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24 Times When It's Better to Fake It

24 Times When It's Better to FAKE IT DESIGNER HANDBAGS 1 Because no one should pay $5000 for a purse with giant letters on it when you can buy a look-alike for $15 bucks from a corner bodega. HANDLEBAR MUSTACHES Because facial hair is "in" but it takes forever to grow a real one. The omnipresent "mustaches on a stick" have become staple at parties, weddings, and photobooths. VS DOG HORSES Because dogs in pony costumes are clearly superior to actual horses, which - let's face it - can be terrifying. LIFEGUARDING 4 Because the fake things on Baywatch, like the drownings, rescue scenes, and... "flotation devices", are far superior to their real-life counterparts. IVORY 5 Because elephants. VS NICOLAS CAGE'S TEETH Because... can you say snaggletooth? AUTOTUNED BRITNEY 7 Because the real Britney vocals are so soul crushing it makes you want to punch out your eardrums. Fake, autotuned Britney is the only bearable Britney. Listen to the non-autotuned version at your own peril. CANDLES Because today's realistic flameless candles are far superior to the fiery real ones that can burn your house down. Yes, they're fake, and they're spectacular. E Not Mark Zuckerberg Gnotzuckerberg · 으 Follow Happy Friday! Never forget that in real life you're a hugely disappointing version of the person you portray on your Facebook profile. + Reply t3 Retweet * Favorite Buffer ** More FAVORITES 26 14 PARODY TWITTER ACCOUNTS 9. Because the fake Mark Zuckerberg is 100% funnier than the real thing. FUR Because when you wear the fake kind, zero animals get killed and you can look as stylish as Kim Kardashian without getting flour-bombed for it. SICK DAYS 11 Because faking being sick to get out of school and having an epic, city-wide adventure is better than actually being sick and spending the day in bed. JEWELRY Because this actually-affordable cubic zirconia ring looks identical to Princess Kate's multi-million dollar engagement bling. Long hours at the new summer job? Feeling unprofessional when you check your Facebook profile at the office? Well there's nothing more professional than a nice spreadsheet. Sign in with Facebook below, and see your news feed rendered into an innocuous corporate form. A Gimme dem spataheetat e I wauld aso like dem preatihers, please. PEATURED Alantic lifehacker Mashable TODAY HU TON Questions? WORK DAYS 13 Because when your boss walks by, pretending to work (while secretly browsing your FB newsfeed) is infinitely better than actually being productive. okaupid Dating Test Match Search Who's Online? Tests 40,003 online now Match Friend -% Enemy IWontMurderYou 30/M/ Straight/ Single Boston, Massachusetts About Forgt your paore My self-summary His Details The Google of online dating I'm a fun loving guy and a seif-starter who has absolutely no interest in committing murder. I'm looking for love, companionship, or just Today -The Boson Globe that one lovely evening (and rest assured that that one lovely mnicity White evening will absolutely end with you back at your house, safe and soundi) Let me take you into my magical world of not murdering aunna te anu reann Height S 11 The ONLINE DATING PROFILES Because who'd want to date the REAL you? The volunteering, weight-lifting, bilingual version of yourself is way better than the Netflix-binging, un-showered, heathen that you really are. MakeAGIF TANNING 15 Because the sun may eventually kill you, but a fake, spray-on tan will give you a summery glow without the cancer-causing radiation. O RECENT NEWS Groom Admits Bride Could Have Looked A Bit More Radiant On Wedding Day THE NEWS Who wants to read about depressing world U events when you can laugh at satirical headlines from The Onion? VS NAILS 17 Because sparkly, glittery, acrylic ones look nicer than weak, bruised nails that have been gnawed down to the cuticle. FIREPLACES Because going electric with your decorative O flame provides an instant mood-enhancer without the sooty cleanup. 19 SUGAR Because diabetes kills 1 person every 6 seconds and the fake sweeteners taste the same (or better) than the real stuff. CONFIDENCE 20 Because that work presentation is going to flop unless you buck up and pretend to be your suave alter ego. #sashafierce NO RAGRET ТАТTOOS 21 Because no decision you make in your teens should be permanent. Fake ones can wash away with soap and water and save you a lifetime of regrets. AN UNMARRIED OLDER SISTER 22 SMILING AT HER YOUNGER SISTER'S WEDDING. Because yes, you're happy for your baby sister, but also, HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO YOU?? billy crystal meg ryan when harry met. sally SATISFACTION Because women's magazines tell you to never, EVER fake it, but ladies, when he's a billionaire, philanthropist, dog-lover from a good family, it's okay to boost his ego with an Oscar-worthy performance. Just this once. Of course, when it comes to faking things, it's safe to say that the more realistic it is, the better. That's why we're so proud of the quality of Treetopia's creations. So, without further ado, we believe this holiday season is the ULTIMATE time to fake it... 24 CHRISTMAS TREES! Because 30 million real Christmas trees are put out to the curb every year, but your fake tree can last forever. Oh, and you don't have to deal with sticky sap and pine needles everywhere. VS SOURCES http://weknowme- deryou-s-dating-profile cles/groom-ad- mits-bride-could-have-looked-a-bit-more-r http://www.arizonafamilyden- ple-cosmetic-dentistry/ a,37327/ http://www.thev- touched-brit- ney-spears-vocal-track-no-autotune paso/4752699101/ less-Battery-Operated-Pil- lar-Candle-p/cdl-1441004.htm ry-Met-Sally-Special/dp/B00003CXDC

24 Times When It's Better to Fake It

shared by brianaksmith on Dec 25
Think “faking it” is bad? It’s not always! From Christmas trees to designer handbags, here are 24 instances when we think it’s better to fake it.





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