle School in Tennessee decided to enforce their ban on sagging clothes by forcibly pulling up students pants and securing them with zip ties. This practice was referred to as being "Urkeled" VHS (Video Home System) SOUR 1970s Fun Facts While these tapes were invented in the 70s. they peaked in popularity throughout the 90s. The now defunct Blockbuster was the primary source for these cassettes Warheads 1993 Fun Facts These extremely sour candies earned their name from the concept that the intense taste is akin to a real warhead How About Now? In 2015, the Yale University Library gathered over 2.500 VHS tapes. referring to them as "the cultural id of an era." According to Ebay. Beauty and the Beast (1992) tops their bestseller list for VHS tapes. detonating in one's mouth. How About Now? The strong flavor is triggered by a malic acid coating. Malic acid also gives green apples their tart bite. They now make sprays, drops, and dippers. (The) X-Files 1993 Fun Facts This science fiction horror drama television series launched a legacy influenced other series such as Lost, Supernatural, Bones, and Fringe. The iconic theme song was made by accident when composer Mark Snow rested his elbow on the "echo" function of a keyboard. How About Now? The X-Files frenzy is still going strong. All of that believing paid off; a miniseries will uncover the truth starting January 24th, 2016. Zubaz 1988 Yoshi (Yoshi) Fun Facts In 1991 alone, these stretchy. eye-catching pants sold $100 million worth of products. The Zubaz craze was conflicted, however. In 1993, Inside Sports magazine voted Zubaz the third Worst Thing to Happen in Sports that year, ahead of Michael Jackson's retirement. 1990 Peace out, Fun Facts This anthropomorphic dinosaur served as Mario's trusty steed and sidekick, later acquiring star roles in many spin-off games. cub scout! How About Now? In 2011. Yoshi earned 21st place on the Guinness World Records Gamer Edition's "Top 50 Video Game Characters of All Time" Bye Bye Bye! How About Now? While the original business went bankrupt in 1996, there has been a resurrection in sports. The Russian Curling team donned Kansas City Chiefs Zubaz pants in the 2014 Winter Olympics. SOURCES Playground Equipment

The Alphabet of Nostalgia: 90s Edition

shared by KimHart15 on Nov 23
Psyche, let's roll into the 90s! From vaguely disturbing Furbies to Beanie Baby planetary domination, this infographic relives some of the 90s greatest hits. It provides fun facts on 26 beloved gizmos...


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