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88 facts about the DeLorean

88 FACTS RODELDREAN STHE Even without starring in the best movie ever made (fact), the DeLorean DMC-12 was a pretty cool car. Ignore the limp performance and terrible reliability, instead think about the stainless steel body, the wing doors, and the backstory of a 70s playboy owner with doomed and semi-legal business plans, brought down by an FBI drugs bust. So in honour of BRCK TO THE FUTURE DAY, OCTOBER 21 2015 here's 88 things you might not know about the movie's real star - the DeLorean DMC-12. CAUFORNA OUTATIME DeLorean DMC-12 car DELOREAN MOROR COMNY 1981 THE DMC FACTORY WAS IN DUNMURRY, The first DeLorean DMC-12 NORTHERN rolled off the production line on 21st January, 1981 IRELAND. Giorgetto Giugiarö designed the DeLorean. He also created the legendary Mk 1 VW Golf, Alfa Giulia Sprint, Lotus Esprit S1, and, less impressively, the Daewoo Lanos. The highest speed on the 1981 DE LOREAN MOTOR COMPANY DeLorean speedometer. 18MPG fuel efficiency 85 THE DMC LOGO WAS DESIGNED BY PHIL GIBBON FROM BRIGHTON. MPH No data available on the fuel efficiency of STOLEN PLUTONIUM for time circuits. 3mph too slow for time travel. $25,000 $54.000 ORIGINAL LIST PRICE MINT CONDITION ORIGINAL TODAY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT GAVE £80 MILLION TO BRING THE FACTORY TO BELFAST. Cram 20 YEARS LATER THE NORTHERN IRELAND AUDIT OFFICE SAID THAT Johnny Carson 2,500 £20 MILLION HAD BEEN INVESTORS SPENT TO TRY & PEOPLE WERE EMPLOYED RECOVER THE WASTED PUBLIC MONEY. AT THE FACTORY Sammy Davis Jr THE STAINLESS STEEL BODY WAS DESIGNED TO BE RUST FREE FOR 20 YEARS. V6 CHRISTMAS 1980 ENGINE A DeLorean/American Express promotion plånned'to sell 100 10 SECONDS WHICH ISN'T MUCH FASTER THAN DOC'S HORSE IN BTTF3. THE SAME HORSEPOWER AS A 2003 SKODA 24K GOLD-PLATED FABIA. DeLoreans for $85,000 each to its gold card members. PORSCHE 911 SC 130BHP 6.5 SECONDS SOLD Two were sold and one was purchased by Roger Mize, President of Snyder National Bank, Texas. 24-CARAT ONLY 3 MADE MISSIN G! A FOURTH GOLD CAR WAS PRIVATELY PLATED BY ITS OWNER IN 1981 AND WAS LATER SOLD TO A PRIVATE BUYER IN CANADA. IT'S CURRENT WHEREABOUTS IS UNKNOWN. AROUND ABOUT EARLY CARS OFF 188E2 THE BELFAST 2,800 9,000 ASSEMBLY LINE WERE OF SUCH POOR QUALITY THAT IT TOOK UP TO WERE PRODUCED OVER 3 YEARS 140 HOURS PARTS IT WAS A HUGE FAILURE TO MAKE EACH ONE SUITABLE MAKE UP A FOR SALE. DELOREAN $111million IS THE AMOUNT THAT A 1998 RULING STATED DELOREAN OWED THE ORIGINAL INVESTORS. It's believed that only 17 right-hand drive factory-authorised DeLoreans were ever produced DELOREAN DMCEV THERE IS NOW AN ELECTRIC VERSION YOURS FOR A COOL £70,000 DMC-80 THE DELOREAN MOTOR COMPANY VERY NEARLY RELEASED A BUS. IT'S UNCLEAR WHETHER IT WOULD HAVE TRAVELLED IN TIME. John DeLorean, The Auto Prince His. middle JOHN DELOREAN WAS BORN HE WAS BORN IN DETROIT 6TH Michigay JANUARY name 1925 is Zachany PLAYBOY CAR EXEC JOHN DELOREAN CAUSED RIPPLES IN THE INDUSTRY BY BEING FLAMBOYANT AND OUTSPOKEN, DATING MODELS AND (WORST OF ALL) HAVING LONG HAIR JUST THINK WHAT MR STRICKLAND WOULD SAY. HE WAS CLEARED, US AFTER HIS LAWYERS claclAL NG SUCCESSFULLY ARGUED THAT HE WAS A VICTIM OF ENTRAPMENT AS EXTRAL EXTRA EXTRA PART OF AN FBI STING. IN 1982 HE WAS ARRESTED WITH A BRIEFÇASE FULL OF COCAINE, PART OF A HIS DMC COMPANY 1983 $25 MILLION WENT OUT OF SMUGGLING OPERATION BUSINESS ON THE TO SAVE HIS FAILING DAY HE WAS CAR COMPANY. ARRESTED HE WAS MARRIED 4 TIMES, INCLUDING TO TWO MODELS. DAILY NEWS DICCIE NAB AUTO BIGGIE He also dated Ursula AND $24M COKE Andress and Tina Sinatra After the cocaine case, he (Frank's youngest daughter) became a born-again Christian. HE WAS INVOLVED IN OVER 40 Trump Nati His former estate was converted into a golf course by developer Donald Trump in 2004. COURT CASES Universal City, He died on 19th March 2005, aged 80. Last veek I had the opportunity TO The Puture" in Nev YO olutely John DeLorean wrote a Dear Gentlemen: JOHN Z DELOREAN letter to Bob Gale, one of the movie's producers and writers, thanking him for immortalising the car in JANUARY 6 1925 MARCH 19 2005 Back to the Future. posi His gravestone has the Delorean car embossed on it. pelorean The DeLorean Time Machine IT TOOK 10 WEEKS TO CREATE THE FIRST DELOREAN TIME MACHINE THE DELOREAN WAS CHOSEN FOR ITS FUTURISTIC LOOK AND BECAUSE THE FILMTRIX BUILT THE FIRST THREE (DON'T KNOW WHY DOC SAID IT TOOK 30 YEARS) GULLWING DELOREAN TIME DOORS MADE IT MACHINES. LOOK LIKE A UFO. THE TIME MACHINE WAS A FRIDGE IN THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT Director Robert Zemeckis ANDREW PROBERT, RON scrapped the fridge idea because he didn't want COBB AND MICHAEL SCHEFFE DESIGNED THE children to climb into them. DELOREAN TIME MACHINE. Using maths, it's been proven that the DeLorean didn't have enough space to reach 88mph in the Twin Pines parking lot. 85 95 6 DELOREANS WERE USED FOR FILMING ACROSS THE 3 MOVIES, PLUS ONE The crew had to modify the speedometer in the DeLorean with one that reached 95mph, because the US versions of the car FIBERGLASS REPLICA FOR FLYING. only had a speedometer that went up to 85. ONLY 3 OF THEM ARE BELIEVED TO HAVE SURVIVED UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLY WOOD The Hero "A" car (the primary car used in filming) is on display at Universal Studios Hollywood. THE OTHER SURVIVING CAR IS IN THE HANDS OF A PRIVATE OWNER IN NEW ENGLAND THE "B" STUNT CAR WAS REASSEMBLED & SUSPENDED FROM THE CEILING AT STUNT CAR PLANET HOLLYWOOD HONOLULU IN HAWAII FORA The car's gullwing doors would fall and hit actors in the head when cold. THE "B" STUNT CAR WAS CUT INTO PIECES AND RIGGED NUMBER OF YEARS WITH EXPLOSIVES FOR THE SCENE WHERE IT'S HIT BY THE TRAIN AT THE END OF BTTF3. Hairdryers were used on them between takes. (closed In 2010). BACKE FUTURET fiberglass DeLorean almost fell on Michael J. Fox. During the filming of Back to the Future Part II, the TO 1.21 2.21 Gigawatts = 12,487 DeLorean Gigawatts IN THE FRENCH DUBBED VERSION OF THE TO PRODUCE 1.21 GIGAWATTS OF POWER USING JUST DELOREANS, YOU WOULD NEED 12,487 OF THEM, FILM, THE DELOREAN NEEDS 2.21 GIGAWATTS INSTEAD OF 1.21. DeLorean Fans BELFAST PHOTO FESTIVAL SOME DELOREAN FANS WENT AS FAR AS GETTING A DELOREAN fact TATTOO A DELOREAN WAS MADE THIS IS THE BEST CAR MOD EVER OUT OF PHOTOGRAPHS .. AND A DELOREAN LIMO ONE DELOREAN SUPERFAN ... AND A DELOREAN CONVERTIBLE CREATED A DELOREAN MONSTER TRUCK! YOU CAN BUYA DELOREAN GINGERBREAD CAKE FAN CREATES WIRE SCULPTURE OF THE CHILDREN CAN DRESS UP AS A DELOREAN DELOREAN USING ALUMINIUM AND COPPER WIRES. HOUTATIME One fan sculpted the DeLorean out of ice. YOU CAN CARVE A DELOREAN PUMPKIN LEGO ARE FANS OF LEGO THE FILMS & CAR FANS CAN BUY A DELOREAN BOW TIE NO BIRTHDAY WOULD BE COMPLETE WITHOUT A DELOREAN BIRTHDAY CAKE. EuroTec In 2010, Delorean owners made a DMC logo using Delorean cars at the DeLorean Club UK EuroTec event. One fan sculpted a Delorean out of Pepsi cans. EUTURE pepsi One couple created a Delorean sculpture out of balloons. No day out at the beach is complete without a DeLorean sand castle Popular culture The DeLorean Motor Company has The Delorean Motor Company has 165,082 likes on Facebook 4,277 followers on Twitter A GRAND THEFT AUTO AND BACK TO THE FÜTÜRE FAN gRand theFt PLAYERS TO PLAY ÁS MÁRTY "auto THE DELOREICAT FEATURED IN THE GAME CREATED A MOD, TO ALLOW GTA RESIDENTEVIL2 MCFLY AND DRIVE A DELOREAN ENNEON MOBY WE ARE ALL MADE OF STARS music video featured the car 100s HAND WASH Super Furry Animals singer Gruff Rhys NEON NEON recorded a concept album about John DeLorean's life. Stan from American Dad! builds a Delorean in Season 5, Episode 16. THe SIMPSONS ROCKY During the opening sequence of the movie Rocky III, Rocky Balboa appears in a print ad for the DeLorean THE DELOREAN FEATURED IN AN EPISODE OF THE SIMPSONS. Check out the sources behind this infographic here: THE CAR BUYING SERVICE

88 facts about the DeLorean

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It's Back to the Future day. October 21 2015. We've focused on the star of the show, the DeLorean.


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