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50 Ways to Jump Into a Swimming Pool

50 WAYS TO JUMP INTO A SWIMMING POOL WARNING Safety is the first consideration when jumping into a pool. Be sure the area is large enough to complete the jump. Avoid areas where small children are playing, since they might not be aware of their surroundings and could move suddenly. Choose an area away from sunbathers who likely want to avoid being splashed. Make sure the pool is deep enough for a safe jump. Cannon Ball Belly Flop Jack Knife Forward Flip **** Tuck your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around your legs. Jump into the pool with your body face down and parallel to the water. It's gonna sting! Pull one leg toward your chest and wrap your arms Tuck and roll your body into a forward motion. around it. Lean back about Experts only. 35 degrees. シー Swan Dive Nestea Plunge Pencil Dead Man Twist Keep your legs straight, your back arched, and your arms out wide. Then, bring your arms in as you enter the water. Fall backwards into the Jump with both legs straight and arms by your side into the water. Fall face first and turn water with your arms out. Made famous by the Nestea commercial. backward before you hit the water. Helicopter Superman Foot Grab Frogger Extend your arms straight out and do a 360-degree spin. Dive parallel with the water. Use a towel as a cape for bonus points. Jump into the water while reaching behind and grabbing both ankles. Dive into the water with your legs spread out and slightly bent at the knees. Barrel Roll Air Jordan Bodybuilder The Swimmer Jump sideways in a 360-degree spin with your arms around your knees. Jump into the pool while your flex your biceps. Do Jordan's famous dunk like the logo on his shoes. (tongue out optional). Jump and do a swimming motion in the air before you hit the water. Leisure Dive Hadouken Lover's Tryst Power Drill Jump with a stiff body resting your head on your hand. Jump in the pool facing away and pretend like you're getting hit in the gut. Grab a friend, hug them tightly, jump into the water together. Dive horizontally into the water while spinning like a power drill. Huge Mistake Thinking Man Chuck Norris Reverse Dive Make it look like you accidentally fell into the pool (free form) and watch out for loose seals. Flying sidekick into the pool. Show no mercy. Thinking Man pose while jumping into the pool. Dive into the pool with the front of your body facing the sky. It's a Boy Harry Potter Night Fever Trust Fall Do a disco dance move Arms folded across your Jump with your back facing the pool with your legs spread in the air. Jump in the pool riding a pool noodle like a broom. while jumping in pool. chest and fall backward into the water. Lotus Backflip Cheerleader Loose Cannon Jump and sit in the Lotus position with meditation hands. Jump into the pool by spreading your legs out wide in front and try to touch your toes. Bring your knees up and keep your legs out wide. (grabbing legs is optional). Front flip only backward. Jump For Joy Jackie Joyner Airplane Ninja Arms out and your knees completely bent in and turned slightly sideways. Jump with one leg out in front and the other out in back. Do the same with Jump in a seated position Jump with your knees up and your arms spread out to the sides. with both arms out to your side. your arms. to Pike Walking Man Rock God Cart Wheel Jump with both legs out straight and your arms wrapped around your thighs. Look like you're casually walking in the air as you enter the water. Jump doing a leg split and holding a guitar. (pool noodle guitar optional). Do a basic cart wheel in the air as you enter the pool. Long Jump Spider Man Snowboarder Lord of the Dance Channel Michael Flatley. Jump out as far as you can feet first. Keep track of distance with a pool noodle. Jump doing a full split with both arms straight down pretending to shoot webbing from your wrist. Jump sideways with your knees bent and reaching behind to grab your invisible board. Crouching Tiger Sync Dive Base Jumper Jumping Jack Dive in the pool sideways with your arms above your head and your hands together. Jump face down with your knees bent and your arms stretched behind you. It's gonna sting like a belly flop. Jump and crouch with your Do a jumping jack into the pool. claws out. Dolphin Dive Breakdancer Jump in a half circle into a dive. Jump, twist your legs together and flip 180 degrees so you enter the water with your legs above your head. swiM UNIVERSITY The Ultimate Guide To Pool Care & Hot Tub Care

50 Ways to Jump Into a Swimming Pool

shared by swimuniversity on Jul 23
Swimming pools are fun — that’s why we install them in our backyards. But sometimes it’s easy to forget this when we’re busy taking care of them. So put down the skimmer, hang up the vacuum ho...


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