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7 amazing casino winners stories

AMAZING O CASINO WINNERS STORIES Life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it, and the people whom you'll read about below know this best of all! Check out these unbelievable stories and prepare to be almost as shocked as they were! Patricia Demauro beat 1.56 trillion to one odds when she rolled 154 times continuously at a craps table without throwing a seven! How much she won has been kept secret, but it was definitely in the millions. In 2004 British professional gambler Ashley Revell sold all his possessions, including his clothes, and gambled $135,300 on a SINGLE spin of a roulette wheel in the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He won $270,600 and gave the dealer a $600 tip on his way out! The biggest ever online jackpot was 3 won by a Norwegian man identified simply as "Peter" who was sitting at 777 home in his pj's when it all happened - 11.7 million Norwegian krones, which equals over 38 million uS dollars Back in 2008, babysitter Jessica Agbunag went on a trip to Las Vegas. She decided to 4 play $16 on the Mega-Jackpot slot machine at the California Hotel and Casino and won a whopping $2.4 million which took her from rags to riches in a just a single spin. Not bad for a first trip to Las Vegas! Samuel Goldwyn, known today as one of the founders of Hollywood itself, came to America a penniless Polish immigrant who could barely speak any English. He made a lot of the money that helped get him started in a weekly poker widely known as the richest in Hollywood, with $20,000 and millions of dollars exchanging hands over the course of the games. Dennis Mahurin, a homeless man living in a tent in Bloomington, won $50,000... However, he quickly decided to stay in his tent and just use the money to help others. Dennis started by giving every other homeless person in the area $100 On Friday the 13th, 2014, Kelsey Zachow, a 24-year-old single mother in Port Huron, 7 Michigan, had been working two jobs to pay the bills-medical assistant and bartender. She won the $66 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery but only found out a week later when she finally checked her ticket! So, as these babysitters and single parents would definitely tell you, never say never! After all, the saying "If champagne" will never be truer than it is for the people who have gone from rags to riches. you don't take risks, you don't drink Brought to you by : Sources: LIVECASINODIRECT %24 %24

7 amazing casino winners stories

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Everybody loves a good happy ending, and the people whose incredible stories we’ll tell below have already gotten theirs! Maybe it’s your turn next? Read these stories and be inspired to keep on dreaming!


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