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Aim for the Flat Top: 10 of the Most Impressive Flat Top Hairstyles

n [email protected] @lamRobertShaw AIMEORTHEFLAT TOP 10 OF THE MOST IMPRESSIVE FLAT TOP HAIRSTYLES Ivan Drago Jason Storm Fireball May Day 'A View to a Kill' (1985) Gozer Guile Kid Paul Phoenix "Tekken' (1994) Duke Nukem Herman Munster 'Rocky IV' (1985) "TC 2000' (1993) 'Duke Nukem 3D' (1996) 'The Munsters' (1964) 'The Running Man' (1987) "Ghostbusters' (1984) 'Street Fighter Il' (1991) 'House Party' (1990) "The Creed Cracker "The Electric Storm' "The King's Crown' "The Flatliner "The Reverent Pride "The Bodyguard" "The Prehistoric Bitch' "The Sonic Bloom "The Class Act "The Burning Fist In a manner of speaking, the only female on the list. Yet, probably one of the most masculine of them. A one man weapon of mass destruction, Duke is as tough as they come. An all-American hero, his autobiography is entitled "Why I'm So Great", and has an ego matched only by his own looks and wit. Quite literally a flat top, but perhaps more due to Herman's botched facelift 'Rocky IV' was the highest grossing film in the series, taking over $300 Million at the box office. Significantly less than the amount lost in bets on the Balboa-Drago fight, which were highly in favour of the "Siberian Bull". Well, what can you say. It's the classic, and the inspiration for the title of this piece. Granted, the all powerful entity could potentially transform its hair into any style. But you can't beat perfection. Before he started rockin' If it's creativity you like, then this is it. Inducted into 'The Running Man' stalkers Hall of Fame, the actor himself, Jim Brown, has been inducted into three seperate sporting Hall of Fame lists. Supposedly held together by special order army hairspray, this style is one of the most impressive in terms of both height and shape. While it has grown over the years, he has had no trouble maintaining it. If this were a real world Paul can brawl with bears the "Yul Brynner" style, 'Tae Bo' workout founder Billy Blanks had a mighty weave. Perfected into a clean cut with a lightning bolt taper for his role as Jason Storm. showcase, then there's no doubt that this style would be standing tall over the competition. A popular haircut throughout the '80s, but not many quite as impressive as Kid's. and have his head slammed into the ground, without even a single hair moving out of shape. He's a biker, but there's no way he would (or could) wear a helmet with this haircut. rather than his head of hair. A misunderstood gentle giant, he is married to a vampire and has a werewolf for a son. "The Bodyguard" is an absolute classic flat top, that very few others can pull off.

Aim for the Flat Top: 10 of the Most Impressive Flat Top Hairstyles

shared by IamRobertShaw on Feb 10
A pop culture infographic honouring the ultimate action hero hairstyle.



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