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75 years of Superman

75 years of SURERMAN of sci-fi like John Fugitive from a GLADIATOR by Philip Wylie doomed plane father dies, victim of a Siegel's the like can only afford & modern ones, Saved by kind-hearted humans to draw on wallpaper Jerry Siegel e of a villain thev invented... Mild-mannered create champion reporter · Clark Kent is... In Metropolis... ..In the 'real' world 24 1938 Superman arrives! (as does Lois Lane) 1938 SUPERMAN DC Comics introduce Superman in Action Comics issue #1 1940 Lex Luthor makes his debut Clark Kent starts working at the Daily Planet with Jimmy Olson & Perry White 1940 Adventures of Superman radio show 1941 Superman flies instead of just jumping very, very high 1941 1943 Fleischer Studios make short Superman animations 1943 Superman takes the war to the Nazis 1946 1947 Superman fights the KKK Siegel & Shuster sue to end their contracts with DC Comics & are fired 1948 1948 1949 Kryptonite appears and Clark Kent gets changed in a phone booth for the first time Superman film Siegel wins rights to Superboy 1952 Batman and Superman meet for the first time 1952 Superman TV show starring George Reeves as Superman 1953 1955 Krypto the Superdog arrives from taking the long way round from Krypton 1958 The Fortress of Solitude appears for the first time as does alien supervillain Brainiac 1958 1959 Supergirl arrives (and Beppo the Supermonkey) Bizarro, the twisted anti-Superman, makes his debut 1963 1960 Superman joins the Justice League superhero team that also includes Batman and Wonder Woman 1966 It's Superman! musical opens on Broadway 1961 First appearance of Kryptonian villain General Zod 1968 1969 It is revealed that there are two Supermen, living on parallel worlds The second one is already married to Lois Lane 1970s 1971 Clark Kent becomes a TV anchor Reduced to working as a courier, Shuster delivers a parcel to DC Comics, is given $100 and told never to come back 1973 1973 Siegel & Shuster sue to regain rights to Superman and lose 1975 1977 Lana Lang, Clark Kent's childhood friend, becomes his co-anchor Warner awards Siegel & Shuster pensions & credits on Metropolis WGBS-TV evening news 1978 1978 Superman the Movie, starring Christopher Reeve as Superman 1980 Superman II with Terence Stamp as villain General Zod 1983 1981 O Superman by Laurie Anderson reaches #2 in UK charts 1986 Superman's history is re-written from the ground up 1983 Superman III with Richard Pryor and Robert Vaughan 1988 1986 Man of Steel comics series rewrites Superman's history 1992 Superman Dies 1987 .then, a bit later, after a war of rival Supermen, comes back to life again Superman IV: The Quest for Peace 1993 1992 1996 Joe Shuster dies in California Lois & Clark finally get married 1993 1998 Superman loses his powers (for a while) becoming the electricity powered Superman Blue Lois & Clark TV show, starring Dean Cain as Superman & Terri Hatcher as Lois Lane 1998 1999 Jerry Siegel dies Siegel's family file for termination of copyright 2003 2001 2005 Superboy punches reality into a new shape Smallville TV series, starring Tom Welling as a young Clark Kent 2004 Shuster's estate files to reclaim copyright 2008 2006 2012 Superman Returns, starring Brandon Routh as Superman Superman starts dating Wonder Woman 2009 Court tells Warners to start a Superman film by 2011 or risk further legal action 2013 2013 9th Circuit Court of appeals effectively rules DOC Comics as sole owners of copyright Sci-fi fan children of Jewish immigrants A mixture Carter of Mars I Writer) of justice... 1oe Shuster (Art Phantom Ancient heroes Together theyC With the nan B€CO COOC(8O (O 8.

75 years of Superman

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A review of the origins of Superman as a character and the last 75 years of this exploits and his exploitation.


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