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37 Fictional Drugs and Substances

37 FICTIONAL DRUGS AND SUBSTANCES Honey Zydrate Repo! The Genetic Opera Addictive and eurphoric painkiller extracted from the Skooma Ketracel-white Space Honey Elder Scrolls universe Star Trek universe Futurama Highly addictive narcotic refined from Addictive narcotic that Sleep-inducing honey that can cause a Jem'Hadar soldiers moon sugar; causes need to survive comatose state in large waves of delusional doses euphoria and lethargy dead BLINS Red Sand Mood drugs Venom Prozium II Doctor Who Chemical-releasing cellophane patches that come in Happy, Sleep, Honesty, Forget, and Bliss varieties Mass Effect Equilibrium Daily injection that suppresses emotion to ensure order and obedience Batman universe Addictive stimulant Potent, addictive with biotic-enhancing abilities; produces fleeting but intense euphoria super-steroid that is often applied via patches called "slappers"; excess use causes insanity and mutation Magic Bloody Eye Cowboy Bebop Steroid sprayed directly into the eyes; sparks superhuman strength and hyper-awareness Soma Moloko Plus Brave New World A Clockwork Orange "A gramme is better than a damn": Mushrooms Cowboy Bebop Mushroom that triggers Milk cocktail laced with Hangover-free opiate that induces pleasure and peace a variety of drugs; used to prepare for "ultraviolence" intense, bizarre hallucinations Exp./Serum No. 114 1500 10 ml. Serum 114 A Clockwork Orange Morphling The Hunger Games Neuroin Minority Report Substance D A Scanner Darkly Psychoactive substance that severs the Nausea-, paralysis-, and fear-inducing drug used during violence-aversion Gaseous, heroin-like drug that is huffed through an inhaler Powerful, addictive painkiller that alters appearance and causes hallucinations connection between hemispheres of the brain therapy Death Stick Glitterstim Spice Psycho Star Wars Star Wars Fallout universe True Blood Mild hallucinogen that triggers euphoria but shortens lifespan with each successive dose Vampire blood that heightens the senses, stimulates healing, and stirs intense sexual Addictive mineral that Designed for military use; increases damage induces a heightened mental state at the cost resistance and of brain nerve dampens higher brain functions degeneration hallucinations in humans MED TEK N.12345 ory suppres MENTATS TEAMOCIL REPRESSITOL Repressitol Teamocil Arrested Development Mentats Senzu Bean Dragon Ball Z Mystical bean that replenishes health and Fallout universe The Simpsons Chalky red pills that boost creativity and memory; often used as a party drug Memory-suppressing medication Promotes a feeling of wellness and energy camaraderie while shutting down the pituitary gland Tretonin Pax Plasmids Shinten Stargate SG-1 Boosts immunity while completely destroying Bioshock series Bleach Serenity Created to suppress aggression; renders utter apathy in some and makes others feral Ingestable serums that alter genetic code to provide "super powers" at the cost of mental addiction and Green liquid that can incapacitate anyone with weak spiritual a human's natural immune system energy instability Felix Felicis Melange Red Lyrium Zyme Harry Potter Liquid luck that can cause recklessness and Dune Dragon Age Deus Ex Lengthens lifespan, boosts vitality, and unlocks prescience in some humans; withdrawal is fatal Synethic drug that is theorized to cause Potent raw lyrium that causes an onslaught of agonizing affects, crystallizing within the consumer's body in dangerous arrogance if consumed excessively widespread mental illness time Echonod Slow-Mo Nuke Somnacin Ephemerol Dredd RoboCop 2 Inception Initiates dream-sharing via device; s Scanners Synthetic narcotic that is highly addictive; produces a heroin-like effect Tranquilizer intended to ease morning sickness in pregnant women; instead gives unborn children Slows the user's perception of time down to 1% of normal s up brain function speed telepathic abilities White Claudia Silent Hill series Silent Hill native plant with mystical and hallucinogenic properties, used to control the population Sources: JIM ADLER & AS SOCIATES

37 Fictional Drugs and Substances

shared by LivinLevin on Apr 03
Every fictional universe has its own unique substances, it seems like. Some of them are miracle medicines, while others are terrible drugs that mirror the awful and abusive substances of the real worl...


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