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32 Differences Between Books and their Movies

32 Differences Between CHILDREN'S BOOKS and Their Movies It's no secret that Hollywood likes to mix things up when they bring books to the big screen. Whether they're adding, taking away or replacing, there's always something different. has taken a look at some of the biggest changes in the biggest children's book adaptions. Did you spot them all? And what do you think of them? The Hobbit BOOK MOVIE BOOK MOVIE There are only a few songs in the film. The Dwarves are described The Dwarves who come to as having brightly-coloured Bilbo's door have short beards and cloaks. Thorin's beard is blue and he has a The Hobbit was aimed at younger readers, so the characters often broke into beards and dress in dark colours. song. green cloak. BOOK MOVIE BOOK MOVIE ?? !!! #*$ The Stone Giants are only The Stone Giants mentioned in a few sentences. engaged in a fight which They are throwing boulders at rocks the mountain range and puts the heroes of the story in great peril. Radagast doesn't appear in Radagast the Brown is a the book, but the strange comical character who is used to explain strange used in other Tolkien works. changes in the forest (and bridge the gap between The Hobbit and The Lord of are activities in the forest were each other for fun. the Rings). ·Hunchback of Notre Dame BOOK MOVIE is it time to sing yet? psst! what? Quasimodo is friends with three living, talking gargoyles. There are stone gargoyles all over Notre Dame, but none of them talk. BOOK MOVIE BOOK R.I.P Quasimodo attacking Frollo's men and attacking the cathedral by thinks they are hunting pouring molten copper from Esmerelda. He fights them sees rebels Quasimodo assists the rebels the balcony. off. Quasimodo lies next to Esmerelda's grave and dies. MOVIE BOOK MOVIE OOPS Esmerelda is hanged for Frollo and Quasimodo fall murder and witchcraft. from a balcony whilst Quasimodo pushes Frollo fighting. Phoebus catches from the balcony as revenge. Quasimodo gives Esmerelda and Phoebus his blessing to get married. They stay friends and live happily ever. Quasimodo. - Harry Potter Series BOOK MOVIE BOOK MOVIE Voldemort's evil nature is Voldemort's only motivating attributed to him being a descendant Slytherin. He has violence & world and exterminate all mental instability in his genes, but is a gifted factor appears to be his desire to rule the magical of Salazar 'mud-bloods'. wizard. At the Quidditch World Cup, At the Quidditch World our heroes are strongly in Cup, our heroes turn out support of Ireland. just to support the game of Quidditch. the Poltergeist Peeves the Poltergeist is features in every book and completely absent from the Rik Mayall filmed a scene as Peeves in Peeves It is revealed that Professor Snape is the half-blood prince as his mother was a 'pure-blood' and his father being the name of the film. was a 'mud-blood'. havoc inhabitants of Hogwarts. causes to the film series. 'The Half-Blood Prince' is explained on, despite never or The Philosopher's Stone, but it was cut from the movie. elaborated BOOK MOVIE FORBIDDEN Hogwart's forest is called 'The Forbidden Forest' Hogwart's forest is called 'The Dark Forest' BOOK MOVIE BOOK MOVIE Iheard he's a sort of savage. Every now and then he gets drunk, tries to do magic and ends up setting fire to his bed. Red hair, and a hand me down robe? You must be a Weasley. Harry rejects Malfoy's Harry refuses to be friends friendship after he insults with Malfoy after Malfoy Harry finds himself naked at When Harry is 'killed' by King's Cross after Voldemort Voldemort, he finds himself appears to have the better at King's Cross Station. He Hagrid. insults Ron. of him. is clothed. Matilda BOOK MOVIE BOOK MOVIE Bye Matilda Ciao! Matilda's mother says 'Ciao!' Michael is the only one who cares to say Goodbye to Matilda when the family leaves. The story is set in England. The story is set in the United States. BOOK MOVIE Matilda's mother is overweight while her brother and father are slim. It is Matilda's father and brother who are fat, and her mother is slim. BOOK MOVIE BOOK MOVIE Matilda never goes into Miss Trunchbull's house. Matilda breaks into The Trunchbull's home twice. Matilda never goes to the Miss Honey saves Matilda from 'the chokey'. Hey zit face, where do you think you're going? chokey'. The Wormwoods flee to The family head to the island of Guam. Spain to avoid the taxman. The book goes into great There is no mention of the Matilda detail about the classical specific books literature Matilda reads in reads, but she does use line with her advanced her powers to retrieve a copy of 'Moby Dick' from Michael is a fat bully like his father. intelligence. Matilda's brother Michael the shelf. is a normal boy. Wizard of Oz BOOK MOVIE BOOK MOVIE Dorothy's shoes are silver. Dorothy's shoes are, very famously, red. When Dorothy runs amok in Glinda the Good Witch the poppy field, she is rescued by field mice. saves Dorothy from the Poppy Field. Dorothy is a little girl rescuing Dorothy is a Damsel in her friends, based on L Frank Baum's feminist sympathies. Dorothy's adventures are entirely real. She returns based to Oz in later books with Dorothy knew in the real her aunt and uncle. Oz was entirely a dream the people on Distress. world. Shrek BOOK MOVIE BOOK MOVIE Your homy warts, your rose wens, like slimy bogs & fusty fens, thrill me Oh, aye? Shrek speaks in rhyme: Shrek speaks in standard "Your horny warts, your rose wens, like slimy bogs and fusty fens, thrill me'. Shrek's troubles begin when Shrek is driven from his his parents throw him out of swamp by fairytale creatures, the swamp. He meets a witch who tells him he will be Farquaad. Sends to rescue a taken to a knight by a donkey princess, Shrek falls in love and marry a princess even uglier than he is. speech with a Scottish accent. banished there by Lord with the princess who is cursed to look like an Ogre. Jungle Book BOOK MOVIE BOOK Mowgli is completely naked throughout the book and is upset that he has to wear a loin cloth when he goes to the man village. Mowgli goes to the man village twice. The first time he is driven away by humans who fear him because he was raised by wolves. Mowgli convinces Hathi the elephant to destroy the village. Years later, Mowgli returns to the human world and finds his real mother. He lives happily ever after. Mowgli wears orange shorts. MOVIE Shere Khan is a man-eating Shere Khan is lame in one foot and only hunts cattle tiger who plans to eliminate and humans. He would kill the threat of Mowgli before Mowgli if he had the hegrows into a gun-wielding chance. man. Kaa the snake is one of Kaa is clumsy and creepy and and uses his hypnotic powers to fill his stomach Mowgli from monkeys by (at one point he tries to eat hypnotising them with a Mowgli). This may be due to differing attitudes to snakes in the West and Mowgli's wisest friends. He rescues closest strange dance. Mowgli hears a young girl singing and instantly falls in love with her. She motions for him to follow her and inadvertently leads him to the man village. India. CF сх

32 Differences Between Books and their Movies

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This is a rundown of some of the biggest differences changes that happened when turning our favourite children's books into movies. The Hollywood Effect in full force! How many did you pick up on? Did...


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