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15 Bizarre and Insane Laws From Around the World

{LAW Next vwitness! 67&LE CASE 1. S-ear CRNC FAWR 78000 66600 15 OBjection! Bizarre and Insane Laws LAW& JUSTICE From Around CEE APOLICE the World There are some really interesting and bizarre rules, here are fifteen odd, hilarious and extremely questionable pieces of legislation from around the world You Can't Wear a Suit of Armour You're Also Not inside the British Parliament Allowed to Die Buildings in the Houses of Parliament It's STILL illegal to wear a suit of armour inside the parliament buildings. This law dates back to 1313, which I don't know what they're going to do to you if you break this law, but it still exists! makes a bit more sense! It's Illegal to lImport and Sell Chewing Gum in Singapore Since an expensive chewing gum clean-up in the early nineties, the Singapore government has looked to discourage chewing gum by banning its import and sale. It's a Crime Don't Fly a Kite in Victoria, Australia to Forget Your wife's Birthday in Samoa Public nuisance laws put in place to stop people being annoying also prohibit kite flying Again, not really sure how this is enforced, but l'm sure it lends a legal edge to wives angry at their forgetful husbands. An 1872 Scottish Law States That You You Can't Feed Pigeons in Venice Can't Look After Cows, Horses, Carriages or Steam Engines While Drunk Everyone knows pigeons are a common city nuisance, but Venice went one step further by banning the feeding of pigeons. It's just common sense, really. There's even a section that specifically forbids drunkenly riding cows. 19th century Scotland sounds like a fun place! It's Not Illegal to High Heels are Banned at Numerous Greek Archaeological Ruins, Including the Acropolis Escape from Prison in Denmark Spiky heels could potentially damage the 2,500-year-old Because the desire for freedom is considered inherently human, it's not illegal to attempt to escape from prison. ruins. You Can Legally Marry Someone Who's Dead in France It's Illegal to Play Chess during Sex in Tallinn, Estonia This was especially popular during the two world wars, so children of soldiers could be legitimised through posthumous marriage. Definitely one of the weirder laws from Europe! Not entirely sure how they ever intended on enforcing this one. The Queen Still Owns All the Mute Swans of England According to an Old Law, Scots Can't Wear Underwear Underneath This is effectively enforced even today, as Mute Swans are an endangered species. People found guilty of killing one can face a hefty fine or even time in prison. Their Kilt ..Or they risk being fined two beers, hilariously! People Herding Animals Have Right of Way in South Africa Expect to find yourself waiting behind a herd of cattle! This law protects the rights of farmers to move their cattle about when needs be, but comes with limits. It's Illegal to Only Own a Single Goldfish in Switzerland Switzerland has some of the world's most complex and thorough animal rights legislation. Goldfish are considered social animals, so you can't just have the one! Brought to you by Law Mergers & Acquisitions Business Facilitators to the Legal Profession – World Wide Client Base OD OD

15 Bizarre and Insane Laws From Around the World

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A well designed infographic from the people at which provides a collection of some of the craziest laws from all over the World.


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