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10 Interesting Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

That Will Blow Your 10 MINE INTERESTING FACTS 10. The industry which supports nudists is known amazingly as the "buff pound", and it's very big business. BUFF POUND 9. There is a super volcano under Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park that contains enough magma or hot rock to fill the Grand Canyon at least 14 times. The French believe in a tooth mouse rather than a tooth fairy. "La petite souris". Several books have been written about the creature. Sacre bleu! Most cheese that claims to be Parmesan is nothing of the kind and doesn't come from Italy. You are being conned. 7. 6. There used to be a large structure in the shape of an elephant with an outer layer made of tin on Coney lIsland, big enough for people to live in. It stood near West 12th Street. Cows produce more milk when they listen to Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony and similar relaxing tunes. 5. 4. Research by a surgery expert in the US suggests that the appendix could be useful as a haven for good bacteria. Not that it shouldn't be removed if it ever becomes infected, obviously. A model of the late naturalist Steve Irwin wrestling an alligator can be found behind the Sydney Opera House on Google Earth. 3. A submarine discovered in 2001 off Charleston contained what is thought to be the first joystick control system, dating all the way back to the confederate era. The warehouse containing the biggest emerald in the world - the Bahai Emerald – was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The emerald costs $400 million dollars. 1. BONUS KNOWLEDGE NUT The state capital of North Carolina used to be in a "state of flux". It was dependent on where the governor lived and each governor was determined to live in a different town than the one before. (From 1722 to 1831) Get More Interesting Facts at BogglingFacts.coM .COM 8. 2. SOURCES

10 Interesting Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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What really sits under Old Faithful? Does everyone in the world believe in the tooth fairy? For those who have asked these questions, this infographic provides this information and much more. 10 Inter...


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