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7 people you meet in mobile

The people you meet in mobile What do your mobile habits say about you? The Mullet 55,000,000 still carry two mobile phones Business in one hand, a party in the other You work hard and you play hard, so naturally you have two phones. No, not because you're a doctor-on-call or are waiting for an emergency organ transplant; please, you work for an accounting firm, who is still handing out Blackberrys. Regardless, you still demand a seamless experience. That's a lot of screens waiting to show your optimized mobile experience 90% use multiple screens to access the web who visit a mobile unfriendly site are competitor's site O 2013 is the year when mobile-connected devices will exceed the world's population The Haggler It's the principle, kiddo 70% use phones in-store to aid with their buying decisions Remember how embarrassing it was when your dad used to negotiate at garage sales, just to save a quarter on a used table lamp? of that $$ 49% to help decide compare prices That's kind of what it looks like when you walk into a store, pull out your phone, and summon every other online store on the interwebs and/or your RedLaser app to see if you can save a buck or two on the same item. read reviews and product info 46% called a retailer OPEN Luckily for you, you're not alone. O0 used a discount E 28% coupon on phone The Blissfully Unaware 75% OMG, no way! Do you get death stares at Starbucks while talking on the phone and attempting to order and pay at the same time? complain they are "frequently" or "occasionally" annoyed by loud and disrespectful people on their phones There's a reason businesses post "No cell phone use'" in waiting rooms. There's a reason why Amtrak has a "Quiet Car" that doesn't permit talking on the cell phone. Most likely you are blissfully unaware, but in the timeless words of the classic Hoobastank ballad, "The reason is you." only ») 6% admit to being to0 loud on their phones in public 150,000,000 The Crutch use Google Maps on a mobile device Do you map the fastest route between your bed and the couch? 51% 62% Do you Yelp before you Seamless a new restaurant? use their device to make travel- related plans and bookings iPhone 4S users use at least 1 feature of its Siri assistant a few times a week Do you use Maps, Yelp, and Seamless as verbs? Do you have more conversations with Siri than your real-life friends? I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but your phone is, in fact, a crutch. 79% 61% use their phones to help with shopping and 74% make a make local searches from a mobile device, 30% for a restaurant, and 25% for a movie purchase as a result use their device M19% for email The Die Hard have slept with their phone nearby because they didn't want to miss a notification Was your iPhone the best man at your wedding? Ok so we're all a little addicted to our mobile devices. US adults average over 2.5 hours per day stuck on their phones. But we all have that friend who takes it a little too far... and of those 44%, DID YOU KNOW? admit that we can't possibly times during a waking day, and. 30% imagine living without our Americans check their 150 smartphones an average mobile phones 90% of Gen-Yers admitted to using their phones in the bathroom What might be scarier is that over. The Always-Social Butlefly < 85% engage with social The time you spend taking pictures of your food > the time you spend eating your food? media via mobile You Tube 150,000,000,000 minutes was spent on social networks via mobile channels Do you spend V2 of the date you're on carefully acrafting the perfect Tweet..about the date you're on? 10,000,000 Are you still friends with Tom from Myspace? Facebook apps downloaded on mobile devices The Intimacy-Avoidant Don't call me, I'l calt text you. Are you faster at texting than speaking out loud? These days we only use the phone when it's really important–like when Seamless doesn't deliver food average responses within 90mins 90secs to an email to a text message Adults age 18-29 from your favorite restaurant or you pass a billboard with a mobile discount to your favorite store waiting to get beamed right to your phone with the push of a button. Technology is slowly making actual interpersonal communication obsolete...and you're totally into that. 88 text messages per day American adults 3,000,000,000 calls a day Brought to you by ** StarStar Sources:

7 people you meet in mobile

shared by nikkidavis on Oct 16
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An entertaining infographic describing the 7 personalities mobile users have. Which one are you?


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