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20 Facts About House of Cards

20 FACTS ABOUT HOUSE of CARDS 53 Emmy nominations. 6 of which it's won, so far, as well as a plethora of other entertainment industry awards. Baltimore, 13 episodes Gritty political drama. House of Cards is based on Democrat Maryland. Where most power couple Frank and Claire Underwood who will do anything to gain and retain power. of the filming takes place despite being set in Washington DC. per season. This is representative of the cards in each suit in a deck of cards. Exclusive to Netflix. It's a Netflix original show and the company fought off HBO to gain the rights to it A-list stars. It's star-studded cast list includes Hollywood veterans Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as well as Kate Mara. £3 billion to retain rights. It's Netflix's most expensive show, costing 10% of the company's annual spend. £500,000 The amount of тоney per episode Kevin Spacey earns. Obama is a fan. Former president Barack Obama is a huge fan of the show and has tweeted asking people not to release spoilers. Based on a British novel. The show is based on a novel by Michael Dobbs who previously worked for the Conservative party. Distinctive style. The fixed camera positions and naturalistic lighting that the director insists on gives it a distinctive style. HOLLYWOOD One of the characters has a guinea pig as a best friend! As a quirky turn for such a dark and serious show, one of the characters, Gavin Orsay owns a guinea pig called Cashew. Hollywood director. Director David Fincher has directed some of the biggest films of the last 20 years including Fight Club and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. 82% It has an impressive score of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes and an average IMDB rating of 9/10. $5,800 a month. How much the Underwood's home would cost per month in real life. Most popular 5.75 million viewers. Netflix doesn't release its viewer figures but a third-party survey estimated that 5.75 million Netflix subscribers have watched at least one episode, that's about 10% of worldwide subscribers. season. Fans consider the first season to be the best so far and season three the worst. Shocks and plot twists. The Underwood's are notorious for doing whatever it takes to get their own way, including murdering colleagues and lovers and ruining people's reputations. %24 V. $100 million. How much it costs Netflix to produce just two seasons of the show. Five seasons. And counting! The fifth season of the showed premiered earlier this year and it continues to grow in popularity. HOUSE of CARDS Designed by VizionOnline

20 Facts About House of Cards

shared by Eavesy on Sep 19
Here is a useful infographic from the folks at VizionOnline with twenty interesting facts about the Netflix TV show House of Cards.






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