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40 Celebrities and The Jobs They Worked Before They Were Famous

40 CELEBRITIES. AND THE JOBS THEY WORKED + BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS According to the U.S. Cen made up 56.7 percent of the United States workforce. Within those numbers, there are people trying to make their dreams of being in movies, on a concert stage or in a TV show a reality. We all hope for success the minute we wake up but, as we all know, success takes hard work and motivation to reach the next level. in 2014, hourly workers Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight for their successful roles in movies and television shows, but what most of us don't know their background of what they did to make ends meet before they reached stardom. We got a little peak of the jobs famous people held before they reached fame when the trending #FirstSevenJobs appeared on Twitter. For example, the astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, washed dishes before he ever considered walking on the moon. These 40 celebrities all held hourly jobs that required dealing with staff rotas, managers, and working odd hours. Eventually, these celebrities said goodbye to the hourly workforce and headed for the sets of popular TV shows, movie sets and concert halls. We hope that these celebrities inspire you to keep pursuing your goals since they were just like you at some point. Michelle Pfeiffer Rod Stewart Warren Beatty He held various jobs including silk screen printer and grave digger. He also tried out for the Brentford F.C. football While Michelle worked as a When Warren was 17 years cashier at a supermarket that she realized she wanted old, he would walk the alleys surrounding the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. hunting mice. to get into acting. club, but never signed a contract. Sean Connery Sean had many jobs. He was a bricklayer, milkman, nude model, and yes, coffin polisher, were just some of the work that Connery held down before he found fame. After he placed third in the Mr. Universe contest in 1950, he was able to leave those jobs behind. Steven Morrissey The Long Blondes (Band) Hugh Grant Steven Morrissey worked briefly for the Inland Revenue. Four out of five members of He wrote book reviews, Sheffield indie-popsters The Long Blondes paid the bills as librarians in the early days of the band. comedy sketches and radio commercials. He also worked as assistant groundsman at the Fulham Football Club. Jarvis Crocker Jarvis Cocker's mom sent him off to work at a fishmonger's in the hope that the "rough lads" who worked there would offer some character building. Jarvis's main job was scrubbing the crabs. Beyoncé Ashton Kutcher Brad Pitt While the future pop star was growing up, her mom Tina owned a salon, so the aspiring singer picked up extra cash sweeping up hair. Before Ashton dropped out of college to pursue his modeling career, he swept cereal dust at a General Mills factory to help with his living expenses. He also sold plasma for extra cash. During his pursuit of stardom, he delivered refrigerators, and wore a chicken suit and danced around for EI Pollo Loco. Jo Brand British comedian Jo Brand was working as a nursing assistant in a residential unit for adults with learning difficulties when she decided to take a joint social science degree with a registered mental nurse qualification. Once qualified, she worked as a psychiatric nurse for 10 years in hospitals in South London and Swansea. GAP Kanye West George Clooney Jennifer Aniston Before we knew Jennifer as During his high school days, Kanye West folded clothes at the Gap. In his song, "Spaceship", he mentions working at Gap. After dropping out of school, George held many odd jobs including being a shoe salesman and working as a tobacco farm hand before moving to LA. Rachel on "Friends," she worked as a telemarketer. Other jobs Jennifer had were being a waitress and a bike messenger. Keith Richards While watching his dad play tennis, Keith got roped in to act as ball boy and eventually worked for a while at his local tennis club fetching balls for players at weekends. Tim Allen Mariah Carey Katie Lowes Tim's past jobs have included working at a student run radio station and a sporting goods salesperson. Mariah worked at a variety of Her main waitress job was at restaurants as a waitress. She was Ammo's in LA. Get this, she also worked for Connie Britton as a nanny! also a coat check person. Gwen Stefani When Gwen was just a senior in high school, she worked at Dairy Queen. (No Doubt was formed by fellow DQ employees John Spence and Eric Stefani, her older brother). Tom Cruise Connie Britton Andrew Garfield Connie has worked at both the Gap and the Limited. She admits to being Tom had a paper route as a Andrew spent his time working youngster. He also worked as a bellhop at a hotel. as a barista at Starbucks. You a very bad folder of clothes and didn't last long at either job. could also find him outside mowing yards. Patrick Dempsey The former 80's heartthrob was once an avid juggler-he even placed in a national juggling competition when he was in high school. Oprah Winfrey Morgan Freeman Rachel McAdams Oprah was a store clerk at her local grocer. Morgan delivered newspapers as a youngster in Mississippi. After graduating high school, he joined the Air Force to become a pilot. She worked at McDonald's for three years while on break from school. Geena Davis In 1979, Geena moved to New York City and worked as a sales clerk at Ann Taylor to pay the bills and ended up being a window mannequin, too. Bryan Cranston Blake Shelton Madonna Blake worked at a music She earned extra cash by serving Bryan helped his grandparents with their poultry farm. publishing company dubbing cassettes in Nashville, up pastries at Dunkin' Donuts in New York's Times Square. Tyler, The Creator Tyler worked at Starbucks for two and a half years, and also spent a week and four days at FedEx. Megan Fox Julia Roberts Hugh Jackman Megan worked for a smoothie shop in Florida and had to wear Julia once worked as scooper at Baskin Robbins before becoming a multi-million dollar-earning movie star. Hugh used to teach physical education at a school in England. a full-on banana costume. Faith Hill Faith worked as a receptionist at a music publishing company in Nashville before landing a job packaging fan merchandise for her idol, Reba McEntire. She was spotted by a talent scout singing back-up at a local bar which led to her big break. Rebe Nicole Kidman Johnny Depp Jack Black Nicole supported her family by working as a massage therapist when she was only 17. He made ends meet by selling ballpoint pens. Jack worked as a telemarketer. Would you have liked to receive a call from him? Calvin Harris Calvin could be found stacking shelf displays back in 2007 when he was working in the Dumfries branch of Marks & Spencer. CONCLUSION As you can see, these celebrities kept their dream on their mind and stuck it through some odd jobs. Now, they might have enjoyed these jobs a bit more with the use of When I Work to help manage their work schedules with casting schedules, or band practices. As we all know though, they made it out of hourly workforce just fine. SOURCES When I Work

40 Celebrities and The Jobs They Worked Before They Were Famous

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40 Celebrities and The Jobs They Worked Before They Were Famous




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