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10 ways to promote your band

10 WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR BANDONLINE ANDOFFLINE Bands have to do a lot more than just turn up on the X Factor looking pretty to find an audience and promote themselves effectively. In the digital age, having an online presence is as important as the music you produce. The reason for this? There's no point creating great music if nobody is going to hear it. There are thousands of examples of bands and artists who have gone on to great things after finding an audience online. Online and offline, there are loads of ways to promote your band. Here are 10 of the most tried and tested ways. Take note and then take the world on: 1 FACEBOOK PAGE OR GROUP If you create a Facebook page, you are allowing up to 1.2 billion people to hear your music, find out where your gigs are and to learn more about you as an artist. You can hook up your website and other social networks to the group/page, and publish news, tour guides, photos, videos and upload music too. If you're going to promote your band online, Facebook is the first port of call THE SCRIPT The Script O * Following O Lsten Message Liked 5,219,243 ikes 94,092 taikng about this Muscantand Three young Dubiners took on the worid.. Duy our new abum: #3 HERE: http://smartuAL./thescrptaO THE SCDIDI Aoout- Sugpest en Edit Events YOUTUBE CHANNEL YouTube has been instrumental to the rise of many singer/songwriters, bands, and helped launch some guy called Justin Bieber into the public consciousness. Whether you like him or not, he is the ultimate example of breaking through and promoting yourself online. Without Twitter and YouTube, he'd be just another struggling musician, singing into a video camera and hoping to be discovered. Live performances, promo videos, interviews... You name it, YouTube can be used to promote it. You Tube 3 #TWITTER Twitter is a great way to promote your band. By using Hashtags for your genre, location and name of your band, you can promote gigs, find an audience who are interested in your genre. Tweeting in general is a great way to reach out to a worldwide audience. You can interact and engage with millions of people, and contact venues and artists directly when you want to promote yourself. You could Tweet local musicians and journalists when you have a gig coming up, and get them to write reviews on the gig on their websites. 4 ON LOCAL RADIO AIR Sometimes the old ways are the best. Your local radio station can be instrumental in introducing your band to the local audience. Contact them about your upcoming gigs, you'll be surprised at how responsive local radio is, and radio still reaches a great number of people in the local area. UNIVERSITIES ANDCOLLEGES Regardless of your genre of music, universities and colleges have a large and eclectic bunch of music fans who will be ready and willing to check you out, either online or at your gigs. Head to the student unions and ask the guys there to hand out flyers and spread the word about your band. WORDOF MOUTH LOCALPRESS 6/7 Let's face it, the more people come and see you, the more your audience is going to grow due to word of mouth, especially if you are gigging often and engaging with your fans when they come and see you live. You should be actively encouraging people to talk about, so keep your audience sweet and interact with them online and offline whenever you can. Local radio is one thing, but newspapers are just as effective. You could send the local paper a press release announcing gigs, your new album or any other event you're involved in. Making connections with the local media is a sure fire way to get more promotion. You should look to make connections with the student papers at the universities in the area, too. Interviews and gig reviews are incredible promotion tools. SOUND CLOUD 8. Soundcloud is a fantastic way for indie and unsigned bands to find an audience and have their music shared across all the social networks and beyond. If you want to build a profile, promote your music and create a buzz around your band, Soundcloud is definitely the place to go. You can link it to your website and social media pages too. MUSIC VIDEOS We've mentioned YouTube, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Shooting and distributing a music video can be uploaded to your website and can be linked to via your social networks. The cooler the video, the more shares and comments you are going to get, and will likely get your video talked about in local press and beyond if it makes a wide impact on the web. 10 HANDOUT DEMOS The Arctic Monkeys handed out demos at their gigs, and slowly their audience grew as a result. Why not do the same thing? Music fans love to discover new music, and if itť's free, they'll love it even more, not to mention share it among their friends, which will bring new fans to your band. men LANA DEL REY DORN TODIE DEMOS ANESCENCE demo s 8+

10 ways to promote your band

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Bands have to do a lot more than just turn up on the X Factor looking pretty to find an audience and promote themselves effectively. In the digital age, having an online presence is as important as th...


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