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101 Ways to Know Your Unborn Baby Gender

Astronomy The phases of the moon could-be a big factor when talking about baby gender prediction :: The Face Changes in your hair (including coloring), the shape of your nose, veins in your eyes and problems with your skin can help you • to tell the gender of your baby Pendulum Son or daughter? A back-and-forth.motion ör a circular motion? Let the pendulum tests tell you Father and Kid- Know By looking at the father, brothers or sisters of the fetus, you can tell if it is a boy or a girl Instinct Trust your gut feeling, as it is proven to be correct about 70% of the time. Dreams could also be indicators of the baby gender. Body Changes There are many things to look out for, such as breast size, belly shape and formation, the carrying position, hair growing in different areas body etc... Urine Tests You can do different urine tests - mixing it up with alcohol, baking soda or even cabbage. They may sound weird, but they have a fair degree of accuracy on GENDER PREDICTION Calculation 101 The Mayan Method, the Brazilian Method, the Blood Renewal Theory etc are all gender determination methods based on Old Books Ever wondered whether those witch books were actually true? This is similar but instead of ways to know mathematical calculation magic powers these books show you interesting ways of predicting gender v your baby gender Feelings and Health + 1 x+ The frequency of headaches helps you to predict the sex of your baby, as do food cravings, vitality, energy and any general sickness or Ancient Chinese Methods Other than the Chinese Gender Chart and the wrist pulse diagnosis, there are many more Chinese ways to determine baby gender. nausea, or even cold feet See all the details of the 101 baby gender prediction tests at F1234568

101 Ways to Know Your Unborn Baby Gender

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Are you pregnant? There are many ways to determine the gender of your baby without going to the clinic. Check this out to become a baby gender prediction expert instantly!


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