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7 Top Pizza Delivery Annoyances

ТОP 7 February 9th marks National Pizza Day. To celebrate, we broke down the Top 7 Pizza Delivery Annoyances. The stuff that really drives us crazy when we try to enjoy a little slice of heaven... PIZZA DELIVERY ANNOYANCES FACTS EVERY PIZZA LOVERS SHOULD KNOW 3,000,000,000 this means that 1,000,000,000 pizzas are being pizzas purchased are being delivered! delivered yearly! 1 OF EVERY 3 pizzas are purchased in the US, every year! On average, each American eats 46 slices of pizza P a year Longest Pizza Delivery LARGEST DAYS WITH HIGHEST PIZZA DELIVERIES Cape Town, South Africa Sydney, Australia Pizza In The World was made in Norwood, South Africa by Norwood Hypermarket on 1990. 6838 Miles Super Bowl Sunday New Year's DIAMETER WEIGHT Halloween Thanksgiving 122.8 FEET 26,900 POUNDS Eve . ** 水 。 ** . TOP 7 PIZZA DELIVERY ANNOYANCES OH, THAT 31ST MINUTE... COLD PIZZA SOME PIZZAS HAVE BY HOT DELIVERY GUYS MORE OIL THAN PIZZA HUNGER PER MINUTES OF WAIT HOTNESS OF PIZZA VS. WHERE'S MY #*[email protected]#) PIZZA?! HOTNESS OF DELIVERY GUY INSANELY HUNGRY Young Steve Buscemi VERY HUNGRY PRETTY HUNGRY Brad Pitt COULD EAT 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 Hotness of pizza RRROADAWRRR! JUST LEFT, RIGHT NOW! (FOR REAL, REALLY!) 6 THE 4TH TIME you were told that the pizza had just left the restaurant When you swear that the vegan pizza you ordered just 'Mooed' at you WHEN YOUR KIDS ASK WHEN YOU GET EXTRA IS IT HERE YET? РЕPPER 15' IS IT HERE YET? IS IT HERE YET? SNOOZE IS IT HERE YET? IS IT HERE YET? IS IT HERE YET? IS IT HERE YET? IS IT HERE YET? INSTEAD OF EXTRA The Maximum Snooze Time You Get Is PEPPERONI 15 SECONDS Sources: | | BROUGHT TO YOU BY BRINGG Helping You Deliver bringa February 2015 Pepper Hotness of delivery person

7 Top Pizza Delivery Annoyances

shared by Bringg on Feb 12
In case you didn’t already know... February 9th is National Pizza Day! After powering so many deliveries here at Bringg, we learnt a thing or two about the various reasons customers get frustrate...



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