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The Advent of Online Film Distribution

the advent of online film distribution there is a paradigm shift happening... Theatrical sales have been falling While movie ticket prices have been rising Since 2002, there has been a 19% decrease in number of tickets sold $5.80 136% $7.89 And fewer people have been attending theatrical showings DVD Sales have been falling, too 17% 16% From 2008 to 2010, physical discs have declined in # by 16% 2008 DVD DVD 2002 2010 O 51% of people are choosing to cut the cable cord why? recession = shift in behavior People are staying home more often 36% of respondents stated they would go to the theater less often due to the economy 43% of respondents stated they would rent more movies due to the economy 0000000000000000000O 00000000000000000000 00000000000000000000 00000000000000000000 00000000000000000000 rent now! People are online > People are looking for good deals 110% 48% $ In a 2009 study, 48% of respondents stated they plan on spending less on entertainment from 2005 to 2011, 10% increase of adults 18+ online Meanwhile, exponential advents in technology mean people are getting more connected, more mobile and more engaged in multiple film viewing platforms # of device activations # of internet users 12 + 700,000 2.27 billion new android activations EVERYDAY" 193% as a result From 2010 to 2011, 93% increase in mobile data use, of which 69% represented videos 13 BILION GB video 6o 5 billion The total US internet audience engaged in more than 5 billion viewing sessions in February 2011 video viewing sessions per month 90% 30% Consumers now expect their entertainment content wherever, whenever and however they want it 16 Currently, 30% of all online traffic is video, by 2013-90% of all traffic will be video shift towards handpicked programming on demand New distribution services being created to fill the vortex... You Tube NETFLIX hulu But rarely make financial sense to independent content producers and distributors $1 billion $3.2 billion $420 million increasingly popular day-and-date releases support this new behavior Day-and-date offers maximum viewership potential : ...number of film makers who saw the amount of exposure "But there are a lot of films that are not critical darlings and won't break through to the masses, so [day and date) becomes : their festival premiere generated, and they never reclaimed that a great way to get people to see them. : exposure with the theatrical release of their film. Hence they : reasoned, "If only I had released my film day and date with my : festival premierel " while technology is recreating the cinematic experience at home The average screen size will be 60" by 2015 24 $7.85 billion by 2014 By the year 2016, nearly 100 million homes will own televisions that can connect to the internet : Further, the U.S. factory sales and forecast : of home theatre hardware is expected to : increase to $7.58B by 2014. (2006, being : at $4.298) * Also, DMA (Digital Media Adapters) : ie, Roku,.) sales to increase from : 53M to 2,193M from 2006 to 2014, : respectively " Who we are, and what we do YEKRA Yekra is a revolutionary, simple and intuitive toolset. Yekra allows you to distribute and sell your content socially, on demand, at a price you select. All on a non-exclusive basis while you maintain control of your product and your rights. Welcome to internet on demand. LMictonoficeio National Asseciation of Theater Owners 1 Nutional Asociation of Theater Owners 4 MirteonofceMe .com pege ZMel rchcovblogpege AMineeltonoiceMoje pewinternetogimedae./2011Pleging on ffunpr 16 MineeloofficeMoio 12. Mmp/www.intemetwondlatco oRtatiensbam 13. Mp//www.intemetwenucom emteee Bdeaes february 2011 IS m omo00lariceaideo eyouremgae Orine Vdee Rarkings M tet nieencemicentemancorporateleneoorts-downloady/2011-Rroortuniten ooss plattormenportg22011pa 17. NehenCess atem Benot 1. youtube-eamersrewan sohemi4slet0 Natalie Tan A ieberoet cendrtv2010-Thesconomics ofoninenewMedaanp 20. httopositorcom.edunidowetentcottides bootcockatuodah 21. 22. Bemard- Sony Pictures 21. Jon Reis: hetp// post/5points-considerapproechingyourfestival-premiene-132pageD 24. CNETlowdata Study 25. htpatimestilogs latimes.comventertainmentnewsbuza20120100-milion ts-will-beinternet-connectedby-2016end MrelCEA citations

The Advent of Online Film Distribution

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There is a paradigm shift happening. Theatrical and DVD sales for movies have been falling, while ticket prices maintain a rise. With the MPAA reporting more growth in the movie industry from smalle...






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