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65 of the Most Common Myths Debunked

65 of the Most Popular Myths DEBUNKED Body Food History Mind Nature Religion Science Home Body Heat & The Head Wake The Vomitorium Different tongue parts Bulls hate red Sleepwalkers? If you wake a sleepwalker he will be Bulls are colour-blind. Only infants loss heat through the head. This is In fact, there It's not a room Romans used for Bacchanalian are no They actually react to different sections for each taste: bitter, sour, salty, sweet & umami (savoury) motions of the bull fighter's very confused, but it's OK. not true binges. It's only in the cases when the head is the only uncovered part of the body. the name for the entrance to a stadium. They're more likely to hurt themselves if they are awoken. cloth as a perceived threat. Sharks= no cancer Napoleon was short Missing persons reports Don't eat & Evolution swim is a 'theory' In science, a 'theory' is anything more than a Actually, alcohol is the biggest risk increaser. Still, a full stomach can make you short of breath. Police don't demand 24- hour period before accepting a missing persons герort. They do get cancer and He was 5'7" which was above the particularly skin cancer. average height for a Frenchman of the time. conjecture. Usually an extensively tested idea uniting data from many observations. Don't touch baby birds Dropped pennies kill Shaving thickens hair Regrown hair isn't thicker, Vaccines cause autism Bananas grow on trees Terminal Just an Birds have a limited sense of smell so won't 'smell' of humans. velocity of a penny is 30- 50mph which isn't fast enough to kill urban myth. Bet you didn't know coarser or that bananas grow on massive herbs that resemble darker, it just appears so because it's no longer tapered. someone. Though it will hurt. trees. Satan rules hell Alcohol keeps you warm Salty water boils quicker Only 10% of brain Goldfish 3-sec memory Just a misunderstood If you add a sprinkle of salt to fresh water, it wil| make no difference. Doesn't Dilates warm blood vessels Goldfish are actually say this anywhere in the Bible. metaphor. Proportion of our brain 'firing' is task- dependent and all cells are really not the smartest, but have a near the impression of warmth. It can drop согre body temp. memory span of 3 months. important. We have 5 senses Left & right brain Caffeine Martyrs & 72 virgins Glass is a dehydrates you liquid Actually an "amorphous solid." In addition, some type of glass are just badly made. In fact, we have The diuretic effect of caffeine is offset by the amount of water in a caffeinated drink. No solid division between talents of each This is nowhere written in merely 20, including balance, pain, movement, hunger, thirst, etc. Quran, but is reported in other text and is a matter of debate. hemisphere; left brain can learn 'right brain' functions & vice versa. Multiple personalities Jihad Bats are blind Not only they see, but they also use echolocation. This is why they are so cool! The Three Wise Men Einstein failed maths means 'Holy War' Schizophrenia technically means 'split- mind', but it is different to There is nowhere Actually he failed an It actually translates written in the Testament that they entrance exam for a school but as "struggle". multipersonality disorder. still excelled in maths. were exactly three. Sugar= hyperactivity Humans & dinosaurs Alcohol kills brain cells Iron Maidens 7 years to digest In fact, the chewy base of gum is indigestible and passes through. The rest is They were never used ADHD and 41% of US adults thinking they coexisted, but we actually missed each other by -63 million years. This is true poor behaviours still occur in children who do not only for alcoholics who rely on alcohol to as a medieval torture devices. 18th get most of their calories. consume absorbed. century fakes were sugar. created for sensational circuses. Great wall of China Pilgrims wore all black Cooking Sushi is removes alcohol Partly true. Still, 'no all burns off. Seasons are caused by the Earth's distance from the Sun. raw fish Sushi Is NOT visible from Actually they also wore red, means In fact they are related to the 23 degree tilt of the Earth's axis. "sour rice", but it is not yellow, purple and green. And no buckle space. necessary to feature fish. hats! Sleeping on an electric fan can be deadly It's a big myth in Korea, but it's very unlikely. Dogs sweat by salivating Houseflies live up to 24 hours Nope. Their Hair products can 'fix' your hair. Blood is blue under the skin This In fact they sweat by footpads, and they regulate temperature through panting. Unfortunately, nothing can fix damaged hair. Still, some products can prevent it from damaging. misconception is due to the actual lifespan is about a month. diagrams showing the difference between arteries and veins. Still, blood is always red. Drink 8 Hair & The oceans glasses of water a day fingernails still grow after death Lightning never strikes twice. are blue because they Some people have a photographic reflect the sky memory Some people just have great memories. A The Empire State Not necessarily for everyone, it depends on individual weight and environment. In fact the skin dries and shrinks Absorption and away, giving the appearance of growth. Building gets struck about 100 times per year. scattering of light cause the blue colour memory that mimics a camera is very unlikely. Elementary my dear Watson Single genes exist for different personality traits LSD stays in the spinal fluid for years You can get high from banana peel Gluten-free foods are healthier A myth The drug is eliminated Despite the recent gluten- free craze, This phrase isn't actually in the book. First used in the 1929 film. circulating around the from the For instance, there is no body by 10 hours. web. everything depends on your specific "gay gene". needs. King Arthur Any remodeling project will add Cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis Gladiators didn't always fight to death A duck's quack doesn't echo wasn't value to your home In fact, some can be probably real Just false. The most prized fighters were worth a lot of money as trained Yes, there was The latest research show this is not someone named Arthur who lived around the late seen as true. Good negative to your future buyers. news for you, knuckleheads! 5th and early 6th centuries AD but we don't know for sure if he was a king. entertainers and many lived very long lives. Tomatoes are legally admitted for vegetables Chameleons blend into their surroundings Yes, they do but this is their way to regulate their temperature. The 5 second rule Poinsettias are lethal Doing the work yourself will save you money Does it really take 5 seconds for bacteria on the floor to For some of us it may end up costing more later in repair costs when we Just an urban Nope. They are still fruits. myth. hop on the food? No. It really takes have to order the work redone by a professional. one. Courtesy of Fantastic Handyman Part of Fantastic Services eX

65 of the Most Common Myths Debunked

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Iron Maidens weren't actually used as medieval torture devices, humans and dinosaurs didn't coexisted as 41% of US adults think. This two, and much more common myths and misconceptions revealed!


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