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66 Force Powers from the Star Wars Universe

66 FORCE POWERS бб FROM THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE A LEGENDS CANON LIGHT SIDE ELECTRIC JUDGMÉNT Sprayed electric bolts from fingertips and hands, yellow and green in color ANIMAL BOND ART OF THE SMALL BEAM OF LIGHT CLEANSE MIND Ability to control animals in various ways, such as a mount or guard beast Cleansed targets of any mind-altering Force powers Radical and advanced Force Members of the Neti species could channel the sum of a planet's Force energy into a colossal beam of light at the moment of their death, causing mass destruction. power achieved through meditation; the user shrank to microscopic size with the ability to alter atoms. FORCE FLASHBURN FORCE BLINDING FORCÉ HARMONY FORCE LIGHT Jedi's ability to shut down areas of their minds in reaction to emotional Blinding flash of energy radiated from user's hand, temporarily blinding target ENLIGHTENMENT Power that elevated the Jedi's Users could unite their energy most skilled abilities to the highest degree that they achieved during previous Weakened a dark side into a pure, powertul manifestation of the light side. target's connection to the Force, or purged dark side manifestations and nexus points from an area trauma, unable to remember details of the painful events training HIBERNATION TRANCE Users could enter a deep hibernation state, which required minimal air and sustenance for long periods of time. FORCE MELD FORCE STUN FORCE STASIS FORCE VALOR Technique that allowed Force users to join their minds together and draw strength from each other Temporarily dampened the senses and perceptions of the target, inhibiting most A more potent version of Force Štun; induced a near-catatonic state and froze the target in place Increased the speed, accuracy, dexterity, and resolve of oneself and allies in battle movem INSPIRE IONIZE MIND TRICK MORICHRO PLANT SURGE Overloaded or damaged electronic systems including droids and consoles Influenced the target's mind through the power of suggestion Channeled life energy into Inspired allies with hope and Courage in the face of impossible odds Powerful technique that could slow down the body functions plants, granting the ability to of the target, putting them in a long-term suspended animation. Few Jedi were permitted to perform Morichro. accelerate their growth and ensnare targets WORDS OF. BANISHMENT RESTFUL-SLEEP- IN-DANGER REVITALIZE SEVER FORCE TRUTH-SENSE Technique that allowed the user to get restful sleep while remaining aware of surroundings Revitalized tired, wounded, or unconscious target using Force energy Blocked the targeť's connection to the Force with a wall of light-side energy; considered one of the most Ability cultivated by the Jedi Technique used to imprison a Order; allowed user to tap into the Force to determine if the target is being truthful formidable opponent forever, often at the cost of the Jedi's life powerful Jedi attacks NEÚTRAL DE TOXIFY POISON Detoxified poisons from the body in a much shorter time from the brink of death or even than normally possible; could also be used to purge alcohol BATTLE MEDITATION DARK TRANSFÉR DOPPLEGÄNGER FLOW-WALKING Boosted stamina, morale, and prowess of the user's allies while also corroding the opposition's will to fight . Ability to create short-lived duplicates of oneself that could experience all of the dopplegänger's senses Rare power that allowed the user to enter the past, alter it, and change the course of the future Extremely rare power that could bring others back to life resurrect oneself FORCE BARRIER FORCE EMPATHY FORCE HEALING FORCE JUMP FORCE LIGHTNING Created a barrier or wall of Allowed the user to feel the thoughts, motivations, emotional state, and even guarded secrets of the target Augmented the user's natural Discharged electrical energy from fingertips, inflicting severe pain and possible disfigurement Accelerated the natural Force energy around the intended target (self, ally, or foe) healing process rapidly, knitting together bones and flesh leaping ability INSTINCTIVE ASTROGATION FORCE SPEED Boosted the user's speed and MANY SHADES OF THE FORCE Allowed the user to use abilities across the entire FORCE TRACK MALACIA Allowed the user to harness the omnipotent presence of the Force to track targets, Induced powerful dizziness and nausea in targets by turning their equilibrium against them Allowed the user to discover a route through hyperspace that was fast and safe without the help of a computer or droid reaction times spectrum of the Force, seeing it as a rainbow instead of dark and light sometimes even across interstellar distances MEMORY WALK. MNEMOTHERAPY PRECOGNITION PSYCHOMETRY TELEKINESIS Allowed users to mentally reach into the victim's mind, forcing them to relive the most horrible memories of their life Visualized the target's memories and eliminated them Ability to lift, move, push, Ability to divine events before Ability to acquire information about the events or individuals pull, and manipulate objects associated with an object through touch. their occurrence using the Force over and over DARK SIDE CREATE CRUSH OPPOSITION BLEEDING CONTROL WEB CORPSE VISION FORCE WRAITH Summoned the spirits of deceased Dark Lords to create Poured hate, rage, fear, and pain into a kyber crystal until it turned crimson, thus creating red lightsabers Summoned a web that mind-controlled the victims enmeshed within Created non-sentient shadowy creatures using dark-side energy. They could be directed to perform different tasks. Sapped the willpower of everyone surrounding the mindtricking illusions such as intimate images from the victim's past user DARK ENERGY TRAP Dark energy traps were intense concentrations of dark-side power that could entrap victims. DARK AURA DARKSHEAR DRAIN KNOWLEDGE DWOMUTSIQSA Extracted knowledge from sentient targets without their Charged the surrounding atmosphere with malicious Force energy, hurting and slowing down those who entered Forged an imperceptible weapon in the form of a spear from dark-side energy Ancient incantation that summoned a manifestation of the dark side known as the Smoke Demon consent DE FORCE FORCE MAELSTROM HATRED FORCE CHOKE DESTRUCTION FORCE DRAIN Involuntary exertion of Force power, allowing the user to become fully immersed in the dark side until they radiated waves of palpable hatred Used telekinetic power to grip someone's throat, cutting off air and choking them Created a massive energy field that could be hurled in any direction, vaporizing anything in its path Devastating combo of an organic being; mastery of protection bubble, telekinesis, and Force lightning; shielded the user while wreaking havoc beyond Siphoned the vital energy of this technique could exhaust victims almost immediately. FORCE STORM FORCE WALK FORCE WIND MECHU-DERU THOUGHT BOMB Volatile power capable of creating hyperspace wormholes that could displace objects across vast expanses and tear apart the surface of entire planets With immense strength of will, a Sith could bind restless Sith ghosts to themselves, siphoning power. The more unwilling the ghost, the more power could be gained. Manipulated air currents, twisting them into destructive tornadoes Granted users an intuitive understanding of mechanics, allowing them to control An ancient Force ritual performed by unified Sith Lords. It unleashed a massive inanimate or robotic constructs explosion that annihilated the entirety (physical and spiritual) of every Force-sensitive being within the blast radius. SOURCES: TRANSFER ESSENCE Transferred a person's consciousness into another body or inanimate object. Ancient Sith Lords used this death. Playground DEquipment power to escape

66 Force Powers from the Star Wars Universe

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What is the Force in the Star Wars universe? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... there was an enigmatic, omnipotent energy field that flowed through all life. While it existed in all beings, ...


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