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The Acoustic Guitar

how stuff works... Acoustic guitar It is one of the most prominent musical instruments in history. Created in the 1500s, the guitar has strummed its way to popular culture by playing to a variety of musical styles, from flamenco to rock. Without the acoustic guitar, music, as we know it today, will less likely strike a chord. Main types of acoustic guitars Head Nut Classical guitar Nylon strings; wider fingerboard for finger picking Steel-string acoustic Steel strings; narrower fingerboard optimized for 'pick' playing Archtop Steel strings; arched top and back; F-holes similar to violin Fret Tuning peg Fretboard Neck Sound hole Graft Sound comes out Holding an acoustic guitar Generating sound Upper bout Accentuates The guitar's body design is very crucial. The most important piece is the soundboard mounted on the front of the body. Its job is to make the guitar's sound loud enough for us to hear. The two widenings called 'bouts' also affect the tone. Proper form in holding the guitar positively affects your playing. higher tones When picked or strummed, strings vibrate Lower bout Vibrations are transmitted to the Accentuates lower tones saddle and bridge Vibrations then Classical guitar flow to the soundboard and body Guitar rests on The sound travelling through are amplified by the hollow body your right thigh; left wrist under the fretboard; use foot rest for support Soundboard Saddle Bridge Bindings Steel-string acoustic Guitar roughly at a 90 degree angle to your body, knees relaxed; Side Braces Tail block Linings shoulders over the guitar's body Basic guitar chords There are plenty of guitar chord patterns. Start playing by learning these MAJOR chords. Finger formation with a 'C' chord F (fa) Chord name D (re) E (mi) Note equivalent 6th string C (do) Fret Nut -String not to play -Nut G (sol) A (la) B (ti) String to press- ist string ist string INFOGRAPHIC: DWYNN RONALD V. TRAZO, TALHA AHMED KHAN/OGULF NEWS ---- -

The Acoustic Guitar

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International award-giving body WAN-IFRA Asia Media awarded this GOLD in 2012. This was part of a series of infographics that ran on Gulf News' Friday Magazine about how stuff works. I chose this t...


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