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20 Incredible Movie Role Recasts

20 INCREDIBLE MOVIE ROLE RECASTS Your favourite movies could have been very different if the iconic characters were played by different actors and actresses. Find out who the directors originally wanted to cast below! 1981 INDUNA JONES Tom Selleck had the luck of winning both the roles of Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I, but Tom Harrison he had to choose one. In the end he chose Selleck Ford Magnum P.I, and Harrison Ford went on to play Indy, cementing him as one of the most iconic RECAST ACTOR actors in Hollywood. ORIGINAL ACTOR 1985 BACK AFUTURE Due to other filming commitments Michael J. Fox wasn't able to star in the film, so Eric Stoltz was cast as Marty McFly and filmed for 4-weeks. Directors Zemeckis and Spielberg Eric Michael J. Stolz Fox opted to spend $3 million to re-shoot all of Stoltz's scenes with their original choice, ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR Michael J. Fox. 1986 ALIENS A week into filming the iconic 1986 'Aliens', Remar ended up bailing on the project after James Michael being unable to resolve his creative differences Remar Biehn with director James Cameron. As a result, Michael Biehn was recast to play the part of ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR Dwayne Hicks. 1987 PREDATOR The original Predator was a gangly gecko-type thing with a protruding head. Van Damme was cast but didn't like working in the suit and quit Jean Claude Kevin after two days. Director John McTiernan took Van Damme Peter Hall the opportunity to redesign the suit and later RECAST ACTOR cast Kevin Peter Hall in the role. ORIGINAL ACTOR THE UNTOUCHABL ES In August 1986, Bob Hoskins had signed on to play Al Capone in 'The Untouchables' and was scheduled to be on set in October. Hoskins Bob Robert had taken his family on vacation before filming Hoskins De Niro began and it's around then he learned he was being replaced by Robert De Niro. Hoskins was ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR paid around $200,000 for his troubles. 1992 SISTER ACT Bette Midler was originally pitched as the lead but turned it down because she didn't think fans could see her as a nun. Enter Whoopi Goldberg; Bette Whoopi this role single-handedly rescued Goldberg Midler Goldberg from a 'Best Supporting Actress' Oscar curse, ORIGINAL ACTRESS RECAST ACTRESS pushing her into the A-list. BATMAN RETURNS Most of us when we think back to the 1992 "Batman Returns' will remember Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. If things had gone as Anette Michelle planned by directors we would actually have Bening Pfeiffer seen Annette Bening on the big screen, but ORIGINAL ACTRESS RECAST ACTRESS Bening dropped out shortly before filming because she was pregnant. 1993 DEMOLITION MAN Director Joel Silver originally chose Lori Petty as Lt. Lelina Huxley in Sylvester Stallone's Demolition Man, but unfortunately Petty was fired a few days before filming. The reasons are Lori Sandra fairly vague, but point to creative differences Pretty Bullock between Petty and Silver; Sandra Bullock was ORIGINAL ACTRESS RECAST ACTRESS brought in to replace her. 1994 Forrest Gump With some actors imagining lines in their voices seems easy, but it doesn't come harder than imagining John Travolta saying "life is like a John Tom box of chocolates". The iconic role was offered Travolta Hanks to Travolta who turned it down. It was then given to Tom Hanks who was awarded an Oscar ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR for his performance. 1996 SCREAM Melinda Clarke made a name for herself for playing bad mother figures on TV shows. She auditioned for the role of Sidney Prescott, but was Melinda Rose given the role of Tatum Riley and turned it down. Clarke McGowan Ultimately it was Rose McGowan who got the role RECAST ACTRESS and found a lot of success after 'Scream'. ORIGINAL ACTRESS 1997 TITANIC In the iconic Titanic Molly Brown could have been very different, she was played brilliantly Reba Kathy by Kathy Bates but was originally supposed McEntire Bates to be played by Reba McEntire. Due to a scheduling conflict she was forced to turn down ORIGINAL ACTRESS RECAST ACTRESS the role and Kathy Bates was cast instead. 1996 MATRIX RELOADED After great performances in 'Romeo Must Die' & 'Queen of the Dammed', Aaliyah was cast and filmed parts of her role in 'The Matrix' Aaliyah Dana Haughton Nona sequel. Sadly she died before she could finish Gaye filming her role and was replaced by Nona RECAST ACTRESS Gaye. ORIGINAL ACTRESS 2000 X-MEN Dougray Scott was originally chosen to play Wolverine in the first 'X-Men', however he was also handpicked around the same time by Tom Dougray Hugh Cruise to play the villain in Mission: Impossible II. When filming fell behind schedule on the Scott Jackman 'X-Men' set he was replaced as Wolverine by ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR Hugh Jackman. AMERICAN PSYCHO Lionsgate tried to persuade Leonardo DiCaprio to take the role because they wanted a 'big star', but luckily for Christian Bale he was already Leonardo Christian director Mary Harron's choice. In the end the Dicaprio Bale movie stayed as it was with a smaller budget. ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR 2001 SHREK Chris Farley was the original Shrek; it's estimated that he recorded 80 to 95% of the Chris Mike dialogue for the film before his untimely death in 1997. The big green ogre later made his Farley Myers debut on the big screen with a Scottish accent RECAST ACTOR and a reworked dialogue. ORIGINAL ACTOR Harty Potter Initially the role of the now iconic Professor Snape, the potions professor who was loved and hated in equal measures in the Harry Potter Tim Alan series, went to Tim Roth. Roth however turned down the role to be in Tim Burton's 'Planet of Roth Rickman RECAST ACTOR the Apes' remake. ORIGINAL ACTOR LÖRD RINGS THE OF THE Director Peter Jackson really wanted Sean Connery to play the role of Gandalf in 'The Lord of the Rings'; Sean Connery was offered Sean lan £30 million to play the role and then another Connery McKellen offer for 15% of the film's box office takings. However, the role went to lan McKellen, with ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR Connery explaining that he didn't understand the script or the book. 2003 LÖRD RINGS THE OF THE Stuart Townsend was originally cast as Aragorn and spent two months training for the role, but was replaced by Viggo Mortensen because he Stuart Viggo was considered too young to play the character. Townsend Mortensen Townsend was reportedly told the day before filming and wasn't paid for his time. ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR 2005 Mr. Mrs. Smith Nicole Kidman was originally cast in the action flick as Mrs. Smith, but pulled out after Brad Pitt replaced the film's original Mr. Smith, Angelina Jolie Nicole Kidman Johnny Depp. After Kidman pulled out Brad Pitt was ready to leave, until he learned Angelina Jolie would replace her. ORIGINAL ACTRESS RECAST ACTRESS 2010 IRON MAN In 'Ironman', Terrence Howard played the role of Col. Jim Rhodes, a supporting character who seemed poised for a big role in the follow-up. Unfortunately things didn't pan out the way we Terrence Don were expecting with Dan Cheadle ultimately Howard Cheadle being recast in the role; let's just say there ORIGINAL ACTOR RECAST ACTOR were some creative difficulties with this one! MyOffers Sources:

20 Incredible Movie Role Recasts

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Your favourite movies could have been very different if the iconic characters were played by different actors and actresses. We’ve created an infographic to show you how different these movies could...


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