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30 Ideas for a bachelor / bachelorette / private party

poptop Looking for an idea for a private party? Do you want to impress your guests? Do you not know where to start? 30 IDEAS FORA PRIVATE/ BACHELOR OR BACHELORETTE PARTY designations used: RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED FOR A BACHELORETTE FOR A BACHELOR FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY PARTY CELEBRATION 1. PRIVATE PARTY INA BAR ORA RESTAURANT A DJ, a cover band, a jazz duo, an acoustic guitarist, stand-up comedian, or a close-up magician. (i Choose from a multi-course dinner, a buffet or a cocktail party. Don't forget to ask if you can bring your own drinks and if a PA system is availiable. f Venue hire from $100 Best for 15-30 guests 2. HIRE A PARTY BUS OR AUMO Bring in a DJ or themed playlist to soundtrack your pub, bar or nightclub crawl in the comfort of your own luxury transport. A Ask the price for an extended hire time, offers on bubbly, and availability of fridge and sound system; don't forget to discuss the route in advance. £) From $80/hour Best for 10-25 guests 3. PARTY WITHA TRENDY MUSIC BAND OR ADJ A unique chance to celebrate your special day in the company of your favourite music band, singer or DJ. (i Notall artists are available to perfom at private events. Consider busy tour schedules and performance riders, (ora great cover band instead). £) Abig budget event Best for 30-100 guests 4. SUSHI OR PIZZA MAKING MASTERCLASS Create a playlist from your favourite songs, or play some nice lounge and jazz music for a relaxed atmosphere. (i Usually 2-3 hour event, ask if drinks and any gifts for guests are induded in the price. Maximum number of guests is usually limited. £) From $50pp Best for 2-10 guests 5. DANCE OR POLE DANCE MASTERCLASS Salsa, Single Ladies, Dirty Dancing, Burlesque, Thriller, Hip-Hop.. You'l need a strong beat and some sexy vibes to bring out your best moves. 1.5-2 hour long event, usually for around 10 guests. Pole dance masterclasses are not suitable for pregnant women. (£) From $30pp Best for 10-15 guests 6. SPA PAMPER BACHELORETTE WEEKEND If you are not a big radio fan, we recommend you make a personalized playlist, which will guarantee nice and relaxed atmosphere (jazz, lounge, soul) Ask what is the maximum capacity of the salon and if private areas are available so you can all be treated at the same time. (£) From $50pp Best for 2-1O guests 7. WINE, CHEESE OR COFFEE TASTING Wine tasting quizzes and challenges. Don't forget to bring your ipod with your favourite songs, or request some themed music from the venue. Wine, bubbly, cheese, chocolate, coffee. Whatever you're trying, a tasting session is the perfect icebreaker as the group gets to know each other. £) From $40pp Best for 10-15 guests 8. KARTING OR QUAD BIKING Why not record the racing (and victory dances!) on your GoPro or mobile phone and createa great movie of your day, set to your favourite song? 3. 28 From 16 years, 5ft or above, no broken limbs/pregnant women. If the event package is not catered, don't forget to bring some food. (£) From $40pp Best for 10-15 guests 9. BACHELOR PARTY AT ALAP DANCE CLUB Order the stag's favourite song for his dance, or even bring him onto the stage (don't forget your camera!). i If you are planning a party for your friend, don't forget to ask his opinion before booking a lap dance party. (£) From $60pp Best for 10-15 guests 10. PAINTBALL MATCH Lets take your paintball party to another level with funny, themed costumes, or set up teams before you go, with forfeits for the losers? (i) Don't forget trainers and comfortable dlothes, and BBQ, burgers, beer (ask the supplier if catered event options are available) for after the match. £ From $30pp ( Best for 10-15 guests 11. CLAY PIGEON SHOOTING Relax and enjoy the sound of the wind, birdsong, and total focus. Its a great chance to get out into the countryside and enjoy the sounds of nature. i) All the tuition and equipment is provided on site. BBQ, burgers and beer are ideal for after shooting-ask the venue about catering options. (£) From $40pp Best for 10-15 guests 12. PARTY BOAT CRUISE Entertain your guests with DJ spinning the best new electronic dance music, a cover band, dancers, or a close-up magician. A Usually 3-5 hour event. Catering and drinks packages may be available= ask your supplier. Don't forget the seasickness pills! £) From $60pp ( Best for 25-100 guests 13. KARAOKE PARTY Throw your own X-Factor competition or choose a genre and fancy-dress for more fun. A Request a private karaoke booth or book out an entire venue for you and your friends. £) From $30pp Best for 10-25 guests 14. TREASURE HUNT OR QUEST EVENT Treasure hunt, escape game, espionage, murder mystery... get those brains ticking with an intriguing event to remember. (i Why not finish your treasure hunt in a cozy bar, or even a nightdlub? Custom scenarios can be provided; £) Medium budget event ( Best for 10-25 guests 15. РHOTO SНООТ РARTY Professional hair styling and make-up. Consider a lounge radio station or Fashion TV compilations for appropriate atmosphere Usually your own food and drinks are allowed. Light snacks will stop you getting tired too quickly, and a glass of fizz is great for a confidence boost £ From $40pp ( Best for 2-10 guests 16. PRIVATE MOVIE SCREENING Watching a movie with your friends becomes a whole lot more fun when you hire a private room in a cinema or bar. 1) Ask the manager to start the movie credits with your own personalized message, and find out if you can get themed drinks and catering. £ From $30pp ( Best for 10-25 guests 17. HIKING WITH YOUR BEST FRIENDS Canyoning, hiking, climbing.. getting active in the outdoors is a great bonding opportunity, just don't forget the guitar Consider hiring a professional instructor, or finish your hike at a glamping spot for a luxurious night under the stars. £) From $80pp Best for 2-10 guests 18. BEER BREWING MASTERCLASS Get some blues and soul classics on the stereO, to help you put all your love into the process. You will need to wait for several weeks for your own creation to be ready, but you can always combine beer brewing with beer tasting. £From $50pp ( Best for 2-10 guests 19. COCKTAIL MAKING MASTERCLASS Cocktail making needs an upbeat dance and pop soundtrack. Why not hire a professional DJ to really get the party started? Check your supplier provides all the sophisticated ingredients required for original and classic cocktails in the venue, office or home. £) From $40pp U Best for 10-15 guests 20. A POOL PARTY Are you going to throw a pool party without a professional DJ to get those summer time vibes going? Beach cocktails, bubbly, cold lager, poolside snacks, some fun inflatables.. and don't forget the sunscreen! €) From $250 for pool hire Best for 10-30 guests 21. HOLLYWOOD PARTY Soundtracks from your favourite movies, jazz and blues hits, classic movie screenings, and glamourous attire A Throw classic a Hollywood party or pick your favourite movie theme and Coordinate all the décor, music, catering and outfits. Requires proper preparation 22. A DECADE PARTY: 20S, 30S, 60S, 00s. Find a live band to play the greatest music hits from your chosen decade, or get your own playlist on the iPod hooked up to your venue's PA system. Try to keep meals, drinks and décor close to the decade style. The more thorough the approach, the better party you'll have. O Requires proper preparation 23. MEXICAN PARTY If you don't have the budget for a real Mariachi band, consider creatinga themed playlist from folk Mexican and Latin-American music, Nachos, tequila, margaritas, botted lagers with lime, cacti, mustaches sombreros, piñatas, some fun fancy dress, and plenty of colour. ORequires proper preparation 24. GUITAR HERO PARTY GUTAR HERO Tum up the volume on the best rock and pop music hits for you and your guests to rock out to. Pizza and beer! Ifyou don't have a full set of game controllers, you can rent them from your local supplier. Easy to manage 25. A MOUSTACHE PARTY КЕЕР CALM ) Find a DJ with the longest beard in your town, or stick one on if required. AND Moustaches are great, but even better with some more accessories and MUSTACHE PARTY fancy dress - get your cameras out! Easy to manage 26. CASINO PARTY Embrace the blues and soul music for the soundtrack, with poker and black jack for the games. (i Good whisky and cigars make the perfect match for a casino event. Don't forget to print rules of the games if not all of your friends are aware of them. Easy to manage 27. ZOMBIE PARTY Sound tracks from classic horor movies, a horror movie screening, and a gory, gruesome dress code (i With a little imagination, food and drinks can easily be created to match your gory theme. * Requires proper preparation 28. PIRATE PARTY Johnny Depp's compilation "Rogue's Gallery. Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys", is sure to get your pirate party started. i) Rum & Coke, a seaworthy dress code, treasure hunts, pirate flags, and a sea-themed buffet. Requires proper preparation 29. SUPERHERO PARTY Watch movies, throw a video game competition, or just watch the guy in the Batman costume dealing with Superman. i We know youte feeling powerful in that cape, but try not to destroy the planet. Easy to manage 30. BRITISH STYLE Beajus Your British party naturally requires the best of British rock music: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Clash... Union Jacks, "Keep Calm" posters, cupcakes, phone booths, Pimms, a spot of croquet, and maybe even a visit from a royal impersonator. Requires proper preparation PREPARED BY WWW.POPTOP.UK.COM ENTERTAINMENT BOOKING PLATFORM

30 Ideas for a bachelor / bachelorette / private party

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Looking for an idea for a private party? Do you want to impress your guests? Do you not know where to start? We've created a list of 30 ideas for your Bachelor/Bachelorette party or birthday celebr...




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