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Aliens vs Predator

WHEN TITANS COLLIDE, CAN WE SURVIVE? 2 ALIENS DAY 1 ODDS: 15% DAY 2 ODDS: 30% DAY 3 ODDS: 45% DAY 4 ODDS: 95% As chestbursters mature into full fledged On Day 1 a lone Alien is heavily out matched by Predator's superior technology. He must attempt to remain hidden while secretly creating eggs to help spawn more Aliens. By this time facehuggers have hatched and found appropriate human hosts, slightly improving the Aliens' odds. The odds get even better with the appearance of Should the battle last onto a fourth day, the Xenomorphs, the probability of victory begins to swing in the Aliens' favour. They can begin attacking Predator as a group. sheer number of Aliens almost guarantees their victory. chestbursters. ALIENS Eggs are created early on Facehuggers hatch in less than a day Chestbursters appear 12-24hrs after facehugging A newly born regiment of Xenomorphs spells doom for the Predator VS PREDATOR A By Day 1 Predator likely loses projectile weapons when attacking Aliens or humans As the battle intensifies, vital equipment is likely to be damaged or lost Predator's last option is self destruction Alien and Predator-two of the deadliest life forms ever created by some extra-terrestrial process of evolution. Predicting the winner of a battle between the two is no exact science, but in looking at how a factor of time affects the ebb and flow of the fight, we can make some good guesses. 3 PREDATOR DAY 1 ODDS: 85% DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 ODDS: 70% ODDS: 55% ODDS: 5% On this last day, Predator's odds of victory have dwindled to a mere 5%. He does have the option to self destruct, thus killing himself and the Aliens, but at most, this is considered At the onset of battle, Predator's advantage cannot be denied. With superior weaponry By Day 2 Predator has made some human kills with use of his projectile weaponry. This This is a critical point where Predator must find and kill the Alien and chestbursters. As and tracking abilities, the odds of victory are in his favour. If he finds the Alien quickly, it is likely to be game over. loss of equipment sees a slight decrease in Predator's chances. the day progresses, the likely loss of more vital equipment lowers his chances. However, one thing is for certain: In this epic battle royale, it is the human bystanders who will have the most to lose. a draw. 1 THE SCENARIO HUMAN 4 CASUALTIES DEATH COUNT: PLAYING FIELD: Land 7km2 A On Day 1, deaths will be few as both combatants scope out the area, with the Alien remaining somewhat elusive. A A small amount of deaths near the third day can be attributed to chestbursting. 100 Water 3.9km2 Death by Aliens 1 Population 5,000 R Increasing deaths will initially result as Predator becomes more bold in his search for the Aliens, which forces him to explore populated areas. D If Predator is unsuccessful in taking out the Aliens by this point, a rapid slaughter of humans by the Aliens should be expected. Death by Predator 200 Predator and Alien begin at opposite sides of the map. The body of water will force them to work their way through populated areas to find each other. 300 TIME LIMIT: WILL YOU SURVIVE? There have been 2 recorded confrontations between Aliens and Predators. 400 4 DAYS Here's a rough breakdown of the survivor information from those battles, ALIENS VS PREDATOR ALIENS VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM 500 Until nuclear military intervention is used to end the battle. ~ 200 中 ~ 500 忡 中 -1000 /20 /5,000* = 5% = 0.08%* 100% Female Survival Rate 50% Female Survival Rate 50% Male *This survival rate may be artificially low since many of these deaths were a result of the military bombing the area. SURVIVAL: DOS + DON'TS IF YOU MEET A PREDATOR IF YOU SEE A FACEHUGGER IF MILITARY TELL YOU TO WAIT AT A 'RESCUE SPOT X DON'T TRY TO FIGHT DO ASSUME THE FETAL POSITION X DON'T SHOW YOUR FACE DO PUT ON A PAPER BAG X DON'T ACTUALLY WAIT THERE V DO GET AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE Surviving an Alien and Predator battle is no easy task. Ideally you want to evacuate the area before fighting even breaks out. However if that is not a possibility, here are some good-to-remember survival tips when it comes to dealing with an Aliens vs Predator situation. If a facehugger cannot recognize a face, it will not attack. Thus the answer is simple: cover your face with a paper bag. Avoid plastic ones as that can lead to suffocation. As said, in this case `rescue spoť is a military Presenting yourself as a fighter will instantly trigger Predator's instinct to engage in battle with you. In almost every case, this results in human fatality. Predators have a code of honor preventing them from killing the weak and sick. To appear as such, quickly get into a fetal position with no direct eye contact. Weeping plus self defecation and or urination will add to your guise of pathetic-ness. Facehuggers attack a living organism if it can recognizes basic facial features. Therefore unless your face is deformed to a certain extreme, it will attack you. After 4 days of battle, the military will need to take action by destroying all evidence and witnesses. They will tell you to wait at a `rescue spot, but it is actually a bomb target. euphemism for 'nuclear bomb target. Discreetly leave the area, and then put a minimum of 5km between you and the targeted zone. © STEPHEN TAUBMAN 2010 / WWW.STAUBMAN.COM ODDS OF VICTORY (Area represents %)

Aliens vs Predator

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Who wins in a fight between Aliens and Predators? All the movies told us is that the audience loses. Find out the full breakdown here and what your odds are be you alien, predator, or stuck in between.


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