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15 Weird Ways Teens Get High

WEIRD WAYS 15 TEENS GET HIGH Drug and alcohol abuse by teens is a major concern of parents, health experts and even government officials. Some teens are eagerly looking for items you can legally purchase that will get them high or a buzz. The following list will introduce some of the weird ways teens have tried to get high. (15 (14 Dusting - Huffing Compressed Air Mothballs Inhaling the products hydrocarbons can damage organs, stop the heart and cause death. Placing the product in a bag and breathing the gas causes light headedness and dizziness. (13 (12) Hand Sanitizer Purple drank Sanitizers contain upwards of 60% ethanol and when taken orally it is equivalent to having a couple shots of vodka. Purple Drank is just cough syrup mixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew and sometimes candy like Jolly Ranchers that can cause mild euphoria. 11 (10 Catnip Freon Catnip is a plant which makes your cat act like a complete fool. Taken orally or smoked, catnip can cause relaxation, mild euphoria or giddiness. Freon is the gas used in your freezer and refriger- ator to keep things cold. Teens have figured out that the family air-conditioner also has freon in it. 9. 8 BEES BURT'S EESWAX LIPBA Potpourri and Incense Burst bees It may look like 'regular' potpourri, but the substance kids are smoking is along the lines of synthetic marijuana. Teens have discovered that putting the company's lip balm on your eyelids can create a tingly high. (7 6 dosing Vodka Tampons or Vodka Eyeballing This method requires no substances but instead This method is soaking of tampons in alcohol and pouring the alcohol directly into the eyes which uses music to produce a 'digital high' or sensation similar to using marijuana or acid. allows alcohol to be absorbed faster. (5 4 Snorting Smarties Nutmeg Crushing up Smarties (aka Rockets) and snorting them could end up getting nasal maggots, lung infections, and smoker's cough. Nutmeg oil contains a tiny amount of myristicin, a psychoactive drug. Kids have been eating/ drinking and smoking this spice to get high. (3 (2 Reindeer Pee Anafranil There are certain shamans that have been known Anafranil is an anti-depressant that causes people to have orgasms every time they yawn. to drink the urine of reindeer that eat hallucino- genic Fly Agaric mushrooms. 1 Jenkem Jenkem is fermented human waste. Inhaling the naturally produced methane would contribute to any "high" as oxygen levels would lower inside the body. These information about weird ways to get high demonstrate that parents need to stay up to date with teen trends and keep an eye with their teens so they don't get involved in a wide variety of dangerous ideas. SOURCES 496-10-weird-legal-drugs-and-effects Recoveny Steps RECOVERY IS JUST A STEP AWAY! BURT'S BEES

15 Weird Ways Teens Get High

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Teens are getting more and more creative in their efforts to get high. Some latest teenage drug trends are can legally purchase or easily accessible at home that randomly will get them high or in an a...


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