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18 Things You Didn't know About Firefly

18 things you didn't. know about firefly Firefly was a space western TV show created by Joss Whedon and aired om Fox in . 2002. It was'cancelled . because of low ratings after only 11 episodes, which were aired... out of order. In the Firefly universe, the Alliance is a.result of-China and the *USA merging. The language.used in the vers is à mix of Chinese and English, which made it easier to get past the censors. A copy of Firefly and Serenity are on-board the International Space Station. TV shows have been known to recycle sets and props, and Firefly is no different. The derelict ship in the episode Bushwhacked was originally a Power Rangers set. Jayne's favourite gun, Vera, was originally built for the film Showtime starring Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy. The stun gun used by the Alliance was used in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog as the death ray.. it was just held upside down. STARSHIP TROOPERS The Alliance armour was from Starship Troopers. .There'are a lot of similarities between Firefly, Serenity and an anime series called Outlaw Star. Both series are space westerns. River Tam and Melfina Both were secretly transported in a cargo box and revealed in a cliff-hanger in the first episode. Both characters have unusual abilities that were given to them by the government. Both series focus on a group of outlaw renegades who perform illegal acts. Both series have a mysterious renegade warrior with an unknown background. Both series have a child-like engineer. Joss Whedon has said he was not aware of the show. It is most likely just a coincidence. In most sci-fi TV shows and movies, space is a noisy place, there are explosions going off, lasers being fired and ships loudly flying through space. Joss Whedon decided to go with a more realistic view of. space. Since there is no air in space, there is no sound. Every scene in space is shown without sound effects. After all, in spate no one can hear you scream. Zac Efron made his TV debut as a young Simon Tam, because of Fireffy, Zac Efron weht on to be a teen idol on High School Musical. We are'not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.. BODY COUNT NUMBER OF TIMES A MEMBER OF THE CREW WAS SHOT SERENITY FIREFLY 74 77 (not including being stabbed, poisoned knockad unconscious or beaten up) Neil Patrick Harris auditioned to play Simon Tam but was turned down for the role. Later, Dr. Horrible in Joss Whedon's other project, Dr. Horrible's Şing-Along Blog. The lab coat he is. wearing is the lab coạt Simon wore in an episode appeared as OR. HORRIBLE'S of Firefly. SING-ALONG BLOG When Nathan Fillion saw on his caller ID that Joss Whedon was calling, he picked up the phone and said “yes" right away without even knowing what Joss was calling about. Joss offered him the role of Captain Hammer. Gene Roddenberry originally .pitched Star Trek to the network as "Wagon Train to the Stars," a 1964 TV western, Firefly was an actual space western. The cast was (and still is) very, close. They hung out in the ship's lounge between shots instead of their dressing rooms or green room. The Serenity was constructed in full-scale on two different sound stages. The upper deck was on one stage and the lower deck including the shuttle docks and cargo bay were on another. In the movie, Serenity, some crates had “Reusable Contaiñer: Do Not Destroy" painted on them because the original set was destroyed and had to be rebuilt from scratch. Han Solo made a cameo or at least a toy version of Han Solo frozen in carbonite did. The cast and crew snuch him into the background of each episode. The Serenity made an appearance in the background of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, during the scene where Laura Roslin'is diagnosed with breast cancer. %$ Universal thought that it would cost $100 million to make Serenity, but Joss Whedon said he'could do it.for $39 million. Relying on his · TV experience, he created a storyboard for everything so they would only have to build the sets-he nęeded which would save time filming. The Fox executive that cancelled the show said it was one of the most difficult things she had ever done. It came down to numbers and the show cost a lot to produce and was not þringing in the ratings. FOX The Science Channel recently started airing Firefly reruns, and it quickly became one of their most watched shows In the episode “Out of Gas", Wash rigged up a red button so that Mal could call the shuttles.back to Serenity. Alan Tudyk, who played Wash, removed the button on the last day of filming and mailed it to Joss Whedon with a note that said, "When you get your miracle, just hit this." This was a quote from that episode. There might be more Firefly in the future, Joss Whedon now has the rights to continue the Firefly storyline in comic book form. CarSortcom

18 Things You Didn't know About Firefly

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Firefly was a space western t.v show that aired on Fox and was cancelled after eleven episodes because of low ratings. This infographic takes a look at the show Firefly by providing 18 facts about the...


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