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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Character Map

The Judge of the Knave of Hearts' Trial The King of Hearts The Knave of Hearts Two, Five, & Seven Fish & Frog Footman The Queen's servants that paint white roses red The Fish Footman brings an invitation to The Frog Footman for The Duchess Imprisons then releases The Duchess to resolve The Cheshire Cat's beheading issue The Mock Turtte The Queen of Heart The Duchess Takes Alice to The Mock Turtte The Gryphon The Cheshire Cat Introduces Alice to The Gryphon Orders The Cheshire Cat to be beheaded Alico's The Lobster Adveniares in Wonderland Character Map The White Rabbit Father William ORINX Directs Alice to The March Hare Invites Alice to play croquet Takes Alice to The Mock Turtte Alice turns The Duchess' baby into a pig Alice follows The White Rabbit down the rabbit hole Tells Alice of a mushroom that will change her height Alice Climbs down the chimney while Alice is at The Duchess' house The Caterpillar Bill the Lizard yle The Mad Hatter, The March Hare & The Dormouse Tweedledee & Tweedledum Alice meets the twins in the sequel "Through the Looking Glass" Guests at The Mad Hatter's tea party The Dodo Alice meets The Mouse while swimming in her tears The Lory The Eaglet The Duck The Mouse Designed by Kate Lemke Additional input from Elise Schwartz Alice recites a poem about The Lobster Alice recites a poem about Father William Styl In this The Queen's Husband Convinces Alice & otther animals to participate in a Caucus-Race Accused of stealing The Queen's tarts Searches for The Duchess' gloves and fan The White Rabbit's Gardener

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Character Map

shared by HalloweenCostum... on Jul 10
Peer through the looking glass into Lewis Carroll's fictional masterpiece in this Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Character Map. Down the rabbit hole we go!


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