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11 Bosses Worse Than Yours

11BOSSES Worse Than Yours Box Office Earnings - In 20 Millions O - Billions $ 39% FRANK SHIRLEY (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) of people quitting their jobs leave because of their boss CHRISIMAS VACATION Think your boss is cheap? Frank Shirley gave his employees 'Jelly of the Month' as their Christmas Bonus. BIG BROTHER (1984) $71,300,000 O90 00 Annoyed by your Bosses constant micromanaging? Big Brother made thought-crime illegal, and monitored it by installing cameras in every home. $8,430,492 O VOLOEMORT (Harry Potter) Ho Poter Afraid to look your scary boss in the eyes? Try looking at this guy everyday! 9909090989 SS 000000000 $2,390,100,000 BILL LUMBERGH (Office Space) Office SPace Does your boss enforce pointless red-tape? Then you would hate Bill's coversheets on TPS reports. $10,827,810 © Work sucks. OR. EVIL (Austin Powers) 75% of employees report their boss is the worst, most stressful part of their job Is your boss arbitrary? It's probably not as bad as Dr. Evil's executing his henchmen just for rendering Mr. Bigglesworth hairless. S09990009 969999009 $473,200,000 000 Bad bosses cost the economy MIRANDA PRIESTLY (The Devil Wears Prada) $360 BILLION every year in lost productivity. sii HAwee DEVIL PRADA Is your Boss demanding? Miranda Priestly repeatedly issues horrendous and unrealistic requests to her secretary, often for no reason other than to see if the tasks can be done. O00000 $124,740,460 SARUMAN (The Lord of the Rings) Think your boss is a backstabber? Hopefully he won't lock you on top of a tower because of his own desire for power. ORD RINGS S999680089 MR. BURNS (The Simpsons) 999689O089 $$ $1,612,100,00O You think your boss is greedy? This boss kept a nuclear power plant in poor condition, while hoarding all the money he could be using to fix it, just to be the richest person in town. SMPsas DARTH VADER (Star Wars) $185,135,014 Has your boss ever intimidated you? Darth Vader uses the force to choke a coworker in a board meeting, and blows up a planet to gain leverage in a negotiation. STAR WARS COMMONUS (Gladiator) $$ $1,918,000,000 Does your boss' ego lead to rash decisions? Commodus killed his own father in order to become the emperor $187,705,427 GLADIATOR Workers with inconsistent/uncommunicative bosses are PRESIDENT SNOW (Hunger Games) 60% Do you feel like your boss manipulates you? Sounds like President Snow, who threatens to kill| Katniss and Peeta's families to get them to comply. HUNGER GAMEN more likely to suffer heart trauma Source: | | | Cornerstone $832,100,000 ©0 ONDEMA ND Empowering People

11 Bosses Worse Than Yours

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Throughout a lifetime, the average person will hold around 11 jobs and work for many different bosses. Even those that take pride in their work occasionally find themselves at the mercy of a boss they...


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