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50 years of 007 Plots & Gadgets vs Real Life

007F PLOTS & GADGETS VS. Real-life 007F REAL WORLD EVENTS 007 FILM / REAL LIFE YEAR PLOT & SPY TECH GADGETS Dr No MATCH 1962 Geiger Counter Nuclear-powered missile jammer Cuban Missile Crisis Rectal Tool Kit From Russia with Love MATCH 1963 Soviet encryption Nuclear Test Ban Bellboy Pager Bug Detector device called Lektor Treaty Goldfinger 1964 Blowing up Soviet Union begins using Spy Satellites KGB Lipstick Pistol - 4.5 mm Industrial Fort Knox Laser Thunderball 1965 Shoe with Heel Bell-Trexton Blackmailing NATO The Vietnam War Transmitter Jetpack Escalates You Only Live Twice MATCH 1967 Three U.S. Astronauts KGB 16 mm Hijacking Spaceships Cigarette Dart Gun Die in the Apollo I Spy Camera Disaster On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969 Women as Motorola Handie Minox A III Neil Armstrong Walks on the Moon Bio weapons Talkie HT-220 Diamonds are Forever 1971 The Emplacement of Nuclear Weapons on Nuclear KGB Fountain supremacy auctioned off Diamond-Studded Satellite Laser Pen Camera the Seabed is Banned Live and Let Die MATCH 1973 Dragonfly Insectothopter Mechanical Prosthetic Free drugs Drug Enforcement Administration Established cause unrest The Man with the Golden Gun 1974 SOLEX solar OPEC Oil power is sold to highest bidder 110 Camera Golden Gun Embargo Ends Disguised in a Book The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 Destroy the world Lasers are first used to Submersible Bulgarian Ricin Pellet Injecting Umbrella Create Fusion Lotus Esprit Reactions Moonraker 1979 Poison Vietnam takes over Dog Doo Transmitter Drax Industries mankind Cambodia and China Space Shuttle invades Vietnam For Your Eyes Only 1981 Cold war Israel Bombs an KGB Courier Shoes Remote Control Iraqi Nuclear Reactor with Compartment Helicopter Octopussy 1983 Bomb detonated Terrorists Bomb Sony CDP-101 CD Player Fountain Pen - Acid & Homing Device on US base the U.S. Embassy In Beirut A View to a Kill 1985 Silicon Valley is attacked Discovery Of The Hole In The Ozone Layer 3-D Visual Robot Dog Identigraph over Antarctica The Living Daylights 1987 Bill Gates becomes Soviet's want Exploding Milk Bottles Palm-Read Gun Microcomputing's first Billionaire another war Licence to Kill 1989 Signature Giant drug empire US Invades Panama GPS Satellite Camera Network Gun Goldeneye 1995 Deadly satellite stolen Dolly the Cloned Sheep is Born Digital Spy Pen Spy Camera Eurocopter Tiger Tomorrow Never Dies MATCH 1997 RX10 handheld BMW 750 IL Manufactured The Luxor mobile phone jammer Massacre Remote Controlled wars by a Mobile Phone The World is Not Enough 1999 Nuclear terrorisim Beginning Of The War In Kosovo Sony Aibo ERS-110 X-Ray Glasses Die Another Day 2002 Giant space War In Watch Camera Dream Simulator laser ICARUS Afghanistan Recorder - HD %24 Casino Royale 2006 A villain can't pay his debts Israel-Hezbollah Handspring Exploding Keychain War Treo 600 Quantum of Solace 2008 Macbook Air Sony Ericsson Stealing Bolivia's water supply Gaza Strip War C902 Skyfall 2012 Computer hackers London Olympics Robot Roaches Palm-Print-Locked Walther PPK 9 mm Short 007 REAL WORLD PLOT EVENTS Nuclear War 30% 35% Environmental Spaceships 13% 9% Soviet Dealings Soviet Dealings 13%. 97. Drugs Nuclear 9% 9/% Digital 9% 007F & REAL WORLD EVENTS MATCH PLOT 1967 1962 22% 1963 1997 1973 MATCH SOURCES trickicst-spy"gadgets-ever/#.UL4YdoOUNuQ camera"concealed-in-briefcase/ gedgets/8/TV-wristwatch-Octopussy-1983-Roger-MooreiicontentCompress cc BY ND 0.

50 years of 007 Plots & Gadgets vs Real Life

shared by killerbunnie on Jan 02
Does James Bond tech ever spill over into the real world, has real tech been better than that of 007? this graphic shows how 007 plots and tech have followed the focus of real life events for 50 years


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