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32 Life Lessons From the Cutest Creatures in Fiction

32 IN FICTION LIFE LESSONS FROM THE CUTEST CREATURES Sometimes wisdom is best served with a hearty, wholesome dollop of cuteness! This collection introduces 32 beloved characters that have delighted us across all media. Each cutie provides a tidbit of knowledge that will enlighten people of all ages. Baymax Big Hero 6 BMO Bob-omb Buddies Super Mario games Bullseye Toy Story Adventure Time Health-care robot that is deeply devoted to caring for his patients. He enjoys flowers, cats, and hugs. Loyal, helpful friend to Finn and Jake, serving as their video game console, electrical outlet, music player, camera, and more. Peaceful pink or red Bob-ombs that help Mario with his quests. Silly, affectionate toy horse who serves as Woody's trusty steed. He can ride like the wind! Your actions determine who you are, not your origins. True friendship can help Never shy away from an adventure! a small group of people achieve BIG Always keep light in your heart, no matter how accomplishments. scary or dark life can get. Cinnamoroll Companion Cube Dug Up Eeyore Cinnamoroll Portal Winnie-the-Pooh Flying puppy with a plump, curly tail that resembles a cinnamon rollI. He loves to go on adventures with his friends Chiffon, Mocha, Espresso, Cappuccino, and Little Milk. Plump, fun-loving golden retriever who can speak via a special collar. He is always kind and open to everyone he meets. Heart-adorned cube that serves as a helper and companion at the Aperture Moody stuffed donkey who is compassionate despite his pessimistic nature. Science laboratories. True friendship can withstand all kinds of Simple kindness brightens everyone's day, including An open heart will earn you joy, companionship, and ice cream. your own. pressure. Fun is more delicious when shared with friends! Eevee Ein Gary SpongeBob SquarePants Gizmo Pokémon Cowboy Bebop Gremlins Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was developed in an illegal research lab, giving him vast intelligence. Alfhough unable to speak, he communicates in various ingenious ways. SpongeBob's pet sea snail that communicates like a cat. He often acts as the voice of reason for his owner. Kind-hearted Mogwai who refuses to be evil despite his species. He enjoys television and fiddling with gadgets. Mammal-like creature that can adapt to a variety of environments. If you work hard and stay true to yourself, you'll evolve into someone you're proud of! You don't need to go fast to make progress. Take your time and savor the little things. A gentle heart can lead to a long, happy life. Even a genius needs to sleep sometimes! Kitty White Hello Kitty Kirby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy K-9 Kirby games Doctor Who Tree-like creature capable of regrowing limbs. He loves to get his groove on to the Jackson 5. Pink, balloon-like creature that hails from the planet Pop Star, capable of inhaling just about anything and floating with air-filled cheeks. London-born white kitten with a bright, loving personality. Her favorite school subjects are English, music, and art. Intelligent robotic canine that lends vital assistance to the Doctor across time and history. Embrace the power of "we" – putting others before yourself will help Kindness can create You can be anything you choose - just take a deep breath, sing your favorite song, and feed your appetite for adventure! Try new things! Kitty's open mind leads to all sorts of exciting activities and friendships. positive ripples that spread through time and space. you grow. Momo Moogle Final Fantasy Oddish Pororo Pororo the Little Penguin Avatar: The Last Pokémon Airbender Winged lemur that provides friendship and cheer to his group of friends. He loves to gorge on fruit. Small, intelligent creature with white fur, tiny bat-like wings, and a pom-pom plume They enjoy eating vines and Kupo nuts. Weed Pokémon that burrows into the ground during the day and absorbs moonlight during the night. Playful, inquisitive little penguin that wears aviator goggles and plays the electric guitar. A sense of humor is the most wonderful element Embrace your inner moonlight; your oddities make you special! Play and laughter unites people (and animals) of all backgrounds. No matter how small to have; it can bend frowns into smiles! your role in someone's story is, do your best to make a positive impact. 00 Rainbow Dash Snoopy Sootball Sunflower My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Peanuts Spirited Away Plants vs. Zombies Good-hearted beagle with a vivid imagination and a fun assortment of fictional personas, like "Joe Cool." Small, fuzzy creature that helps accomplish household tasks. Joyful, dancing flower that produces "sun" to help defend against zombie onslaughts. Loyal, determined Pegasus pony with a colorful lightning bolt cutie mark. She is passionate about winning and confident in her abilities. Teamwork can make "Learn from yesterday. live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon." - Snoopy A cheery smile is contagious! It energizes and inspires everyone around you. even the most massive tasks seem manageable and fun. By being yourself, you can make things "20% cooler." Let confidence be your own cutie mark! Stitch Sven Toothless Totoro Lilo & Stitch Frozen How to Train Your My Neighbor Totoro Dragon Koala-like alien who blossoms emotionally thanks to the power of friendship and family. Loyal, goofy reindeer with the "heart of a Labrador." He helps guide Kristoff's conscience. Rare and intelligent dragon that is protective of his beloved human companion, Hiccup. Friendly forest spirit that can only be seen by children. He can summon a bus shaped as a grinning cat. Let conscience be your guide – it will lead you to warmth and success. Trees and people are meant to be loving and caring neighbors. The bond that links your true family is created by respect and embracing each other, no matter the flaws. Patience and determination can help you conquer your fears. Seek the truth and learn by doing! 00 WALL-E Winged Kuriboh Woodstock Zero WALL-E Yu-Gi-Oh! Peanuts The Nightmare Before Christmas Small, resourceful bird who is Snoopy's best friend, helping him with all sorts of activities. Curious, sentient robot that collects trinkets as he Gentle, winged furball that guides Jaden, protecting him fiercely when needed. performs his task of cleaning up garbage on Earth. Ghost dog with a glowing pumpkin nose who helps Jack deliver presents by lighting the way. Great things come in small packages. There's lots of world out Never underestimate the there; don't settle until you discover what makes you feel wondrously alive. By being loyal to your loved ones, you can help guide them through thick and thin. power of imagination! Source: AAA STATE OF PLAY

32 Life Lessons From the Cutest Creatures in Fiction

shared by KimHart15 on Nov 22
Prepare for a cuteness overload! This fun, colorful infographic collects 32 friendly and beloved faces from fiction and provides life advice from each one. Friendship, compassion, individuality, hope ...


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