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40 Unforgettable Birthday Quotes

Unforgettable 401 240 Birthday QUOTES Presented by "You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake." Bob Hope " The more you "A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." but never remembers her age." Oprah Winfrey Robert Frost "GROW OLD "Wrinkles should merely ALONG WITH ME! indicate where smiles THE BEST IS YET TO BE." have been." Robert Browning Mark Twain "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." Maya Angelou "BIRTHDAYS ARE GOOD FOR YOU. "Anyone who keeps the ability to see "The older the fiddle, T Statistics show beauty in every age of life really never he sweeter the tune." that the people who Irish Proverb have THE MOST LIVE THE LONGEST." grows old." Larry Lorenzoni Franz Kafka "You know you're getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you're down there." "By the time a man realizes that his father was right, he has a son who thinks he's wrong." %3D George Burns Charles Wadsworth "LIFE IS A GREAT BIG CANVAS; throw all the paint "ENJOY the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the you can at it." BIG THINGS." Danny Kaye Robert Brault "Years ago we discovered the exact point, the dead center of middle age. It occurs when you are too young to take up golf and too old to rush up to the net." Franklin P. Adams "An archaeologist is the best "With mirth " People seldom line ug and laughter let old wrinkles husband a woman can have. The older she gets, to their the more baby pictures." interested he come." is in her." Rodney Dangerfield Agatha Christie William Shakespeare "The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it." Jean-Paul Sartre "THERE IS "Don't go through life. grow hraugh life. NO FINISH LINE. SO LOVE THE JOURNEY." David Weekly Eric Butterworth "Most of us can remember a time when a birthday - especially if it was one's own - brightened the world as if a second sun has risen." Thomas Moore "May you live to be 100 "TODAY YOU ARE YOU, THAT IS TRUER THAN TRUE. and may the last voice you hear be mine." THERE IS NO ONE ALIVE WHO IS YOUER THAN YOU." Dr. Seuss Robert Lynd "THE SECRET of staying young IS TO LIVE HONESTLY, EAT SLOWLY, and LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE." Lucille Ball ald is no mare "Grawing than a bad habit that a "A BIRTHDAY is a good time to begin a new; throwing away the old habits, busy person has not lime to form. as you would old clothes, and never putting them on again." Amos Bronson Alcott André Maurois "WHY IS IT THAT WITH BIRTHDAY CAKES YOU CAN BLOW ON THEM AND SPIT ON THEM AND EVERYONE RUSHES TO GET A PIECE?" Bobby Kelton "Good advice "Age is an issue of mind over "How old would you be if you didn't know how is something a man gives when he is too matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't old to set old you are?" a bad example." matter." François (VI) (Duc de La Rochefoucauld) Mark Twain Satchel Paige "How far you go in life depends on your being TENDER with the young, COMPASSIONATE with the aged, SYMPATHETIC with the striving, and TOLERANT of the weak and STRONG. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these." George Washington Carver "The GREATEST "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." 15 thing in life is to die YOUNG but delay it "OLD IS ALWAYS as LONG FIFTEEN YEARS as POSSIBLE." FROM NOW." George Bernard Shaw Søren Aabye Kierkegaard Bill Cosby "Middle age is when you're sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings "The heart has no Whinkles." and you hope it isn't for you." Marie de Rabutin-Chantal (Marquise de Sévigné) Ogden Nash "AS YOU GET OLDER THREE THINGS HAPPEN. THE FIRST IS YOUR MEMORY GOES, AND I CAN'T REMEMBER THE OTHER TWO." Norman Wisdom "The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything." "A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends." Oscar Wilde Anonymous Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake." Edward Morykwas $27.2 MILLION Birthday Facts $84,146 Price tag of the world's most expensive birthday party, celebrated in 1996 for Sultan World's most expensive birth certificate, which belongs to Paul McCartney and was auctioned in 1997. Birthday Attack -A cryptographic attack that exploits the mathematics behind the birthday paradox. Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei. Unbirthday - Any day of the year in which it is not a person's birthday. It is usually celebrated in a comical sense. 130,000 $20 Weight (in pounds) of the world's largest birthday cake. Half-birthday - A day six months before the anniversary of a person's birth. It is sometimes marked by people whose birthday falls near major holidays (or other events that may overshadow or hinder the celebration of the birthday). Average cost of a kids' birthday present in the United States. Golden Birthday - 0ccurs when you turn the age of your birth day (e.g. turning 25 when you were born on the 25th of the month). 167,000 19 MILLION gifts received by shirley temple for her eighth birthday. Decimal Birthday - A day celebrating every 1,000 days of your life. Average number of people celebrating a birthday today, and every day around the world! Christmas Day- The most celebrated date of birth in the world. (Excluding leap day; February 29) Birthday Paradox -When randomly choosing 23 people, there is a 50% chance that two of them will have the same birthday. 370,000 Number of worldwide births, daily. "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" - The most famous birthday song rendition of all-time. it was sung by Marilyn Monroe for President John F. Kennedy's forty-fifth birthday. 100 AD Year in which Claudia Severa, wife of a Roman commander, sent out the first documented birthday invitation. 31,536,000 "Good Morning to All" - The original title of the tune used for the "Happy Birthday" song. It was first introduced to a kindergarten class in the mid-19th century. Seconds that have passed between two of your birthdays QUOTERY.COM| http// | | | | |

40 Unforgettable Birthday Quotes

shared by JABacchetta on Apr 29
A list of 40 unforgettable birthday quotes (funny, inspirational, and loving). Birthday-themed graphics, of course. And, a bunch of cool birthday facts to top it off.





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