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11 Days that Shaped 2011

11 DAYS THAT SHAPED 2011 Aol, DAY 1 ARIZONA SHOOTING DAY 2 DAY 3 CHARLIE SHEEN'S "WINNING" MARCH 1 January 8 ARAB SPRING January 25 1:$$ Jared Loughner charged 50% raise via Dead 49 times 18 DAYS MOviefone Mohamed Bouazizi demanded by Sheen Wounded sets himself on fire after Egypt's revolutions Hosni Mubarak resigned 6.4 Million via "WINNING" THE HUFFINGTON POST people watched Comedy via via via HUFFPOST POLITICS via HUFFPOST WORLD Central Roast DAY 4 EARTHQUAKE HITS JAPAN DAY 5 THE ROYAL WEDDING APRIL 29 DAY 6 OSAMA BIN LADEN'S DEATH March 11 May 1 Livestream breaks records: 300,000 28,000 GBP 12.4 Million simultaneous viewers and a total of "at least 2 Million" tweets per hour following Osama bin Laden's death $5 TekTrak app Cost of ring at time bought for Diana reunites family after the Japanese earthquake -4 twitter 8.9 Magnitude twitter -6- killed in raid -8- TC engadge via HUFFPOST WORLD via via via HUFFPOST WORLD via via DAY 7 OPRAH'S LAST SHOW DAY 8 DEBT CEILING DAY 9 ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 May 25 August 2 September 11 1.4 Million Deal for $2 Trillion in cuts is reached via HUFFPOST ENTERTAINMENT Debt Ceiling was tickets requested during last season $14.29 Trillion of 1.2 Billion 400K jobs Oprah Instant messages sent on AOL & AIM in 2001 lost since September 2001 was the only one on stage via HUFFPOST POLITICS via via HUFFPOST CELEBRITY via DailyFinance via L DailyFinance DAY 10 OCCUPY DAY 11 STEVE JOBS September 17 October 5 For more info, or to weigh in on a day that mattered to you, check out Apple became the most valuable Jobs passed away company in the world with a Market Cap of x20,000 at 56 Zuccotti Park is 33,000 sq ft. $347 Billion flood lower Manhattan via via HUFFPOST TECH engadget via DailyFinance via THE HUFFINGTON POST Source: AOL %24

11 Days that Shaped 2011

shared by kcatoto on Mar 26
Here's an inforgraphic showing the timeline that shaped 2011.




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