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6 Comic Recently Developed For Television

FROM PRINT PRIME TIME TO WHAT?! AGTION COMICS 6 COMIC BOOKS DEVELOPED FOR TELEVISION A LOOK AT ADAPTATIONS RECENTLY AIRED AND IN DEVELOPMENT ARE THEY TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL GENIUS OR COMPLETELY LOST IN TRANSLATION? ATEGIE HAZA AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. BDIA NAGE NICK FURY PREMIERED FALL 2013 FIRST APPEARED IN SGT FURY AND HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS #1 (MAY 1963) NICK FI Y. SHICLD PILOT WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY JOss WHedon ELD SHIEWD (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, SERENITY) ITS OWN SERIES, NICK FURY AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D #1 STARTED IN 1968. THE 1989 SERENITY SERIES IS THE SECOND VOLUME ACTORS PLAYING Major CHARACTERS ONLY ABOUT AGENT COULSON THE STORYLINES (PLAYED BY CLARK SHIELD GREGG) EXISTED INVOLVE SEVERAL IN THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, CONTINUITIES IN ALL OTHER AGENTS THE MARVEL WERE WRITTEN FOR THE TV SERIES CINEMATIC UNIVERSE GUEST CHARACTERS FROM THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE INCLUDE MAKVEL COBIE SAMUEL L. SMULDERS AS JACKSON AS ALEXANDER NICK FURY JAIMIE MARIA HILL AS SIF SHIELD REFERS TO THE STRATEGIC HAZARD INTERVENTION ESPIONAGE LOGISTICS DIRECTORATE - AN AGENCY IN THE CANON MARVEL EARTH-616 CONTINUITY 16... THE PILOT WAS RIDDLED WITH INSCRUTABLE, DISTRACTING MOMENTS DID ANYONE NOTICE ALL MAJOR CHARACTERS THE WOMEN WERE COOKIE- CUTTERED, DRESSED THE SAME, LOOKED THE SAME, HAD THE SAME KIND OF EDGE (2) (POSSIBLY MORE THAN THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS)? 9 JIM STERANKO, CREATOR OF NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D., HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. NICK FURY, SHI.ELR DIRECTOR DUM DUM DUGAN, SHI.E.LD ZND IN COMMAND 3 SHARON CARTER AKA AGENT 13, S.HI.E.LD AGENT GREEN ARRSW ARROW CREATED BY MORT WEISINGER & GEORGE PAPP PREMIERED OCTOBER 2012 BORROWING ELEMENTS FROM BATMAN & ROBIN FUN COMICS Based on The Longbow Hunters IST APPEARED IN 1941's MORE FUN COMICS #73 AN ADULT - THEMED DC COMIC SERIES, Produced by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim (Green Lantern, No Ordinary Family) & Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe, Warehouse 13, Eli Stone) TACKLED ISSUES LIKE DRUG ABUSE AND RAPE 0TONE MADE REFERENCE TO "CROOKED JUDGE GRELL" AS A NOD TO MIKE GRELL THE PILOT FRINGE GREENARROW WAS REIMAGINED BY ACTORS PLAYING MAJOR CHARACTERS MIKE GRELL IN 1987 IN Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen Colton Haynes as Roy Harper THE LONGBOW HUNTERS MAJOR CHARACTERS Katie Cassidy as Dinah "Laurel" Lance affectionately calls "Speedy") Willa Holland as Thea (Oliver's sister who he BIGGEST DIFFERENCES FROM THE COMICS o City is named Starling instead of Star City o Creation of Oliver's sister, Thea o Arrow shoots simple arrows with emerald tips instead of the variety of projectiles in his comic book arsenal THE GREEN ARROW AKA OLIVER QUEEN POMICS The same day as the television premier, DC launched a digital comic series co-written by Marc Guggenheim, Andrew SPEEDY AKA ROY HARPER Kreisberg & Mike Grell. "We loved the idea.. We come up with a lot of stories in the writers room, but only have 42 minutes each week to tell them ... To our knowledge, nothing's ever been attempted on a scale like this before." Marc Guggenheim BLACK CANARY AKA DINAH LANCE GOTHAM CENTRAL GOTHAM SET TO DEBUT ON FOX AT A FUTURE DATE WRITTEN BY GOTHAM CENTRAL GREG RUCKA & ED BRUBAKER, ILLUSTRATED BY MICHAEL LARK GOTHAM BRUGAKER RUCKA DC PUBLISHED 40 ISSUES 2003 - 2006 ACTORS PLAYING MAJOR CHARACTERS G0THAM CLAINAL FIAMET BUBAMER II- ---- BANAN Ben McKenzie as James Gordon as Harvey Bullock Donal Logue COMMISSIONER GORDON PREMIERED IN DETECTIVE # 27 BY BILL FINGER & BOB KANE Sean Pertwee as Robin Lord Taylor - Alfred Pennyworth. Zabryna Guevara as The Penguin Bruce Wayne's butler as Captain Esse 1 ABOUT GOTHAM CENTRAL A POLICE PROCEDURAL FOLLOWING JAMES Erin Richards Jada Pinkett Smith David Mazouz GORDON'S as Barbara Kean as Fish Mooney as Bruce Wayne (COMMISSIONER BIGGEST DIFFERENCES GORDON) RISE FROM THE COMICS THROUGH THE RANKS OF THE GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. The pilot script was leaked online showing the following changes from the original comic book series: MAJOR CHARACTERS Alfred Pennyworth has a cockney accent and uses dialogue like "loonybirds" and "sugar bunnies" JAMES GORDON Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) is a low-level gangster APPEARANCES BY BATMAN ADVERSARIES: instead of the son of a wealthy family If it did have anything to do with Gotham Central, that wouldn't matter, because DC owns the rights and the characters, as they should. This was work-for-hire, something all of us knew at the start. MR. FREEZE THE JOKER THE MAD HATTER Greg Rucka TWO-FACE POISON IVY FIREBUG JOHN C ONSTANTINE, HalILBLACR CONSTANTINE 1988 HLBIER OCCULT-NOIR COMIC BOOK SERIES (300 ISSUES) FLBU FROM DC/NERTIGO DEXIER FRGE Writers/Producers: SWAMP THING David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, producer of Batman trilogy) & Daniel Cerone JOHN CONSTANTINE WAS WRITTEN BY (The Mentalist, producer of Dexter) ALAN MOORE & ILLUSTRATED BY RICK VEITCH AND APPEARED Slated for NBC's IN THE SWAMP THING #37 2014/2015 Schedule MAJOR CHARACTERS ACTORS PLAYING MAJOR CHARACTERS Matt Ryan as Charles Halford as JOHN CONSTANTINE John Constantine Chas The biggest question about the television adaption so far is whether John Constantine will remain British or become an American. CHAS CHANDLER izombie ZAMBIE- WRITTEN BY CHRIS ROBERSON ZOMBIE- COMING TO CU To debut mid-season on the CW & ILLUSTRATED BY MICHAEL ALLRED Reports have said that the television series is "taking most of the elements and going forward in its own direction, notably in changing the lead character from a gravedigger to a med student working as a coroner." FOR VERTIGO DEBUTED IN ZOMBIE Z010 - 2012 FOR 28 ISSUES ACTORS PLAYING MAJOR CHARACTERS Rose McIver as the Gwen Dylan character (renamed Liv) Other cast members include: MAJOR CHARACTER E(ITU Malcolm Goodwin Robert Buckley Rahul Kohli GWEN DYLAN A GRAVEDIGGER WHO EATS THE BRAINS OF THE DEAD TO INHERIT THEIR MEMORIES AND INTELLIGENCE Alexandra Krosney David Anders Nora Dunn FLASH The FLASH THE THE SHOW IS BASED OFF THE SIL VER AGE MYTHOLOGY WHICH STARTED WITH SHOWCASE # 4. FLASH COMICS IS THE JAY GARRICK VERSION OF THE FLASH FLASH Writers: Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg (Arrow) & Greg Berlanti (Arrow) PALEY CENTER ED LOS ANGEL THE BARRY ALLEN VERSION WAS CREATED BY Rumored to premier < on the CW in 2016 ROBERT KANIGHER, JOHN BROOME, AND CARMINE INFANTINO FLASH COMING TO CUU THERE HAVE BEEN FIVE DIFFERENT FLASH CHARACTERS OVER THE YEARS: ACTORS PLAYING MAJOR CHARACTERS Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, appeared in two episodes of the 2nd season of Arrow. JAY GARRICK BARRY ALLEN WALLY WEST He was originally going to appear in more. His run ended with the BART ALLEN JESSE CHAMBERS accident that resulted in his superpowers. MAJOR CHARACTERS We're planning an origin story <- & we'll see how it goes. We do want to expand on DC Universe, and we felt this is a very organic way to get there... He may not come in with superpowers. Mark Pedowitz, CW President BARRY ALLEN AKA THE FLASH IRIS WEST ALTHOUGHREVIEWS HAVE BEEN MIXED, COMIC BOOKS CONTINUE TO BE DEVELOPED FOR THE SMALL SCREEN WITH INCREASING POPULARITY, ANY OF THESE YOUR FAVORITE? OR WILL IT BE THE NEXT Brought to you by DAVE & ADAM'S Love comics as much as we do? Shop our huge selection at SOURCES: • • • • http://www.dccomics, com/characters/the- flash • • • (Oliver Queen) • . • • http// www. • • /2014/05/20/izombie-tv-series-resurfaced/ • • /articles/dc/batman-gotham-central.html • • http://www.hollywoodreporter com/heat-vision/agents-shield-jim-steranko-offers-701960 • • • haynes-as-comic-book-sidekick-roy-harper • creator-owned-comics/ • http://scifi. • of-s-h-i-e-l-d-and-marvel-phase-two/ • • superhero-identity-of-actress-caity-lotzs-secret-identity-will-she-be-called-the-black-canary -season-2- spoilers/ • jpg • gif • http://s58.radikalru/i161/1210/c9/35b6a23b7a48 jpg • • • http://captainstevezissou.files. • jpg • http://media.castingworkbook.corn/shows/warehouse13.jpg • •, Agent_of SHLE.LD_Vol_1_2 • /Earth-616/Gallery?file-Earth-616_Heroes.gif • • Agent of SH.LELD Vol 1.3.jpg • • Fury, Agent of SHIELD Vol 1 1 • • • • jpg • http://marvel.wikia. com/Sharon_Carter (Earth-616)?file-Sharon_Carter_001.jpg • • http:// • Quul- bM2RJc/s1600/GreenArrow2.jpg • OF SHIELD. jpg • http://s1281. photobucket. com/user/edowens71/media/Comics/Silver/Ns/nickfury4_f_zps961450f6. jpg.html • Nick Fury of_SHIELD1000_001_00fc.jpg • http://img1.wikia.nocookienet/_cb20090607013016/marveldatabase/images/4/40/Fury_and Dugan.jpg • http://img4.wikia -_Phil_Coulson. jpg • UehY7Fc6_ol/AAAAAAACG24/-IZmb061UIQ/s1600/MARIA.JPG • agentsofshield/images/b/bb/Nick-Fury- 1-jpg • • sites/blastr/ files/styles/ blog_ post_media/public/jim_steranko_nick_fury_a p.jpg?itok-ONBI-Q9w • BOScMVN8gPE/s1600/royandjunk.jpg • • http://st.bwallpapers. com/wallpapers/2014/04/24/arrow-wallpapers 114332333.jpg • SS_MG 8963. jpg • • http://www-deadline-com.vimg net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/ tvovermind.com_ 20110406170907.png • lantem_green arrow_by_stevegarciaart-d67p95s.prng • • com/2013/12/5ARO2_MY_Colton_0087r-1.jpg • • https://www.comixology. com/Gotham-Central-Book-2-Jokers-and-Madmen/digital-comic/96664 • 96674 • https// • ww Gordon.jpg • • topN/comic-book-heroes/ 19_JimGordon.jpg • • • villains/images/f/tf/Profile-poisonivy.jpg • • http://www.geeksofdoom. com/GoD/img/2014/05/gotham-tv-series-fox.jpg • http// • http://oyster.ignimgs. com/wordpress/ 794389217257737 158257941 0-610x992.jpg • alfred-pennyworth.jpg?w-610&h-343&crop=1 • http:/lassets • • 2014/05/gotham-bruceljpg-a2a4e7_960w.jpg • • • • php?image-455652998_hell1_122 113lo.jpg# • • 420lo. jpg • php?image=455686469_hell7 122 1137lo.jpg • v-2_37.jpg • constantine1658.jpg • • com/files/2014/04/con3.jpg • • comics-property-constantinel.jpg • • • • 30 8/a0ym0996710669987688.jpg • https:// • • n_iv/600/1024693.jpg • • https://d1466nnwOex81e.cloudfrontnet/n_iv/600/1008001.jpg • • • jpg • • • Kings.jpg • • 1. jpg • • • http://www. • JPG • http:// 85397/Wally_West_Flash.jpg • • • 2014/03/IrisWestpatton.jpg • jpg • photo/geoff- johns-9850507ae3093a80. jpg • http/ • scale large/ 7/71975/2741248-kgrhqn_qkfesl nmzbqwjplugig60 57.jpg • http://img4.wikia.nocookienet/cb20100330162538/marvel_ dc/images/1/13/ Jesse Chambers _being quick.jpg • • http://www-deadline- • TeZdx-NOLGI/ AAAAAAAABZY/ UOEWQEOWDIM/s1600/Flash+1s+Jay.ips •óbrnwl/AAAAAAAAI5W/POiu1QsdMLA/ s1600/ Mark+Pedowitz jpg • post_349_width/2014/03/robert_buckley a p.jpg • http://4.bp.¢MUVMWO4W/s1600/spotlight-batman-robin.jpg • content/uploads/pictures/2014/04/grant-running/grant-gustin-flash-running-scenes-03. jpg • images/thumb/e/e5/Alexandra_Krosney.jpg/250px-Alexandra_Krosney.jpPg • dc comics arrow_desktop_1152x864_hd-wallpaper-56377.jpg • 5f284de0afa8c2dc860a3f2c641cd7bc.jpg?itok= VfMóyhC • aspx/634872828336830000?width-600&.height-338&.crop true •óe/2147483647/ thumbnail/680x478/ • • /AAAAAAAADOI/ Us2oNinkL9k /s1600 /Charles halford.jpg

6 Comic Recently Developed For Television

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How close are some of the recent TV takes on comics to the originals? And how are fans responding? We take a look at six different shows (some that have recently aired and others currently in developm...


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