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2015 Sharing Review

SHARETHIS 2014 MOMENTS SUPER BOWL XLVIII January 30 - Budweiser "Puppies & Clydesdales" over 1.2 Million Shares - Super Bowl conversations aren't confined to game day. Most of the activity surrounding the game happens days before and doesn't directly relate to football. • Download "Super Bowl Ads Aren't Just for Sundays Anymore" Infographic HISPANIC STUDY February 20 - On average, shares by Hispanic users are 35% more likely to be clicked on than shares by non-Hispanic users. > Download Hispanic Consumer Study INCLEMENT ШЕАТНER January 6 (-1'F), January 28 (-4'F), February 7 (11'F) - Inclement weather causes major spikes in SUV sharing activity. Download "Automotive Update" TWITTER ТАKES OVER April 8 - Twitter (+43%) surged in Q1 outpacing all other social channels. Reddit (+25%) emerged as the second fastest growing channel while email continued to decline. Download Q1 Consumer Sharing Trends Report moms MEAN BUSINESS March 20 - Moms are 8.22% more influential online with sharing than the general population. RETURN ON A SHARE Read More About Online Social Behavior of Moms April 30 - Research from The Return On Sharing Study found that positive online shares generate a 9.5% increase in purchase intent. While negative reviews can decrease intent by 11%. Download "The Return On a Share" Report YOU ARE WHAT YOU SHARE SHARING FUELS AUTO May 15 - Prolific lifestyle advocates share 3.6x more often and are twice as likely to influence their networks, making them a highly valuable audience for social targeting. > Download CPG Update Infographic May 19 - The ShareThis Automotive Study found that people who share about a particular auto brand are 2x as likely to make a purchase. MOBILE SLAPSHOTS • Download Automotive Study June 19 - Desktop dominated NHL sharing in 2014 but 45% of all sports sharing is done on mobile devices. > Download NHL Sharing Infographic MOBILE GOES SOCIAL July 8 - Mobile represents 34% of overall browsing activity (search & page views), but drives half of social activity. • Download "Q2 Consumer Sharing Trends Report" ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE August 14 - As ice began to fall, Tumblr's social activity rose to 29% total vs. the usual 3-5% average. • Read "Here today, Gone tomorrow?" IPHONE 6 RELEASE September 8 - While the Tech category generates much of its typical activity through Facebook, the day the iPhone 6 release date was announced Twitter was the preferred channel for breaking news and information. • Read "Apple's Week in Review" LESS MUSIC MORE CELEBS MILLENNIAL SHARE-SPREE September 15 - Music festival sharing was September 23 - Millennial's social activity less about music, and more about stars. translates to purchase activity. Millennials who 76% of Coachella sharing was about share, purchase 2x more often than the celebrities and fashion. general population. • Download "Summer Music Festival Recap" Download "Consumer Study: Millennials" EBOLA ATTACKS GATORADE GRAND SLAM October 1 - The Ebola announcement caused an increase in mobile shares by over 120%. • Read "Ebola Tragedy is Sweeping the Web" October 2 - Derek Jeter's Gatorade commercial was talked about 90% more than his final game at Fenway Park and 62% more than even his final game at Yankee Stadium! Read "How Social Says Goodbye to Derek Jeter" STAY CALM AND FOCUS October 13 - Shares surrounding events are 5x more likely to draw clickbacks within 24 hours. VOTE FACEBOOK > Download "Q3 Consumer Sharing Trends Report" October 28 - The Politics Study found that $ $ Facebook leans Republican by 79%, Twitter leaned Democrat by 27%. > Read more about political sharing here SHARING ECONOMY October 30 - Sharing behavior directly parallels the VIX index. As volatility increases, so does sharing. • Read "Social Engagement Mirrors Market Volatility" SHARE THE FUTURE November 7 - Political candidates with higher shares (as compared with their opponent) end up with more votes. Read "Sharing Predictive of Election Outcomes" BREAK THE UNIVERSE November 17 - According to our data, the Rosetta Mission racked up over 1 million shares, while Kim SPOTIFY TAKES ВАСKSEAT Kardashian's photos were shared just under that. > Read "Who Really Broke The Internet?" November 20 - Spotify content surrounding the Swift controversy was shared more than 3x as much as the content surrounding the Uber partnership. Read "Spotlight on Spotify: To Share or Not to Share?" BLACK FRIDAY FIZZLES SHARE WITH November 27 - Sharing spiked the week leading up the Black Friday but fell on the day itself. Online NO BUDGET engagement picked up again over the weekend and continued until Cyber Monday. > Read "Cyber December and the Year of Mobile" December 2 - When planning a trip, travelers are twice as likely to share, and twice as likely to click back on their friend's travel shares. • Download "ShareThis Travel Study" QUEEN OF THE ANGELS December 10 - Taylor Swift was the real angel at this years Victoria's Secret runway show. Swift was the most talked about celebrity, out sharing Karlie Kloss, the most talked about angel, by over 620%! • Read "Taylor Swift Steals the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" "DARK SOCIAL" THRIVES December 16 - 18-25 year olds have shown a 26% lift in their usage of copy and paste as compared with the rest of their network. However, people 65 years and over are less likely to use the copy and paste function but 1.1x as likely to use email! Read "ShareThis Looks at Dark Social" < ShareThis Copyright © 2015 ShareThis Inc. All Rights Reserved

2015 Sharing Review

shared by JosephJShields on Feb 16
Infographic for ShareThis. 2014 was without a doubt an eventful year, and the social web has taught us a lot about all that’s happened. Read more on the blog below:





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