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50 Iconic Vehicles From Science Fiction

50% ICONIC VEHICLES FROM SCIENCE FICTION= Max Speed Engine/Power Source Creator 10 ft SHOTARO KANEDA’S BIKE Akira LIGHT CYCLE LEXUS 2054 THE DELOREAN TRON: Legacy Minority Report Back to the Future 150 mph Cold superconducting generator 140 mph Fuel cells 88 mph (to timetravel) Pure liquid energy Lexus V-6 overhead camshaft with twin RHB52 turbochargers, flux capacitor supplied by fusion generator Daniel Simon Doc Brown MARK LXXXV Marvel Cinematic Universe ~Mach 10 Arc reactor THE DOCTOR’S TARDIS Doctor Who ARATECH 74-2 SPEEDER BIKE Star Wars universe 310.7 mph SPINNER Tony Stark Blade Runner: 2049 Effectively infinite Eye of Harmony Grown on Gallifrey Repulsorlift engine Aratech Repulsor Company Conventional internal combustion, jet, and anti-gravity engines Syd Mead SA-23E MITCHELL-HYUNDYNE STARFURY Babylon 5 10 G (320 ft/98 m per second) Four Beigle-Bryant 9000A particle thrust engines Earthforce E.T.'S SPACESHIP E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial RX-78-2 GUNDAM Mobile Suit Gundam SWORDFISH II EAGLE 5 Cowboy Bebop * 139 mph Rolls-Royce AF-15C axial fusion Spaceballs Ludicrous Speed 102.5 mph Minovsky Ultracompact fusion reactor Secret hyperjets aero-spike turbine engine Earth Federation Doohan 100 ft GUNSTAR The Last Starfighter Star League MILANO RANGER Interstellar EAGLE TRANSPORTER Space: 1999 Guardians of the Galaxy Twin linear aerospike hybrid plasma engines 27,942.4 miles per second 183 lightyears per second Nuclear fusion rockets Ravagers NASA Brian Johnson NEBUCHADNEZZAR The Matrix series NAUTILUS 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 57.8 mph Sodium/mercury batteries MILLENNIUM FALCON Star Wars Captain Nemo 1,041.7 light years per hour Girodyne SRB42 sublight engines Corellian Engineering Corporation SERENITY USS PLANET EXPRES S SHIP Firefly 4.3 times the acceleration of Earth's gravity Futurama of the new speed of light Trace Compression Block Allied Spacecraft Corp. EVANGELION UNIT-01 Neon Genesis Evangelion GIPSY DANGER (JAEGER) Pacific Rim Dark matter reactor Professor Hubert Farnsworth Supersonic+ 7/10 speed rating S² Engine Arc-9 reactor Gehirn Jaeger Academy EVENT HORIZON Event Horizon 2 Experimental gravity drive THUNDERBIRD 3 Thunderbirds Dr. William Weir VOLTRON (LEGENDARY DEFENDER) Voltron Tol 25,200 mph Superluminal speed Three ion-drive particle accelerators Quintessence HERMES SPACECRAFT The Martian International Rescue King Alfor Nuclear reactor NASA, ESA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ISRO DISCOVERY ONE 2001: A Space Odyssey Cavradyne plasma propulsion engines Walter Curnow USCSS PROMETHEUS Prometheus Faster than light Four nuclear-powered ion plasma engines Weyland Corp. KLINGON BIRD-OF-PREY Star Trek universe Warp 9.8 (with slingshot effect) Impulse engine HEART OF GOLD Klingon Defense Forces The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (novel) 40,078 miles per hour Infinite Improbability Drive Damogran design crew 1,000 ft USS ENTERPRISE (NCC–1701) Star Trek original series USS VOYAGER (NCC-74656) Star Trek: Voyager USS ORVILLE (ECV-197) Orville MOYA Farscape Warp 9 Impulse drive, warp Warp 9.975 Warp drive, Impulse engines (Capable of starbursts that tear the fabric of spacetime) 10 light years per hour drive Quantum drive Biomechanical power Starfleet Starfleet Planetary Union Builders 000 000 GALACTICA Battlestar Galactica THE ARK USCSS NOSTROMO The 100 Alien H Nuclear reactor 0.12 light years per day 932 miles second per Grounders 2 Rolls Royce N66 cyclone thrust tunnels Sublight engined powered by Tylium Colonial Fleet FHLOSTON PARADISE Weyland-Yutani Corporation HOTEL The Fifth Element НА ТАК Stargate Atlantis 32,000 times the speed of light Sublight engines, Goa'uld hyperdrive Goa'uld PRAWN MOTHERSHIP District 9 NSEA PROTECTOR IMPERIAL-CLASS STAR DESTROYER Star Wars Galaxy Quest Mach 15 605.6 mph (capable of light speed) Beryllium sphere Cyngus Spaceworks Gemon-4 ion engines SHELL Arrival NSEA Galactic Empire 10,000 ft BORG CUBE Star Trek universe Transwarp-capable AXIOM Wall-E Transwarp corridors and hubs Borg Collective MA Buy N Large Corporation RED DWARE Red Dwarf 200,000 mph (but can reach light speed) Engine Core (fusion reactor) CITY DESTROYER Jupiter Mining Corporation Independence Day Harvesters 100,000 ft SOURCE: DEATH STAR Star Wars Faster than light Hypermatter reactor Bevel Lemelisk The Dealer Alternative Geek 00000 0000

50 Iconic Vehicles From Science Fiction

shared by SylviaP on Aug 13
Take a ride through this collection of the coolest vehicles in science fiction.




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